Spiritual Journey of self-discovery in the Magical universe: When I arrived, realised I never left:only my the views transformed the Universe

Hi there Geir. This here is irrelevant of the present time thought patterns of your blog. If there would be interest by all means post it. If not there is a erase button. By now you know that is totally OK by me. This here was my cog. or cog’s this morning and I post this in my blog too.

 The word here on Earth in English is used as Illness Sickness’ etc. But one runs out confronting by using those words than one need to look for different definition which could open up the track once more.

I am looking this “thought, idea, concept MELTDOWN from very different angle. Not here in the “now” but on the track some place.

 I am not looking at the body as now as made out of soft matter but just a machine. I

I see a picture in this recall the body is a functioning machine with running hot and cold energy and has been controlled by remote. Different magnitude of energy flows controlled different parts of the body. Very clever way it was used.  There were gentle surges or violent surges[ I see this but to much to write of now]

 There were different buttons quite a few in fact in the control center: very sophisticated.  To stop its functions there was a simple method just push a button and the machine just fallen over. Bush of the button could cause ‘Meltdown”, Simple “death” of the machine.  A violent surge: in “now” would be a heavy temper tantrum.

 On even warm flow is a harmonious behaviour. Since machines were used for destruction warfare too, the machines were programed accordingly. Extra surge of power energy was activated to cause “Violent blind attack”=unthinking.

 Any large surge of energy can causes malfunctioning in the body. This could be stopping the thoughts, too. One  can lose one’s complete thoughts which were ones “life”  they simply melted away become nothing. [Had this experience having major car accident head on collision.]

 I see being unconscious-ness as a major meltdown in the system of the machine so is heart attack, stroke etc. [OK, nothing new here]

 If a person on artist falls into a blank period, can’t continue with creativity something from the track courses a meltdown in the system.

 I am moving into different part of the recall. I see a terrain from above and being totally fascinated of the activity on the surface bellow as I observe and experience the different interesting view and tremendous energy flows.

  I see them from above as they were collecting large chunk of see through material. The surface of the planet was extremely cold at twilight the machines moved into layer of silver like reflecting blankets [we retained this habits to this day.]  for protection since the cold would destroy [become brittle, brake,] the softer elements in the machine. The brake in any line would cause malfunction.   The control center in the body had been kept heated by some internal thing; this internal thing was an automatic small device which produced small flow of circulating energy in the body to keep it going continually, evenly. While this little thing functioned the machine was a life.

 I believe this little machine would be the heart in the body now..  

While the machine was at work to remain connected to the planet surface on electric surge from the body were sent into the surface with each step to hold the body balanced, steady.

 So not necessarily gravity  of the planet hold the person in place, since I have seen this before the body too has energy which automatically pulls to stabilize.

Since the stones which the machines were collecting were very heavy to roll or pick up, a heavy surge of energy was sent to the “arms” to counter balance the weight to move, roll the stones out of the deep indentations to the surface [ you can do this exercise now and see how it works, just reach for something and you will note immediately the surge of energy in the arm toward the object]

 The Sleep=rest was caused by the body having been disconnected temporarily: or run out of energy, since the body=machine functioned, used solar energy and it could only function in light, till the twilight.   [These bodies were robots used for surface, mining.]

 I believe this yellowish semi see through stones were from the left over which was once a planet of some kind.  That part to know is not my interest this moment.

 But the meltdown of systems since over the years I have seen great many various “why’s” the body crocks. But These days I am very interested about sleep the cause of sleep.


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