Spiritual Journey of self-discovery in the Magical universe: When I arrived, realised I never left:only my the views transformed the Universe

Argument in the universe where there are no bodies and no solid forms but thoughts still exist.

 You are in my space

What space?

 The space you are in.

 Where is this space you claim to be in?

Right here, where you are!

 You see me? How do you know,  do you have eyes, I dont think so.  OOOOOOK. Tell me where is here, where are we because I don’t see you.

 I am invisible, you idiotic thing!.

 Than how would I know you are here? And don’t call me idiot I have not been called that since I was on Earth!

 Yeh, but not being on Earth for you has not changed things, Ye?

 That is insulting, put something on so I can see you and punch your light out!

 Put something where and what light you want to punch. How that works, punching lights?

 Oh, forget it, I am not getting into this dead-end discussions

OK, you are in my space and I want you to move out of here.

 Well, where are you?

Here, right here.

 But where iiiiiiiiiiisssss hhhhhheeeeerrrreeeeee!!!!!!!!! Tell me where is here!!!!!!!!!!! Tell me where I am !!.

 You are here, I know you are!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 Let’s forget this just tell me what star system you are in which is the closest star you can perceive.

Weeeeeeeeeell oooooooook. I am close to the Crab Nebula you know the Milky Way that well known highway?  I think I am maybe just off a bit, so you must be here too.

 Oh, but I am not there, not even close. you havent traveled much have you Milky Way is so small in comparion to other star systems, it is nothing more than spit in the ocean if you know what I mean.

So what, where are you than?

I am here.

 Yes know, I am here too, that is the reason I am asking you to move yourself out.

 Move to where?

 Forget this; maybe this universe is big enough for both of us. Let’s go visit Tanaja we can drop in and see what’s cooking, Indigo will be there too.

 Ohh, gad,  licking stardust don’t tickle my appetite, but might as well go I will mock up Haagen-Dazs ice-cream maybe a nice glass of vintage port , should be by now few million years old, full body, aroma, liquid drops of ruby. What you going to have?

 I will have my usual a small drop of blood. I prefer type A.

 Bloooooood!!  What kind of body you had the last time?

Why, I was a mosquito, I thought you knew.

A mosquito, a blood sucker, good heavens I thought you were a human, no wonder “I hear music when I look at you”.

 Very funny, don’t insult me. Blood sucker, that is rich, very rich coming from you but you are the one who brought up the topic being blood sucker, how did you eat your steak, rare, medium,  just because it was served on a plate weeeeell, and was called the “civilized” way……  so dont bring up who done what. how we survived as bodies.  You humans all alike and what is a matter being mosquito, are you putting me lower than you, and you were after all a human, gad, how low one can get.  Still believing humans were the superior race, you are in the dark-ages, so get your self a new view point.

Lets give up on this, who is who and what, lets go from there, where are you?

 I am here,

Where is here?

 I am here with Tanaja and Indigo.

 Finally we are someplace. Hi guys, how is every body, and where is Elizabeth? Tanaja what have you mixed with star dust this time it smells good, and Indigo when are you going to have your sinuses fixed, your snore can be heard clear across the universe, even the dead awakens.

 Yap, now we know you here for sure, nothing like evaluation. Are you ever going to give that up?

 Give what up?

 He said we are someplace, were is  someplace?  Is someplace is special, is any one going to tell me about were is someplace?      …………………………

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