Spiritual Journey of self-discovery in the Magical universe: When I arrived, realised I never left:only my the views transformed the Universe

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a session on power SURGEs including sexual climax.

 I just come back FROM A WALK since I had too much energy, I wanted to buy more stock and something was pushing me to do it. I know about this sensation for a long time since it has made to do many things which I really did not wanted to do. I felt actually pushed into things. Just do things which felt good but it had no good outcome. I have sessions while I walk.

 So here I am starting to walk I do fair space but nothing extra ordinary.

 I am fiddling about this large energy which was pushing me to buy, I was looking for words how to address it.

 I did ARCB on it and I have seen myself way back out is some space station measuring this huge incoming energy which was so powerful it has taken me over I was struggling for my very existence and I have lost. Bloody hell I died again.!!

 Then I see a storm a winter storms in which I got last and got frozen  [in 67 I have painted a picture in oil where I was struggling in a snow storm leaning into the wind and cutting horizontally flying icy snow.  I got lost and frozen to death, and bloody hell I lost another valuable machine. ]

 I sold that picture, I was not in scientology yet.

 So here I am recalling this storm now 44 years later in session. Then I realized a word”””SURGE””” is the magical key which describes the best these the heavy power which takes one over and  that clicked, for 25 minutes I was running all sort of incident, car accident when a surge of energy hit me from behind, I have seen storms as different surges moves into the terrain, than I have run surge of energy taking me over when the divorce started. Being beaten heavily as the blow come they are in fact power surges directed at solidity.

  I run” surging power” of total “LOVE” which have poured into my space, it is totally fascinating to observe every particle of power since they are nothing but particles  but the surge, in the surge is condensed and can  contain many=immense amount particles

Peter my love, what actually happens when heavy surge is taking over ONE LOOSES THE ANCHOR PONTS and one becomes hepless since new anchor point, usually unwanted replace the old ones.

 Just think what has happens when your ship went down, serge of power+ anchor points were lost,  DM in the church uses surge of power and moves, destroys anchor point= believes.

 I have come back from the walk soaked- wet since the surges of power created so much heat the water was running of my body like in sauna. I was so dizzy I could hardly stand. To many major Anchor points melted away.

 Who ever said or believes the human body is fragile; well I have news for them. This old thing here have been put through this life thousands of deaths, tens of thousands of power surges were experienced by it, also experienced enormous fury in many occasions, violent incoming power from accidents and physical beating.

 Here is a bit on sexual climax,  That  power surge  was created for the used in the past to catapult the being out incidents and to erase incident.  Now that bloody surge is CALLED A PLEASURE MOMENT  the greatest pleasure thing the being  can have as a human!!!!  How degraded the spiritual being have become!

 Of course  the catapulting-erasing no longer works but to create such a powerful surge of energy leaves the being totally exhausted, melted into a useless puddle of jell,  but soon as can,  will gather all the power once more and go for another round.

 But will not achieve that goal will remain here on Earth and only a vogue thought will remain  from that experience  a glimpse of heaven for a moment, it was almost in reach, that illusion of freedom.

 Surge of power to erase solidity that way no longer works  since the incidents have become solid and too tangled knotted. With every surge-climax anchor points are hammered in.

PS: the glimps of heaven the ecstasy which is achieved by friction on the nerves that is the body action,  the problem is the being only can postulate that power surge through the body, so uses the body to postulate something into existance which is the sexual climax, that bit of HEAVEN one experiences with sexual climax  IS THE THETA UNIVERSE WITHOUT MEST CONNECTION.  So why one do not want to contenue to solo audit or with any kind of auditing is beyon my comprehansion.  One do not need to have a body to feel ecstasy  that comes natuarly when enough shit is as-ised.


Portal: into the implant station.

I have been struggling with understanding what is computer, what is communication through computer, what is the meaning of waiting for messages on computer, what  is the very bright face of the computer means and the many other thoughts and sensations the computer generates by its use. So far I have come to the conclusion that is a very complicated item of course.  Have many different components in reality.  

 I already have written few of the cognitions which were the results of these researches or sessions. The article of “Acknowledgements”, the other one was on “Waiting” few more but then who cares; this posting here is on cognition of the “face of the compute” on the incoming messages.

