Spiritual Journey of self-discovery in the Magical universe: When I arrived, realised I never left:only my the views transformed the Universe

Exterior, the Infinite.

When “I” loses the very last anchor point: that is the last though, the last consideration, the last wall=the last barrier, it is like stepping out of the airplane free floating, yet what one experiences is nothing like that at all  since skydiver is not free floating but experiences controlled falling, being pulled down by gravity through thin energy layer toward the Earth. Yet it is the falling through that space gives on illusion of being free, being disconnected from solidity and hovering in space.

Better explanation would be: on astronaut free floating in space, yes that one can imagine easily.

As the ”I” the Entity as-is the last though the last sound from the Implanted Universe  that action severs the connection to the MEST. BUT WITH THAT LAST ACTION THE “I” TOO WILL DESAPER!! Since the “I” self only exist while is being stuck to energy-masses. BUT NOT IN REALITY.. The ‘SELF’  which vanishes is not the ENTITY IT SELF but the made believe image!

The real Entity can not vanish can not be as-ised in session, I tried but could not attain such a reality.

The “I” steps into a different Universe where nothing exists as in MEST=Solidity: but pictures -creation are dimensional holographic, here postulates wishes are not needed or wanted since those concepts express not having.. Here in total harmony, here the “I” do exist this SELF live, have  a life in very different reality which know to humans.

This Universe, this different Universe where one “is” the “awareness” without existing as a body and in that moment one regains the self the Intangible the Infinite.

One free float, independent of thought, sounds, emotions, free from all old agreements, considerations and the learned believes, finally by severing, as-ising the last anchor to one so called track that point one free floats.

Yes, here the awareness is “exterior” to the Universes, where is no beginning, where is no end.


Comments on: "Exterior, the Infinite." (1)

  1. Peter Smith said:

    Beautiful, desirable, simple and complete that’s all that needs to be said. When the thoughts in my head went silent years ago , it was simply peaceful and beautiful to be able to look at a beautiful view without even having the thought ” its beautiful ” come into my mind.
    I am getting rid of more and more mass with you blazing the trail forward and now you have given us the target.
    I “mushed” today ( got moving on solo).

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