Spiritual Journey of self-discovery in the Magical universe: When I arrived, realised I never left:only my the views transformed the Universe

I hope I have not given on impression to any of the blog’s readers that some new tech, was invented by me. NO, I have not invented any such a think. LRH’s Technology I have used in all my sessions.

I have not modefied the TECHNOLOGY I just understood and used  the basic, the rudiments, the most powerful one from all his creation.
Running ARC, B-ks ,  using the rudiments All Of THEM, is very powerful and very precise process. Since the MEST universe become the MEST Universe because the being has brake in affinity, reality, communication therefore no  understanding  toward the MEST.
Running the rudiments  in session  is the must how one would clear up all the MU’s have cognition on the whole track the immense  number of chain of ARC’B-ks if one not cleaning up=confronting those?  O/W’s, the supress button is the must too.
One could never be free if one has not confronted every aspect of the track.  Plus 4 flows and earlier similar.  When one truly understand the meaning of the words in the Rudiments and what makes the MEST a MEST than one can understand the POWER OF RUNNING THE RUDIMENTS.
With use of the Rudiments one not setting up a sessions but runs a session with that one is confronting the ARC B-ks one has with the MEST Universe.
I have written in my posting in detail ‘Walk the walk of a solo auditor #2” . and the importance of running the Rudiments. I have not invented new way of auditing, different technology.
Ron was a rascal but a brilliant one, he given a great gift and the most valuable pieces of all his work and the most powerful is the Rudiments. It’s simplicity in use  holds the power and that is the very reason so difficult to comprehend how great a process is and one can confront and as-is the MEST Universe with it’s proper use.

I have used the TECHNOLOGY in all my session and nothing else, since nothing else  exists out there which works.

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  1. clifford taylor said:

    This blog tells me what I needed to know so therefore will be one of my favourites.Thanks!

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