Spiritual Journey of self-discovery in the Magical universe: When I arrived, realised I never left:only my the views transformed the Universe

 Just had a cognition concerning Earth. Sometimes back I have had few sessions when the PC was Earth. It is very interesting to audit someone who’s havingness is still big enough to have EARTH as the body.

 In one of the session earlier I have seen how this Earth was created and many more are being scattered all over in the Universe and I also have understood how the Earth continually re-invented itself to stay in the same position-shape, and I understood the cycles within the cycles creation-explosion than the implosion the ending of the cycles and how the creations fallen back into the original and become created again, re new itself yet they never were the same.

 And I have seen how everything on this Planet is in need and relies for its existence on other creations. Here this Earth is a example of coexistence.

But of course it is totally out of the balance now but that is not this part of my cognition. 

 My cognition is about Nature once more. I do understand that nature feed here they live on the last years rutting remnants of beauty. That is the interpretation of nature.

 I am talking of the energy flow, the life force which feed on nothing but it holds the Universe in place. This energy just is it is like crushed diamonds, powdered sapphires and rubies, intermingling with opal dust, swirls of shimmering emeralds, sprinkled with the joy of laughter and bathed in the light of all the suns and stars.  This heavenly energy which keeps this Universe alive, it is still here where ever one is.

The magical universe exists, but one only can see what wants to see.

PS: After my last session with Earth, she left after having her cognition: This here place what is has become over the past few thousands of years was not her reality of harmony, coexistence and beauty.  




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