Spiritual Journey of self-discovery in the Magical universe: When I arrived, realised I never left:only my the views transformed the Universe

Second hand data.

 [this was aimed at one of the bloggeres]

  Obviously you don’t believe in auditing if you would you would be soloing.  Also a very good indicator you do not trust, believing in the TECH, and you have not experienced enough wins to continue with auditing sessions.

 But I wonder how you going to find the answers to your questions in somebody else’s reactive mind which has not freed that person himself and how those answers for which you root around for years and have collected [ so far] which did  not work for them will free you from your reactive mind= from  your strong believes which you defend tooth and claw.

 You never walked the walk of a solo auditor you never have experienced that PATH.  What make you believe the answers are not there?  But what make you believe the answers are in somebody else’s reactive mind? Have they prove it?  Do you know anyone who has reached that stage by reading and learning and debating that has erased the MEST universe?

  But you have doing the debate the search for years any results getting rid of the bank so far? Don’t kid me, I am don’t buy such a dribble no matter how smart it sounds.

 Nothing but excuses and you know it, reading, blogging is easy, try confronting the same topics in sessions see how you would be doing. That takes power, persistence, and willingness to see to understand to be in session, to have, to confront the past once more.

 Let me know when your reactive mind is erased  by blogging and you reached the first creation in the Universe when you post that I will publicly apologies, but till than you are sitting in a big lie and receiving and spreading false data.

 Read Chris’s cognition again which he posted yesterday? ‘Looking among lies which one is true? ‘

PS: I really don’t care one way or other will not change my universe, or have the need to change your mind but don’t ask me in believing in something which is a huge bowl of pig slop

. Ps: if any one admits blogging is for passing of time, for exchanging ideas, to show off what one knows etc etc by all means go for it. But i never buy that it will hold the anwers, the magic wand to get one out of the MEST.

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