Spiritual Journey of self-discovery in the Magical universe: When I arrived, realised I never left:only my the views transformed the Universe

Those of you who have no reality what one recalls in session I recommend to look up the words in the Tech. Dic. Study the tech a bit and gain insight.

Past lives are recalled because they contain, hold strong heavy energies miss emotions pain, etc. Aberrations galore!!!!!!!

One does not go into past life to recover conversations, sermons and who said what when and why.  Some of you who were gunning for me being Gautama Buddha or not [glee all around, I known she was not, I known she is] should amble back and re learn the subject what auditing is all about.   Some of you people you who judge, should have lots of sessions yourself and see for yourself your own self-created Hell and audit yourself out of that and see what you come up with. What kind of person you really are.

  Why do we do so many bad things, why? Because that energy which creates “THE BAD INCIDENT IS THE SAME AS THE PLEASURE MOMENTS HAVE. THEY ARE EQUAL BUT NAMED DIFFERENT”  To some pulling out the fly wing, etc…….  or inviting grandmas’ for diner to be a dinner that is, or killing with machine guns with agreements of course that we must in the name of the law, we are in the army, …… yes somebody said something about pleasure moments,?

I would love to throw on Overt Party, balloons and barbeques the topic of that day should be Overts and withholds we all could swap old Overts. The best overt would get a price a title Bad Arse OT.  Now I really would love to see whose is better, Oh now that could be the party of all parties the best the Universe ever seen. What a key out!!!  

  PS: Keep it in mind all the bad  which one considers  is bad once was good that was the reason for creatinf on the first place equal value in everything.  There is no “good or bad” only IS.


Comments on: "You have the invitation to the party the best the Universe can offer." (1)

  1. Not surprising you have a similar reality to LRH. After all, he tried to write and speak the truth about this universe, and what is true you can, and Chris can, and anyone can, discover for themselves and it will turn out to be “the truth” about this universe.

    Some Sufi somewhere probably said it, too, “Truth is One.” Anyway, I know you know what I mean. But right now I am a little tired so I’m off to rest. Cheers!

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