Spiritual Journey of self-discovery in the Magical universe: When I arrived, realised I never left:only my the views transformed the Universe

 I am having one of my great cognitions; the basic understanding of my powers so is everybody else at the same time of course.  I was pondering in the shower,[ not in session] how come others, so many beings can’t move on, don’t dare to move on regardless their training level or trained and being audited up on the OT levels.  All boils down to power the understanding of power, the very nature of the being, the Theta, the spirit, which is the power itself.[ The true nature of the being is infinite=intangible, but I use the “power” for explanation.]

 Oh how great is to be!

There are and always have been beings could be called free spirits. Who wondered in the universe from one end to the other than back again, and to them to us the Universe is and always was only an experience, a smorgasbord to pick from and enjoy. 

We free spirits have and hold great power; we are that power because one is such a great power which is natural, original to the self: because of that even the strongest of implants can’t hold one stationary for long.

 The reason is very simple. Natural power is intangible and any implant any game any walls any barriers or anchor points are lesser because they are “MADE“ postulated into existence therefore has mass and mass no matter how mixed, complicated how strong or how great in power or in importance or intricately made “IT IS MADE” therefore has lesser power than the original the intangible. The self who has postulated that mass into existence in the first place.

We are wonderers, explores, we move, we are fluid, To us to change is nothing, we get bored easily and there no bars or walls no barriers anchor point, experiences-activities, or implants are strong enough, agreements are big enough and solid enough in comparison to the “Intangible” to be hold down kept in permanently.

 We are the escape artist of the universe. Houdini is one of us and with his art he demonstrated nothing can hold the being if the being don’t agree to be held, don’t agree to the walls of the prisons, those walls don’t have the power over the free spirit.  Intangible is what is, it can’t be boxed in since contains no energy.


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