 The computer is a Portal, into the created universe of many beings. Through this Portal one can view the different creation by others and get the desired stimulation whatever one fancies. Since the computer contains every possible information “abilities” the human “mind” have held  hidden and now can be down loaded into permanency ;solidity and can be agreed upon, therefore it becomes “real” for the creator.

 The face of the computer the brightly lit space is empty yet the being now have the power to push the buttons  and no more waiting to be stimulated as a reward one can do that by oneself [ instant reward stimuli]  through here through this lighten PORTAL the messages the pictures the sounds come in. Standing front of the PORTAL the being is re- implanted daily.   

 It is all there one only has to reach through the Portal; one only has to push a button. Instant stimuli: provocation, incentives, motivations, baiting into to have, inspiration, enticing, tempting, tantalizing all that are served on Silver Platter.

 Bon Appetite.

 The Portal is an Implant station which holds the being stimulated connected at all times. To the solidity: MEST Universe.

 It has replaced the old valued traditions from Mother and Father the weekly dose of Church and the meeting in the school house the PTS, the Masons and hundreds and thousands of other ways the being was held back in the Implant.

 Very simple the electric gadgets, computers IPods, telephones do a much better job.   Solidity is served main dish is total connection back into the Implant Stations. Bon Appetite

PS: Just because the being IS learning what is SPIRITUAL through the PORTAL that will not make the being spiritual again it is second hand data and it is solid.  Since that data anchors the being through the Portal into the workings of the Internet into those complex agreements.

Food for the Spirit.

 This is one of my recalls from way back in 74 while being audited in Dianetics, which I never forgotten, since this recall was perfect in every way.
 Have filled all my senses with wonder and beauty, its magical quality held me captive till this day.   Recalls like this were the incentives to continued on my journey after OT 7.

 I was walking in a open market place and it was a beautifully sunny day. But I knew than my body mock-up was not solid as the one I use now., it was semi see through, yet I wore a mocked-up brown robe.  I think that was funny since the robe was not needed there was no flesh or bone to cover. But what the hell it must have been a fashion to do such. Exercising ones power, and why not if one has it than flaunt it!

The market was in the large clearing in the tropical forest all around lush growth of greenery, and the intermingling of fragrances from the flowers and ripe fruit  were pure delight to the senses.  But this planet had one very unique quality the earth smelled had spicy fragrance itself  just imagine, earth to smell like spices, nutmeg, cinnamon, clove and vanilla with a hint of rose, heavenly!!!!

On the golden brown ground the venders set up they wear in huge heaps
fruits, vegetables in every shape and colour each looked like jewel in the sun.

As I walked about, in my reality I floated over the ground,[ had no real legs]  I touched every fruit, gorged all my senses as I floated about as I was looking for a special item. I did not have to touch any since I experienced each individually as I put my attention an.

Suddenly my attention focused on one fruit and all others were forgotten.

The large melon fruit was pale golden in colour and both ends were painted  lime green, had glassy smooth transparent surface and on oval shape. This wondrous creation was almost translucent and had a pink inner glow.  Picked up the fruit cradle the magnificent creation in both of my hand, in an instant I knew, I have found what I was looking for.

This wonderful fruit’s energy, its vibration was the perfect match of my own.  By holding it and the same time I bent my head over the fruit and I deeply inhaled its fragrance, with that act I have become one with the fruit energy and with that my bodies’ energy was rebalanced.

I have eaten!  How could I ever forget a recall like that?


Waiting: there are anchors and there are anchors which hold the being in place.  Postulate is not on anchor point it is only on experience. If one postulates and that postulate is in a question form and one puts it out and waiting for somebody, something to send back on answer that is different.

Waiting is the biggest most affective, the “ultimate” anchor which holds one in the Universe indefinitely.

 Waiting, places one into mystery, into the unknown.

  While waiting one is spaculating, guessing , postulating what answer should be, what one would like to hear and that is one’s own creation our own mock-up. Not the answer from the Universe.

Therefore the anchor remains: the postulate that question which requires completion in order to have a continuum:  holding the being suspended in mystery,  in the unknown “anchored”.

PS:               Cog, continues. On waiting.

While waiting the being the ”self” moves into condition “not know”,

Therefor creating space, distance, time=future time= continuum.

