Spiritual Journey of self-discovery in the Magical universe: When I arrived, realised I never left:only my the views transformed the Universe

At the very first glance toward the material front of me even before I start to read I experience the basic of that energy flow even before I know what is written.[ you do too do the same] As you can see there are different communication levels, forms we receive at the same time.
 First I experience that so called invisible energy which is in fact the first the major part of the communication which is put out by the being the postulate itself. Example: her thoughts, “I will tell her it was not OK that she acted a certain way etc.. etc..”

 Now we have here at first the energy flow how those persons feel about that behaviour the major part in the communication. Because that person could feel really antagonistic but could only write a nice little note about it.[ fear holds the person back from open communication] so the nice note say: “  please don’t do that next time because it is not a nice reflection on you”.

 Nice note, putting the responsibility into your space for you to handle it and don’t do anything next time which would re-stimulate her.  In other words it is you who need to change because something wrong with you because ……

 That is a lie being put into your place.   She not real tells you what the problem is.  “Like I felt so bad and had this rotten reaction etc…”   
 The second part of the communication which is the material, the paper the printed words existing, that is the MEST Universe. The solid part, the MEST universe has more than one layer to it too, intangible and tangible.  
The person who writes expresses her reality with the words that energy flow is his universe. What we do is we continually translate our energy flows our creation and we put it into solid forms in this case writing.

 Next example: I want to drive to Seattle.   With that postulate I am already there because I have put it there, knowing what I am going to do.  Go see friends have lunch, buy few things go down to Puget Sound waterfront etc…  Next I get into my car, drive and while being there I do all the things I have planned=postulated to do.  Which I have already done once!!!!! You can see how my universe my postulate was translated into the MEST universe acted out in solidity.

 It is a strange way to do things for a spiritual being but we do that with everything and twice.  Interesting yes?
 Let’s go back to the beginnings. Experiencing that energy giving me the choice should I continue to read that material?
I have drank from the Spring already, I have experienced her universe; I can continue and see how her universes energy translated by words
If I continue with the reading I will be moving into a different universe [hers]leave mine behind in order to be someplace else.

 I have no problem leaving mine since we experience different view point at all times which was not created by self but become ours with that experience]
I am on a learning path.

 I am looking for different reality levels unknown to mine in order to expend the knowledge, I consider I have. Each new experience is a lesson to learn from, to see the Universe in different dimension.
I have no desire to change other universes and to have that universe look like mine, to become like mine.
Than what would I learn from? By now I also know that if others want, need the change that will happen and not before. I am not cause over that.
If I consider I would like what I experience to be different since I don’t feel comfortable having that experience, I know it is my reality need to be changed.
The need to change others or self, [auditing handles that part, soloing too] the Q and A belongs to the MEST Universe. The magical part of the Universe is that we can explore, wander about and look for treasures hidden in the different dimensions make that out own and learn from.

By having so many sessions confronting the MEST and by as-ising that MEST U. One viewpoints change totally. Before while in the MEST one have all the proper thought, items considerations of on average human one would use those thought to examine think of things etc.. Than when those entire considerations erased one can see the different levels of communication the real underlying energy flows and the reasons for that.  When one no longer operates in the MEST U. then of course the reality becomes very-very different too. The mystery is gone; Auditing is the magic key which opens the doors to the wonders of the universe one can now experience in different forms levels.

 Since the weight the heaviness, the re-stimulation is gone. One can see clearly the complexities. It is wondrous to see our own creation,  the simple magic  of it all.

 NOW if you decide you will tell her or him what actually wrong the reaction to that could be many. Get ready!!!!

If it is a none scientologist well, we could be winning  from both side since the person could say You right it was my feelings etc.. But if it is a scientologists look out. Full force the attack will be aimed back at you, full blast that is you who have the ARC b-k because it is you who has mentioned. Therefore it is you who should be in session Handle the your re-stimulation etc..  What actually happened from covert communication the being just moves to the open [higher tone scale] communication. And open antagonism results from that. , interesting the communication is.

 Because is your open mentioning [comm.] the problem allowing the person also to openly attack.  Moving up a little higher, but long way for that person to understand and take responsibility for the original energy flows the underlying ones and to admit yes they do exists. Fun is in the session to locate all the reasons why One do not see those energy. The SELF.


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