Spiritual Journey of self-discovery in the Magical universe: When I arrived, realised I never left:only my the views transformed the Universe

 I take my own advice I will write something different.

 For this you needed to be there or have a very good imagination, Singing volcano, to whom if we would compere Pavarotti would only sound like a crow.  

 I figure, I track over the other end the very beginning of the Milky Way  Since I know there is this huge Crater and a concert to be had which is out of this world. You see the Crater has giving the concert one man show as that would be called around here.

So here I am at the top edge, fantastic, the Crater is looking the same way as I remembered.  The Crater is huge simply huge, occupying the center of the immense velvet, blue darkness, around the Crater  I could see clusters of stars  and occasionally a comet striking by going with great speed reaching nothing, great destination, comets have good ideas Start be  than end.

 But my interest lays here, oh the sound which pours forth from the great debt of the Crater of the Volcano is incredible, cannot be described with words, it is full, whole.

Enchants, lulls, transports, rocks the being at the same time. From all around beings like me come here to share space with the sound to become one with beauty of different kind.

This here is a gathering place on the rim of the great Volcano where we all know each other from way back.

I have my usual spot and as I arrive my seat was taken by a lovely snake, on old friend who slithered aside and she said: sorry old thing, but that was a warm spot and you were not here and by the way we all missed you, where were you?

 Oh, I said: don’t ask, I got tangled into some solid stuff and has taken me sometimes to get entangled and what a devilish mass it has been.

Yes, she nodded her invisible head, we all know that, we all been there by the way he is here too, finally got away.

 Somebody hissed; hush up you guys, she do not like it that we speak while she is singing.

What do you mean: we all asked, she do not like us speaking while she sings how could that be since that sound coming from this Crater and has been here forever and we all have been communicating.

Then I continued:  what you mean by she do not like when we speak. How do you know?  Did she tell you that she did not like us to speak?

 No, but I have figured that one out, since every time one of us speak she burps up a star.

Well. Yes? And how long she has been doing that, just because she coughs up some stars and that have made you come to the conclusion she is doing that because we speak?

 OK it is like this, he continued: way back at the beginning when she was only called Milky, she started coughing up stars and just look for yours-self, now there are billions of stars and now she is called the Milky Way.

Wow I said, that could be yes and no which we will never know,  that happens because we talk or not but I remember when nothing was here and looked at this place now totally over populated by stars she has been busy, but maybe she just have indigestion, have you ever thought of that?   And by the way how do you know the Crator is a she? We don’t see anything outside of the Crater here and the sound has no body, we don’t even see each other so why the “she” bit?

 Hehehehehe, a laughter sounded from my right.

He needs, your friend to confess, that he had a human body once way back and he too been married and had a mother in-law who never shut up so that is his conclusion this here Crater is a female personage.

 Laughter all around, we were falling all over. Holding our invisible side and somebody groaned: please you guy no mother in-law jokes; I have heard too many of them, the laughter continued because we all remembered our favorite jokes and even the stars around us twinkled, tickled pink from the merriment.

 From the depth of the Crater suddenly a half a dozen stars bubbled up and with that heavy load out of the way, space has changed so is the sounds.

 We were cradled in silken velvet hung suspended by the notes of infinite beauty the song, the infinite the lullaby of the universe.

As we floated in the universe in the cradled of the sound, we become one, harmony of the Universe where singular do not exists.

Than I had an “idea”, that is the part which I retained from way bank while I was a human

I stood up and I too sang, I too become the sound, the sound of the Universe and we sang in harmony but the Crater stopped her song as I continued, suddenly a small tug pulled at me from the proximity of the nothing where the knee cap and the hem of a garment should have been and a little female voice piped up: Thanks, thanks a million for taking over, I though it never will happen, you have no idea how it is when somebody has to sing forever. With that she turned into a flash of light and was gone. I realised finally the volcano become free of her prison of song.!

Silence fallowed, total silence than babel of voices flowed surrounded me, and I made out the word.

 Now Elizabeth this is your fault that she has stopped singing, they yelled in union, now we all have to go and find new entertainment to amuse us!!!
Not one of them noticed the light which has opened the door to the prison.


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