Spiritual Journey of self-discovery in the Magical universe: When I arrived, realised I never left:only my the views transformed the Universe

trap, ones own making.

Oddly, one learns the word “trap” and knows what the trap can be and do but the true meaning of that word one only can understand when one is out of the trap. Since  till than one is out of the trap, one did not realized one was in one [MEST UNIVERSE]

 When all the reality: agreements, consideration of ones believes as-ised, falls away and one understand that the MEST truly is on illusion. And how those illusions has become real=trap.

 At first one believes that one looks back at ones track or down, those concept:” back and  down” are  just a creation to give meaning  that something is there and that something really exists and the being since as “self” is someplace. But in reality one has no position in space, time, matter or in any energy= thought=considerations=agreements.  Only creations have positions but If one believes one is something like a body than one has a location, position in MEST. By believing one is somebody, something that is the trap: the illusion.

That reality, the memory of ones so called life, the games one played, like one remember walking in the forest in the beautiful autumn day long time back. Now that walk is nothing more than a vogue memory that it was lovely, now that memory is only an illusion.

 When one as-ised the MEST than there is no past, no future, no distance, no track, one no longer associate self with MEST, than the MEST[ everything associated with] has been only on illusion, nothing more.  Only knowledge remains and this time that knowledge is in intangible because this knowledge holds no energy=charge. Therefore this knowledge can’t re-stimulate.  The trap is gone.


 PS: Small tribe who live in Amazon, deep in the forest about 30-40 members.  They never have seen the outside world and the outside world never seen them.

 The elder say to one of his small son, my son go to the corner Starbuck get me a latte with a sprinkle of pepper and tell her I like it hotter and more foam this time and when you get back you can have your helicopter ride.  Turns to his wife: you know my dear I just can’t start my day without my java, and I can’t find my Eaton tie,  by the way you should wear today your Chanel suit the pink one, it will show less blood since it is you who will gut our neighbor because it is you who snared  him and it’s a woman’s job anyway. I get the roating pit ready, the queen is coming for hight tea.

The above PS is different reality from different times and places from different people, are they the reality of the little naked man of the Amazon jungle? No, they are not and I ask, what made you or make you believe that your believes, your reality is yours?  Believes are traps, illusions.

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