 The postulated question itself is on invitation for a game condition. Also contains evaluation of every possibility about the future. The if’s, maybe’s the  perhapse’s existing here=expansion on one’s original postulate Yet they all remain anchor points but now one has expended, added those anchors by guessing, the  original condition  which was when the question was asked has become more solid.

Earth, the Phantom from the past.

­You have on invitation to journey far into the future to see the Earth the Ghost from the past

I have created for you to view, the most magnificent tropical jungle where trees reach unimaginable height, yet far bellow way down where suns long fingers never reaches ground is bathed in shimmering golden green light.

Here in this wondrous place where everything grows in abundance and the plants every un- imaginable and imaginable forms presented, the only rivalry among them is who can exude brilliance and outshine it’s neighbor by become more beautiful.

The exuding fragrance of flowers intermingling with the deep heady scent of earth and foliage, here where every color of the rainbow is presented in exotic exquisite flower forms and as one views this magical forest the intoxicating fragrances lull one into peace as the boundaries fall away and
One melts into, becomes one with the forest.

The Shimmering mist: the life-force supports this creation and holds it up in the Universe only for a moment in time.
As the mist settles on every leaf on every flower they become paved with trembling tiny drops water and with that each tiny droplet becomes source of light.

In this settling mist as the droplets grow and they envelope each other and role united toward the center of the leafs and in the grooves of the petals and at the tips they gather and grow into huge drops becoming the reflection of the surrounding, a mirrored image, miniature living jungle lighten from within.

The droplets vibrate tremble, shimmer spackle and glow as they hang there by silent wish a sigh, and when they finally gathered in, they fall in slow motion, the huge drops of shimmering diamonds as they reach bellow and hit the ground the collision creates explosion and the diamond drop becomes a thousand and that newly created glimmer part of the rainbow mist, once more.

Here, in the forest on the moss covered trunks flowers grow from the base up to great height and as you look around you can see that every tree trunk becomes garden in self, a vertical delight!

And in the air on thin roots from the branches high above orchids and myriad of ferns hang suspended and the flowers glow in crimsons, yellows, pinks and blues, in every shade they shimmer, tremble in the shafts of light from above, they become the living lanterns, living light.

And among the great giants myriad iridescent brilliant feathred birds flash fly and their jeweled coloring add the finishing touch to the already magical sight.

Here is the forest of boundless abundance, the wealth beauty, created by magic: and this magic is the fabric of the creator, her very soul.

In this creation where everything and everyone sings their own song:the butterflies float about like jewels and in wake of their flight sparkling ribbons of light left which becomes path of rainbow light.

The songs of the birds pour forth trill every hearth and the songs are the fabric which hold this magical place, renders it complete and given its life.

Part of this Great Forest on its eastern side is a clearing and there is a house, small, but in loveliness equals every butterfly and song of the Nightingale, whose silver voice fills the twilight.

The walls of the house fashioned out of un-hewed fallen logs were the mosses are growing in brilliant shade of emeralds and among the emerald clumps tufts tiny white stars glow, flowers, orchids hang there in clumps they too exhibited the beauty, rivalry is present in abundance and of course among the mosses live tiny critters glow in their unique way.
At the base of the structure where lovely tall ferns grow and among these ferns made home for self a family of ruby snakes and they are pure delight:We are in Paradise!
The red slate roof color is of the poppy, a beacon in the field of greenery, but here no one is lost.

On this open narrow terrain only grass grows, no more, since nothing more is needed, it’s created for one purpose only it is a gathering place.
This lovely strip of open land here the grasses grow tall and silky, extends front of the Great Forest from far North and flows to the South where its merges with the mist of unknown.

But to the east of this wide lovely emerald grass covered land is a huge crevice where the land ended and nothingness has taken its place not really nothingness but one can not see the other side or know the debt its debt and far as we knew for us who lived here this side could have been end of the world as what we nave known and it was end for us.

One could not see the bottom of the crevice if there was one, since was flooded with purple-pink-silvery misty light..

The mist moves, heaves continually, rolling back and forth, a living entity and  We all believed that it was,

 As we seat about, Sometimes we imagine we are hearing sounds from bellow, giggling bubbling sounds floats in the air, up high,  they hang there suspended than the bubbles bursts into thousands little lights.

The myriad of tiny light floats toward us a gift from below, the sparkles are, have become fireflies!!

