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spirit the free, the vagabond of the Universe the solo auditor.

 I am having one of my great cognitions; the basic understanding of my powers so is everybody else at the same time of course.  I was pondering in the shower,[ not in session] how come others, so many beings can’t move on, don’t dare to move on regardless their training level or trained and being audited up on the OT levels.  All boils down to power the understanding of power, the very nature of the being, the Theta, the spirit, which is the power itself.[ The true nature of the being is infinite=intangible, but I use the “power” for explanation.]

 Oh how great is to be!

There are and always have been beings could be called free spirits. Who wondered in the universe from one end to the other than back again, and to them to us the Universe is and always was only an experience, a smorgasbord to pick from and enjoy. 

We free spirits have and hold great power; we are that power because one is such a great power which is natural, original to the self: because of that even the strongest of implants can’t hold one stationary for long.

 The reason is very simple. Natural power is intangible and any implant any game any walls any barriers or anchor points are lesser because they are “MADE“ postulated into existence therefore has mass and mass no matter how mixed, complicated how strong or how great in power or in importance or intricately made “IT IS MADE” therefore has lesser power than the original the intangible. The self who has postulated that mass into existence in the first place.

We are wonderers, explores, we move, we are fluid, To us to change is nothing, we get bored easily and there no bars or walls no barriers anchor point, experiences-activities, or implants are strong enough, agreements are big enough and solid enough in comparison to the “Intangible” to be hold down kept in permanently.

 We are the escape artist of the universe. Houdini is one of us and with his art he demonstrated nothing can hold the being if the being don’t agree to be held, don’t agree to the walls of the prisons, those walls don’t have the power over the free spirit.  Intangible is what is, it can’t be boxed in since contains no energy.


Rudiments, it’s importance the only way to fly.

I hope I have not given on impression to any of the blog’s readers that some new tech, was invented by me. NO, I have not invented any such a think. LRH’s Technology I have used in all my sessions.

I have not modefied the TECHNOLOGY I just understood and used  the basic, the rudiments, the most powerful one from all his creation.
Running ARC, B-ks ,  using the rudiments All Of THEM, is very powerful and very precise process. Since the MEST universe become the MEST Universe because the being has brake in affinity, reality, communication therefore no  understanding  toward the MEST.
Running the rudiments  in session  is the must how one would clear up all the MU’s have cognition on the whole track the immense  number of chain of ARC’B-ks if one not cleaning up=confronting those?  O/W’s, the supress button is the must too.
One could never be free if one has not confronted every aspect of the track.  Plus 4 flows and earlier similar.  When one truly understand the meaning of the words in the Rudiments and what makes the MEST a MEST than one can understand the POWER OF RUNNING THE RUDIMENTS.
With use of the Rudiments one not setting up a sessions but runs a session with that one is confronting the ARC B-ks one has with the MEST Universe.
I have written in my posting in detail ‘Walk the walk of a solo auditor #2” . and the importance of running the Rudiments. I have not invented new way of auditing, different technology.
Ron was a rascal but a brilliant one, he given a great gift and the most valuable pieces of all his work and the most powerful is the Rudiments. It’s simplicity in use  holds the power and that is the very reason so difficult to comprehend how great a process is and one can confront and as-is the MEST Universe with it’s proper use.

I have used the TECHNOLOGY in all my session and nothing else, since nothing else  exists out there which works.

trap, ones own making.

Oddly, one learns the word “trap” and knows what the trap can be and do but the true meaning of that word one only can understand when one is out of the trap. Since  till than one is out of the trap, one did not realized one was in one [MEST UNIVERSE]

 When all the reality: agreements, consideration of ones believes as-ised, falls away and one understand that the MEST truly is on illusion. And how those illusions has become real=trap.

 At first one believes that one looks back at ones track or down, those concept:” back and  down” are  just a creation to give meaning  that something is there and that something really exists and the being since as “self” is someplace. But in reality one has no position in space, time, matter or in any energy= thought=considerations=agreements.  Only creations have positions but If one believes one is something like a body than one has a location, position in MEST. By believing one is somebody, something that is the trap: the illusion.

That reality, the memory of ones so called life, the games one played, like one remember walking in the forest in the beautiful autumn day long time back. Now that walk is nothing more than a vogue memory that it was lovely, now that memory is only an illusion.

 When one as-ised the MEST than there is no past, no future, no distance, no track, one no longer associate self with MEST, than the MEST[ everything associated with] has been only on illusion, nothing more.  Only knowledge remains and this time that knowledge is in intangible because this knowledge holds no energy=charge. Therefore this knowledge can’t re-stimulate.  The trap is gone.


 PS: Small tribe who live in Amazon, deep in the forest about 30-40 members.  They never have seen the outside world and the outside world never seen them.

