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Compulsion, urge, need, impulse: what is: cognition.

Affinity is where nothing else exsits.

It has been a long time since I live alone and had no desire to change that condition. Of late a factors entered into my universe suddenly I wanted something which is totally out of reality do not make any sense, absurd illogical, irrational. When somethings like that I become aware  know that is all they ar nothing more and they needed to be handled. Into session I go!!

  After all I am a solo auditor who has unflinching confront, who knows there is no such a thing as impassible.  So I embarked to confront that sudden need want the wish those thoughts which caused, dis- harmony in my universe.  I simply love a good challenge.

 Since I believed I already had the best part, the affinity in the highest form, than what? What was this “thing” which has edged into my space so strong so demanding?

 Since I have not felt love, “true love” before this because earlier in my youth and earlier life’s considerations were sneaking in and muddling up the pure form of affinity.   Those days where I had the must, the need, the desire to have a SOLID relationship, friendships, marriages, a promises, “I will love you for ever”,[[ with that one has the need to create continuality; become solid if we promise it will be there tomorrow next week or next year]]  and the major lie of them all: “ I only love you.”    Now, that is really good, haha Hahahaha!

[Of course that was a two way street.]

Bloody Hell, what an incredible bundle of considerations agreements, so many existing interwoven and their origins have been rooted way back on the track and now there is no room left for love.

Compulsion, impulse, need, urge is to create to form of something make it into solid, that is simply is the solid forms are the illusions.

 We are made to believe it only exits if we can touch it with hands, feel it under our feet and smell it or to see it with our eyes.  Have to have a license, own it outright in solid form to believe it is ours.

We have difficulty to except that it is already created [OT ability, to visualize, imagine, dream] existing in the spiritual Universe that whatever is belongs to us it is ours already to enjoy to do whatever we wish.  Therefore there should be no urge or need; to make something into solid if we do that becomes only a poor imitation of the original.

 It is with the solidity one can have ARC B’s.

 Any compulsion, impulse to do: carry out, the need to re-experience over and over the same actions, those things make that actions solid that becomes a wall=barrier to continue with life: To flow, to experience the continual harmony.

 Compulsions, needs, impulses are the bank, after have been erased one remains in the Spiritual Universe, and retains the affinity  the pure form of self and indeed “Love is the many splendorous thing”.


Argument in the universe where there are no bodies and no solid forms but thought still exist.

Argument in the universe where there are no bodies and no solid forms but thoughts still exist.

 You are in my space

What space?

 The space you are in.

 Where is this space you claim to be in?

Right here, where you are!

 You see me? How do you know,  do you have eyes, I dont think so.  OOOOOOK. Tell me where is here, where are we because I don’t see you.

 I am invisible, you idiotic thing!.

 Than how would I know you are here? And don’t call me idiot I have not been called that since I was on Earth!

 Yeh, but not being on Earth for you has not changed things, Ye?

 That is insulting, put something on so I can see you and punch your light out!

 Put something where and what light you want to punch. How that works, punching lights?

 Oh, forget it, I am not getting into this dead-end discussions

OK, you are in my space and I want you to move out of here.

 Well, where are you?

Here, right here.

 But where iiiiiiiiiiisssss hhhhhheeeeerrrreeeeee!!!!!!!!! Tell me where is here!!!!!!!!!!! Tell me where I am !!.

 You are here, I know you are!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 Let’s forget this just tell me what star system you are in which is the closest star you can perceive.

Weeeeeeeeeell oooooooook. I am close to the Crab Nebula you know the Milky Way that well known highway?  I think I am maybe just off a bit, so you must be here too.

 Oh, but I am not there, not even close. you havent traveled much have you Milky Way is so small in comparion to other star systems, it is nothing more than spit in the ocean if you know what I mean.

So what, where are you than?

I am here.

 Yes know, I am here too, that is the reason I am asking you to move yourself out.

 Move to where?

 Forget this; maybe this universe is big enough for both of us. Let’s go visit Tanaja we can drop in and see what’s cooking, Indigo will be there too.

 Ohh, gad,  licking stardust don’t tickle my appetite, but might as well go I will mock up Haagen-Dazs ice-cream maybe a nice glass of vintage port , should be by now few million years old, full body, aroma, liquid drops of ruby. What you going to have?

 I will have my usual a small drop of blood. I prefer type A.

 Bloooooood!!  What kind of body you had the last time?