But never, never once who live in the mist bellow has come up to here where we are on the plains of the emerald green grass!

Each evening I come to the edge where the seat awaits here I take my place and look to the east toward the sun before it would disappear taken by the dark.

Not that the sunset could hold so much beauty that I have to come and admire its presence each eve, but a magical phenomenal draws me here, a sigh from the past.

As I sit here and as I am waiting for the past, slowly the occupants of the Great Forest come too and  joins the night watch. We are all old friend here, from way back from the long gone, since were once too, part of that past.

The first one the Python, she come in silence.

She puts her head over my shoulder, snorts and tickles my face with her tongue, than settles by my seat her head on my lap. I stroke her head, my finger traces a marking in brilliant yellow which she wears like a crown a triangle, the Mark of Wisdom.

Her scales are the color, most beautiful sapphire, translucent blue, it is that since she knows it is my favorite color, and she willed it so to be. Her underside scales are pale color pink edged with white but her eyes! They intrigue, capture, her eyes are living fiery gold, they are two Comets and why not, this is the land of magic and were there aren’t any concepts, no concepts of size!

Tanaja, sound her name awakens memories of the ancients, the past.

Than next arrives, the sound first, the trumpeting of the great White Elephant the earth trembles as he takes his first step out of the forest. He sounds the trumpet each time before he changed his body to Theta and approaches in silence, his foot as he walks do not bend, trample the grass.

Tip of his huge trunk gently touches my face as he greets me, I do the same to in return, caress his invisible skin with my hand and we so deeply love.

For fun he blows into my hair, by I know now the hair do looks very much like the orangutans who sit in the front row dangling his feet into the silver-pink mist and he giggles since the bubbles tickles tip of his nose as he sneezes petals of flowers float about,  that is his ability.

The elephant sits on my right, to the far side, on his hunches, eyes forward to the end, the other side, facing the mystery which will come, will be front of us.

Others come too, Monkeys in troves, Leopards and on old male Lion. He has lost his body way back, same as us, but it is fun to muck up the regalia of the past.

Beautiful Black Panther, his fur so sleek and gleaming, he lays down on my right and rest his head on my foot. On his chest he wears a making in white, a Circle, representing the Circle of Life.

Flocks of Birds appear from the depth of the Forest, they all come and greet, bow to everyone and happily settle, seat on everything and on every one!

New arrivals, large yellow flock of beautiful winged critters settle on Tanaja long outstretched body, their long tail feathers covers, hang down to the ground and flutter in the breeze, these sitting birds appear like speck of jewel in sapphire light. Tanaja winks at me and lets out a happy sigh, a feather Boa I ask?

Suddenly the air above becomes full from unseen life; the Fairies too have come to share the evening gathering and its delights. . as  each one settles on the end of one grass, Dew is born; each Fairy becomes dew drop a twinkling diamond light.

The long necked Giraffe comes for last, with a great sense of humor, before his body appears he blows hot air toward us and air filled with dust of iridescent sparkling bubbling humor which covers everything, the dust is not only of beauty but it is made of joy, units every sound, and souls, we are one.

After all settles, we wait in silence. From nowhere, from the darkness of the past, just before the sun will set and there is still some light, passes front of our distant sun a huge planet, has come out of the mist, from the great far.

The Planet passes front of the sun and just above far side of the great divide, we hold our breath for a moment, since we could hear the echo from the past, the crashing the collisions, the rolling thundering resonances.

Those sounds have long past died, the ghostly image now wrapped in the cloak of silence.

As the Planet slowly passes front of the sun and here on the other side by the great divide, we now are sitting in the shadows of dyeing brilliance in the faded light.

The Planet we see is not real, but a Ghost, only on image, Fable of the Planet Earth, by that name was once known.

Was, now, no more, but shimmering particles of mist and dust of those who have died and as ghost, have become unknown?

As the Ghost image moves, revolving showing all her sides in silence, we could see, were the waters lived once now, of iridescent crevices filled sapphire and turquoises dust blues.

The great expanses which were land once, so long ago now the colors of deep topazes mixed with crushed black diamond powder, lays dead and silent.

Pale golden airy light dances where once the great sand dunes flowed, Sahara, in legend told:  each grain of sand was born out of tears,  that was the reason was barren and forlorn, unsettled because of the never ending grief.

