Spiritual Journey of self-discovery in the Magical universe: When I arrived, realised I never left:only my the views transformed the Universe

For Peter since he asked.

This cognition has come about because writing to Peter who is also on Solo Auditor. Few days back I had a realization that there is a concept “old energy”. We both have had sessions running “old energy” different ways. Example: how old energy affects one’s body etc.  He informed me he had very good wins running this item but wanted to know if I still had other – different viewpoints on the matter.

As I was writing new a list for him I had the cognition which once more realigned how I see, perceive my surrounding, the Universe and our abilities to create is do and have be.

Before I have written in different postings: once more the cognition has realigned my universe.

Now I write, the cognition brings new reality how I perceive the Universe.  How I perceive is from on outside, the view=reality=experience=thought=consideration itself is NOT I AM, but only a view which I perceive.  The view points are not my anchor points.

[Part of the email I have written] You can see if as an old powerful being what you could do accomplish or not old energy can hold things in place old energy have great value, old energy is like a wall keep one safe or keep others out, keep one separate.

Old energy has enough power to destroy others, old energy is like a bubble can surround a being and the being can hide inside, becoming invisible, just had a COG: we are mocked up from old energy Our first energy we experienced, moved into it in order to experience, FANTASTIC!!!! that is the reason one know how powerful one is because the item the creation we experience in the past [[ I have wondered about how do we know what is our power where our power is originated from]] a birth of a huge star when used as an anchor point we are that power and later on we can use the same power to create= destroy. This power is or course is MEST already has quality and quantity. Theta is different theta can as-is the ‘Old Power”.

This experience of course when we experience the death of the star, we too can experience that nonexistence, that nothingness, that lack of energy, that great emptiness of space.

And the greatest suppressive act we commit is against self by going into agreement when the body no longer function, since there is no energy we can experience, we no longer exists and these dear friends who morn= agree too that you no longer are.

So here comes the acknowledgement the need for one and what it is good for. To be acknowledged that we exist regardless we feel like nothing, and no one.

By experiencing such we know what is feeling the power or being that nothing no one.

But we are still holding those mock-ups [ old power] in our space therefore the power still exists.

As later on when the bodies were created and  smaller objects,  we experienced of course these smaller objects and used them as anchor points with that naturally we too felt smaller since the objects were smaller had less volume=size: Hold less power, therefore the being too believes he has less power.

Now since this planet is small and there are only small creations: small bodies, houses, rooms, shoes, small computer face, tiny telephones and all these item around us has expiring date, exists only in small amount of time [calendar: years, days, hours, minutes, ]we too experience only the small-ness and the vulnerability the time existence.

Since humans associate self with their creations, the creations have indeed become small on this Earth.

We Theta, we lost our greatness out grandeur, our creative ability and we have become small as our daily creation. Like making and drinking a cup of coffee, tossing a salad, having a shower.

We live in small crowded world our creations our experiences have become small.

”We can create within in our walls of agreement, nothing more.”

But the technology the auditing questions do work by having sessions we can eliminate the small, the puny  and only to dream  and experience of small, to create only small, be only small.

Once more we can regain our creative ability and using that ability we can create a greater game and once more we can be Giants, Titans of the Universe.

The Universe holds only the magic which self can create like a magical moment in my lost blog entry where the laughter echoed among the stars.

PS; since I have written the above post my realities greatly changed… so much so that I am thinking I should erase some of these posts.


Comments on: "The origin the source of one’s power. Major basic cognition." (2)

  1. “Once more we can regain our creative ability and using that ability we can create a greater game and once more we can be Giants, Titans of the Universe.”

    What does a Titan of the Universe do? Is there a job description available? I might want to apply at some point when I become qualified… lol

    • it is a TITANIC JOB to confront the Universe since the Universe it self what each individual Entity has as their bag is TITANIC IN PROPOTION! 🙂 🙂 🙂
      When that Titanic Job is done than we will know what the next step will be! 🙂

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