Spiritual Journey of self-discovery in the Magical universe: When I arrived, realised I never left:only my the views transformed the Universe

Affinity is where nothing else exsits.

It has been a long time since I live alone and had no desire to change that condition. Of late a factors entered into my universe suddenly I wanted something which is totally out of reality do not make any sense, absurd illogical, irrational. When somethings like that I become aware  know that is all they ar nothing more and they needed to be handled. Into session I go!!

  After all I am a solo auditor who has unflinching confront, who knows there is no such a thing as impassible.  So I embarked to confront that sudden need want the wish those thoughts which caused, dis- harmony in my universe.  I simply love a good challenge.

 Since I believed I already had the best part, the affinity in the highest form, than what? What was this “thing” which has edged into my space so strong so demanding?

 Since I have not felt love, “true love” before this because earlier in my youth and earlier life’s considerations were sneaking in and muddling up the pure form of affinity.   Those days where I had the must, the need, the desire to have a SOLID relationship, friendships, marriages, a promises, “I will love you for ever”,[[ with that one has the need to create continuality; become solid if we promise it will be there tomorrow next week or next year]]  and the major lie of them all: “ I only love you.”    Now, that is really good, haha Hahahaha!

[Of course that was a two way street.]

Bloody Hell, what an incredible bundle of considerations agreements, so many existing interwoven and their origins have been rooted way back on the track and now there is no room left for love.

Compulsion, impulse, need, urge is to create to form of something make it into solid, that is simply is the solid forms are the illusions.

 We are made to believe it only exits if we can touch it with hands, feel it under our feet and smell it or to see it with our eyes.  Have to have a license, own it outright in solid form to believe it is ours.

We have difficulty to except that it is already created [OT ability, to visualize, imagine, dream] existing in the spiritual Universe that whatever is belongs to us it is ours already to enjoy to do whatever we wish.  Therefore there should be no urge or need; to make something into solid if we do that becomes only a poor imitation of the original.

 It is with the solidity one can have ARC B’s.

 Any compulsion, impulse to do: carry out, the need to re-experience over and over the same actions, those things make that actions solid that becomes a wall=barrier to continue with life: To flow, to experience the continual harmony.

 Compulsions, needs, impulses are the bank, after have been erased one remains in the Spiritual Universe, and retains the affinity  the pure form of self and indeed “Love is the many splendorous thing”.


Comments on: "Compulsion, urge, need, impulse: what is: cognition." (2)

  1. To be the tiniest part of inspiration

    For the biggest steps above infinity

    That is what it is

    The infinite mystery of love.

    I live in the many splendorous things

    Which you create

    And vanish iside yourself

    When you look for me

    You live in my dreams forever

    I am what you are

    • therefore, I am what you are. That evens things out how are we going to have a game than?
      In the theta universe there are no hidden conditions existing, one can say “I am what you are” here, on Earth is not really different, if one has barriers the other experience the same, if they share the universe, one has a loss, one who observes the loss has the same.

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