 The Ghost turned slowly showing her every side, diamond dust swirled on the snow-capped mountains and where once great fertile valleys now, shimmering emerald mist rolled. . .

As we sit here in the quiet, we can could see through this wonder and see the vogue color of the red setting sun yonder, on the other side.

And we sit in quiet and realize our past.

From the translucent mist of the Ghosts, from the depth of the Great Planet we can hear it, still there, the yearning, to be, the needs, and the cries, the desperations of unfulfilled wants from the past.

Slowly the Ghostly vision passes front of the  setting sun and disappears back into the invisible, out of our sight and takes our last rays from us.

As the last remaining rays of light soaked up by the incoming velvet

Endless space opens up and we as ghosts too melt, become part of the Magical Star Studded Indigo Night.

I am what you are.

machinery, meltdowns.death!!!!!

Hi there Geir. This here is irrelevant of the present time thought patterns of your blog. If there would be interest by all means post it. If not there is a erase button. By now you know that is totally OK by me. This here was my cog. or cog’s this morning and I post this in my blog too.

 The word here on Earth in English is used as Illness Sickness’ etc. But one runs out confronting by using those words than one need to look for different definition which could open up the track once more.

I am looking this “thought, idea, concept MELTDOWN from very different angle. Not here in the “now” but on the track some place.

 I am not looking at the body as now as made out of soft matter but just a machine. I

I see a picture in this recall the body is a functioning machine with running hot and cold energy and has been controlled by remote. Different magnitude of energy flows controlled different parts of the body. Very clever way it was used.  There were gentle surges or violent surges[ I see this but to much to write of now]

 There were different buttons quite a few in fact in the control center: very sophisticated.  To stop its functions there was a simple method just push a button and the machine just fallen over. Bush of the button could cause ‘Meltdown”, Simple “death” of the machine.  A violent surge: in “now” would be a heavy temper tantrum.

 On even warm flow is a harmonious behaviour. Since machines were used for destruction warfare too, the machines were programed accordingly. Extra surge of power energy was activated to cause “Violent blind attack”=unthinking.

 Any large surge of energy can causes malfunctioning in the body. This could be stopping the thoughts, too. One  can lose one’s complete thoughts which were ones “life”  they simply melted away become nothing. [Had this experience having major car accident head on collision.]

 I see being unconscious-ness as a major meltdown in the system of the machine so is heart attack, stroke etc. [OK, nothing new here]

 If a person on artist falls into a blank period, can’t continue with creativity something from the track courses a meltdown in the system.

 I am moving into different part of the recall. I see a terrain from above and being totally fascinated of the activity on the surface bellow as I observe and experience the different interesting view and tremendous energy flows.

  I see them from above as they were collecting large chunk of see through material. The surface of the planet was extremely cold at twilight the machines moved into layer of silver like reflecting blankets [we retained this habits to this day.]  for protection since the cold would destroy [become brittle, brake,] the softer elements in the machine. The brake in any line would cause malfunction.   The control center in the body had been kept heated by some internal thing; this internal thing was an automatic small device which produced small flow of circulating energy in the body to keep it going continually, evenly. While this little thing functioned the machine was a life.

 I believe this little machine would be the heart in the body now..  

While the machine was at work to remain connected to the planet surface on electric surge from the body were sent into the surface with each step to hold the body balanced, steady.

 So not necessarily gravity  of the planet hold the person in place, since I have seen this before the body too has energy which automatically pulls to stabilize.

Since the stones which the machines were collecting were very heavy to roll or pick up, a heavy surge of energy was sent to the “arms” to counter balance the weight to move, roll the stones out of the deep indentations to the surface [ you can do this exercise now and see how it works, just reach for something and you will note immediately the surge of energy in the arm toward the object]

 The Sleep=rest was caused by the body having been disconnected temporarily: or run out of energy, since the body=machine functioned, used solar energy and it could only function in light, till the twilight.   [These bodies were robots used for surface, mining.]

 I believe this yellowish semi see through stones were from the left over which was once a planet of some kind.  That part to know is not my interest this moment.

 But the meltdown of systems since over the years I have seen great many various “why’s” the body crocks. But These days I am very interested about sleep the cause of sleep.