Why, I was a mosquito, I thought you knew.

A mosquito, a blood sucker, good heavens I thought you were a human, no wonder “I hear music when I look at you”.

 Very funny, don’t insult me. Blood sucker, that is rich, very rich coming from you but you are the one who brought up the topic being blood sucker, how did you eat your steak, rare, medium,  just because it was served on a plate weeeeell, and was called the “civilized” way……  so dont bring up who done what. how we survived as bodies.  You humans all alike and what is a matter being mosquito, are you putting me lower than you, and you were after all a human, gad, how low one can get.  Still believing humans were the superior race, you are in the dark-ages, so get your self a new view point.

Lets give up on this, who is who and what, lets go from there, where are you?

 I am here,

Where is here?

 I am here with Tanaja and Indigo.

 Finally we are someplace. Hi guys, how is every body, and where is Elizabeth? Tanaja what have you mixed with star dust this time it smells good, and Indigo when are you going to have your sinuses fixed, your snore can be heard clear across the universe, even the dead awakens.

 Yap, now we know you here for sure, nothing like evaluation. Are you ever going to give that up?

 Give what up?

 He said we are someplace, were is  someplace?  Is someplace is special, is any one going to tell me about were is someplace?      …………………………

The highest art form ever created: nature

 Just had a cognition concerning Earth. Sometimes back I have had few sessions when the PC was Earth. It is very interesting to audit someone who’s havingness is still big enough to have EARTH as the body.

 In one of the session earlier I have seen how this Earth was created and many more are being scattered all over in the Universe and I also have understood how the Earth continually re-invented itself to stay in the same position-shape, and I understood the cycles within the cycles creation-explosion than the implosion the ending of the cycles and how the creations fallen back into the original and become created again, re new itself yet they never were the same.

 And I have seen how everything on this Planet is in need and relies for its existence on other creations. Here this Earth is a example of coexistence.

But of course it is totally out of the balance now but that is not this part of my cognition. 

 My cognition is about Nature once more. I do understand that nature feed here they live on the last years rutting remnants of beauty. That is the interpretation of nature.

 I am talking of the energy flow, the life force which feed on nothing but it holds the Universe in place. This energy just is it is like crushed diamonds, powdered sapphires and rubies, intermingling with opal dust, swirls of shimmering emeralds, sprinkled with the joy of laughter and bathed in the light of all the suns and stars.  This heavenly energy which keeps this Universe alive, it is still here where ever one is.

The magical universe exists, but one only can see what wants to see.

PS: After my last session with Earth, she left after having her cognition: This here place what is has become over the past few thousands of years was not her reality of harmony, coexistence and beauty.  




Second hand data.

 [this was aimed at one of the bloggeres]

  Obviously you don’t believe in auditing if you would you would be soloing.  Also a very good indicator you do not trust, believing in the TECH, and you have not experienced enough wins to continue with auditing sessions.

 But I wonder how you going to find the answers to your questions in somebody else’s reactive mind which has not freed that person himself and how those answers for which you root around for years and have collected [ so far] which did  not work for them will free you from your reactive mind= from  your strong believes which you defend tooth and claw.

 You never walked the walk of a solo auditor you never have experienced that PATH.  What make you believe the answers are not there?  But what make you believe the answers are in somebody else’s reactive mind? Have they prove it?  Do you know anyone who has reached that stage by reading and learning and debating that has erased the MEST universe?

  But you have doing the debate the search for years any results getting rid of the bank so far? Don’t kid me, I am don’t buy such a dribble no matter how smart it sounds.

 Nothing but excuses and you know it, reading, blogging is easy, try confronting the same topics in sessions see how you would be doing. That takes power, persistence, and willingness to see to understand to be in session, to have, to confront the past once more.

 Let me know when your reactive mind is erased  by blogging and you reached the first creation in the Universe when you post that I will publicly apologies, but till than you are sitting in a big lie and receiving and spreading false data.

 Read Chris’s cognition again which he posted yesterday? ‘Looking among lies which one is true? ‘

PS: I really don’t care one way or other will not change my universe, or have the need to change your mind but don’t ask me in believing in something which is a huge bowl of pig slop

. Ps: if any one admits blogging is for passing of time, for exchanging ideas, to show off what one knows etc etc by all means go for it. But i never buy that it will hold the anwers, the magic wand to get one out of the MEST.