 The elder say to one of his small son, my son go to the corner Starbuck get me a latte with a sprinkle of pepper and tell her I like it hotter and more foam this time and when you get back you can have your helicopter ride.  Turns to his wife: you know my dear I just can’t start my day without my java, and I can’t find my Eaton tie,  by the way you should wear today your Chanel suit the pink one, it will show less blood since it is you who will gut our neighbor because it is you who snared  him and it’s a woman’s job anyway. I get the roating pit ready, the queen is coming for hight tea.

The above PS is different reality from different times and places from different people, are they the reality of the little naked man of the Amazon jungle? No, they are not and I ask, what made you or make you believe that your believes, your reality is yours?  Believes are traps, illusions.

Exterior, the Infinite.

When “I” loses the very last anchor point: that is the last though, the last consideration, the last wall=the last barrier, it is like stepping out of the airplane free floating, yet what one experiences is nothing like that at all  since skydiver is not free floating but experiences controlled falling, being pulled down by gravity through thin energy layer toward the Earth. Yet it is the falling through that space gives on illusion of being free, being disconnected from solidity and hovering in space.

Better explanation would be: on astronaut free floating in space, yes that one can imagine easily.

As the ”I” the Entity as-is the last though the last sound from the Implanted Universe  that action severs the connection to the MEST. BUT WITH THAT LAST ACTION THE “I” TOO WILL DESAPER!! Since the “I” self only exist while is being stuck to energy-masses. BUT NOT IN REALITY.. The ‘SELF’  which vanishes is not the ENTITY IT SELF but the made believe image!

The real Entity can not vanish can not be as-ised in session, I tried but could not attain such a reality.

The “I” steps into a different Universe where nothing exists as in MEST=Solidity: but pictures -creation are dimensional holographic, here postulates wishes are not needed or wanted since those concepts express not having.. Here in total harmony, here the “I” do exist this SELF live, have  a life in very different reality which know to humans.

This Universe, this different Universe where one “is” the “awareness” without existing as a body and in that moment one regains the self the Intangible the Infinite.

One free float, independent of thought, sounds, emotions, free from all old agreements, considerations and the learned believes, finally by severing, as-ising the last anchor to one so called track that point one free floats.

Yes, here the awareness is “exterior” to the Universes, where is no beginning, where is no end.

The origin the source of one’s power. Major basic cognition.

For Peter since he asked.

This cognition has come about because writing to Peter who is also on Solo Auditor. Few days back I had a realization that there is a concept “old energy”. We both have had sessions running “old energy” different ways. Example: how old energy affects one’s body etc.  He informed me he had very good wins running this item but wanted to know if I still had other – different viewpoints on the matter.

As I was writing new a list for him I had the cognition which once more realigned how I see, perceive my surrounding, the Universe and our abilities to create is do and have be.

Before I have written in different postings: once more the cognition has realigned my universe.

Now I write, the cognition brings new reality how I perceive the Universe.  How I perceive is from on outside, the view=reality=experience=thought=consideration itself is NOT I AM, but only a view which I perceive.  The view points are not my anchor points.

[Part of the email I have written] You can see if as an old powerful being what you could do accomplish or not old energy can hold things in place old energy have great value, old energy is like a wall keep one safe or keep others out, keep one separate.

Old energy has enough power to destroy others, old energy is like a bubble can surround a being and the being can hide inside, becoming invisible, just had a COG: we are mocked up from old energy Our first energy we experienced, moved into it in order to experience, FANTASTIC!!!! that is the reason one know how powerful one is because the item the creation we experience in the past [[ I have wondered about how do we know what is our power where our power is originated from]] a birth of a huge star when used as an anchor point we are that power and later on we can use the same power to create= destroy. This power is or course is MEST already has quality and quantity. Theta is different theta can as-is the ‘Old Power”.

This experience of course when we experience the death of the star, we too can experience that nonexistence, that nothingness, that lack of energy, that great emptiness of space.

And the greatest suppressive act we commit is against self by going into agreement when the body no longer function, since there is no energy we can experience, we no longer exists and these dear friends who morn= agree too that you no longer are.

So here comes the acknowledgement the need for one and what it is good for. To be acknowledged that we exist regardless we feel like nothing, and no one.

By experiencing such we know what is feeling the power or being that nothing no one.

But we are still holding those mock-ups [ old power] in our space therefore the power still exists.

As later on when the bodies were created and  smaller objects,  we experienced of course these smaller objects and used them as anchor points with that naturally we too felt smaller since the objects were smaller had less volume=size: Hold less power, therefore the being too believes he has less power.

Now since this planet is small and there are only small creations: small bodies, houses, rooms, shoes, small computer face, tiny telephones and all these item around us has expiring date, exists only in small amount of time [calendar: years, days, hours, minutes, ]we too experience only the small-ness and the vulnerability the time existence.

Since humans associate self with their creations, the creations have indeed become small on this Earth.

