Spiritual Journey of self-discovery in the Magical universe: When I arrived, realised I never left:only my the views transformed the Universe

Something very interesting I just had a cog on communication. Since I do believe there is much more to our communication methods than what we use.  I do know and understand the energy flow which is the base, the real carrier   of the words.  The mocked-up energy  also contains of course the mock-up picture or could contain that depends on the ability of the communicator.

Example; I had watered my flowers, here when reading one could see  a picture of me watering the flowers. But most people disregard that part of the communication yet that is the real, existing part of the communication.

I had many sessions naturally over the year on this itemgaining knowledge on its complexities how it flows between two teminals.

Last night I looked again because something come into my space of which I had no understanding of.

Here is a bit the Cognition; There were times in other place where verbal communication was forbidden because the realization it’s aberrative quality.

It was against a law to communicate with verbaly because of it was very effective way to spread disease, mental stuff, confusion, mis-understandings,  how true!!! How incredible but true.

If one closely observes the outcome of communication only the verbal parts one can see that because the different reality of each being, has understanding those words and because of those miss-undertandings so many ARC B-ks   happen.

Killing, beating, courts of law, wars, etc… let’s not forget depression, the billions of pills people popped daily because of outcome of communications: the upsets, lets mention alcohol to relaaaaaaaaax the nerves to be able to cope with the incoming communication.

So back than the beings had to go back to the old way to communicate: to the natural way,  back to the so called ”telepathy”, I show you my picture my mock-up you can show me yours in return. hehehe… no cheating or miss-understanding can happen that way! what you see is what you get!

I wonder if the rain coat flasher in the alley has originated from here, “Here is mine” or the monks who hold avow for silence and communicate-experience only the incoming energy mass.  Or the ones who born without the ability to speak.  I wonder how one was affected to this day with that agreement. I know I have been.

The lazy beings or the ones who no longer could mock-up pictures invented new way of communication body language and the hand signs.

Art was born out of this. Those who could produce mock-up pictures, statues could transfer their thoughts-communication into form and shape.

To me this cog opens a new reality understanding and confirmation, knowing nothing here on this Planet is original.


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