We Theta, we lost our greatness out grandeur, our creative ability and we have become small as our daily creation. Like making and drinking a cup of coffee, tossing a salad, having a shower.

We live in small crowded world our creations our experiences have become small.

”We can create within in our walls of agreement, nothing more.”

But the technology the auditing questions do work by having sessions we can eliminate the small, the puny  and only to dream  and experience of small, to create only small, be only small.

Once more we can regain our creative ability and using that ability we can create a greater game and once more we can be Giants, Titans of the Universe.

The Universe holds only the magic which self can create like a magical moment in my lost blog entry where the laughter echoed among the stars.

PS; since I have written the above post my realities greatly changed… so much so that I am thinking I should erase some of these posts.

Hahaha, hehehehe, giggle, brouhaha, laughter among the stars

 I take my own advice I will write something different.

 For this you needed to be there or have a very good imagination, Singing volcano, to whom if we would compere Pavarotti would only sound like a crow.  

 I figure, I track over the other end the very beginning of the Milky Way  Since I know there is this huge Crater and a concert to be had which is out of this world. You see the Crater has giving the concert one man show as that would be called around here.

So here I am at the top edge, fantastic, the Crater is looking the same way as I remembered.  The Crater is huge simply huge, occupying the center of the immense velvet, blue darkness, around the Crater  I could see clusters of stars  and occasionally a comet striking by going with great speed reaching nothing, great destination, comets have good ideas Start be  than end.

 But my interest lays here, oh the sound which pours forth from the great debt of the Crater of the Volcano is incredible, cannot be described with words, it is full, whole.

Enchants, lulls, transports, rocks the being at the same time. From all around beings like me come here to share space with the sound to become one with beauty of different kind.

This here is a gathering place on the rim of the great Volcano where we all know each other from way back.

I have my usual spot and as I arrive my seat was taken by a lovely snake, on old friend who slithered aside and she said: sorry old thing, but that was a warm spot and you were not here and by the way we all missed you, where were you?

 Oh, I said: don’t ask, I got tangled into some solid stuff and has taken me sometimes to get entangled and what a devilish mass it has been.

Yes, she nodded her invisible head, we all know that, we all been there by the way he is here too, finally got away.

 Somebody hissed; hush up you guys, she do not like it that we speak while she is singing.

What do you mean: we all asked, she do not like us speaking while she sings how could that be since that sound coming from this Crater and has been here forever and we all have been communicating.

Then I continued:  what you mean by she do not like when we speak. How do you know?  Did she tell you that she did not like us to speak?

 No, but I have figured that one out, since every time one of us speak she burps up a star.

Well. Yes? And how long she has been doing that, just because she coughs up some stars and that have made you come to the conclusion she is doing that because we speak?

 OK it is like this, he continued: way back at the beginning when she was only called Milky, she started coughing up stars and just look for yours-self, now there are billions of stars and now she is called the Milky Way.

Wow I said, that could be yes and no which we will never know,  that happens because we talk or not but I remember when nothing was here and looked at this place now totally over populated by stars she has been busy, but maybe she just have indigestion, have you ever thought of that?   And by the way how do you know the Crator is a she? We don’t see anything outside of the Crater here and the sound has no body, we don’t even see each other so why the “she” bit?

 Hehehehehe, a laughter sounded from my right.

He needs, your friend to confess, that he had a human body once way back and he too been married and had a mother in-law who never shut up so that is his conclusion this here Crater is a female personage.

 Laughter all around, we were falling all over. Holding our invisible side and somebody groaned: please you guy no mother in-law jokes; I have heard too many of them, the laughter continued because we all remembered our favorite jokes and even the stars around us twinkled, tickled pink from the merriment.

 From the depth of the Crater suddenly a half a dozen stars bubbled up and with that heavy load out of the way, space has changed so is the sounds.

 We were cradled in silken velvet hung suspended by the notes of infinite beauty the song, the infinite the lullaby of the universe.

As we floated in the universe in the cradled of the sound, we become one, harmony of the Universe where singular do not exists.

Than I had an “idea”, that is the part which I retained from way bank while I was a human

I stood up and I too sang, I too become the sound, the sound of the Universe and we sang in harmony but the Crater stopped her song as I continued, suddenly a small tug pulled at me from the proximity of the nothing where the knee cap and the hem of a garment should have been and a little female voice piped up: Thanks, thanks a million for taking over, I though it never will happen, you have no idea how it is when somebody has to sing forever. With that she turned into a flash of light and was gone. I realised finally the volcano become free of her prison of song.!

Silence fallowed, total silence than babel of voices flowed surrounded me, and I made out the word.

 Now Elizabeth this is your fault that she has stopped singing, they yelled in union, now we all have to go and find new entertainment to amuse us!!!
Not one of them noticed the light which has opened the door to the prison.