Spiritual Journey of self-discovery in the Magical universe: When I arrived, realised I never left:only my the views transformed the Universe

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You have the invitation to the party the best the Universe can offer.

Those of you who have no reality what one recalls in session I recommend to look up the words in the Tech. Dic. Study the tech a bit and gain insight.

Past lives are recalled because they contain, hold strong heavy energies miss emotions pain, etc. Aberrations galore!!!!!!!

One does not go into past life to recover conversations, sermons and who said what when and why.  Some of you who were gunning for me being Gautama Buddha or not [glee all around, I known she was not, I known she is] should amble back and re learn the subject what auditing is all about.   Some of you people you who judge, should have lots of sessions yourself and see for yourself your own self-created Hell and audit yourself out of that and see what you come up with. What kind of person you really are.

  Why do we do so many bad things, why? Because that energy which creates “THE BAD INCIDENT IS THE SAME AS THE PLEASURE MOMENTS HAVE. THEY ARE EQUAL BUT NAMED DIFFERENT”  To some pulling out the fly wing, etc…….  or inviting grandmas’ for diner to be a dinner that is, or killing with machine guns with agreements of course that we must in the name of the law, we are in the army, …… yes somebody said something about pleasure moments,?

I would love to throw on Overt Party, balloons and barbeques the topic of that day should be Overts and withholds we all could swap old Overts. The best overt would get a price a title Bad Arse OT.  Now I really would love to see whose is better, Oh now that could be the party of all parties the best the Universe ever seen. What a key out!!!  

  PS: Keep it in mind all the bad  which one considers  is bad once was good that was the reason for creatinf on the first place equal value in everything.  There is no “good or bad” only IS.


A bit more on communication.

Something very interesting I just had a cog on communication. Since I do believe there is much more to our communication methods than what we use.  I do know and understand the energy flow which is the base, the real carrier   of the words.  The mocked-up energy  also contains of course the mock-up picture or could contain that depends on the ability of the communicator.

Example; I had watered my flowers, here when reading one could see  a picture of me watering the flowers. But most people disregard that part of the communication yet that is the real, existing part of the communication.

I had many sessions naturally over the year on this itemgaining knowledge on its complexities how it flows between two teminals.

Last night I looked again because something come into my space of which I had no understanding of.

Here is a bit the Cognition; There were times in other place where verbal communication was forbidden because the realization it’s aberrative quality.

It was against a law to communicate with verbaly because of it was very effective way to spread disease, mental stuff, confusion, mis-understandings,  how true!!! How incredible but true.

If one closely observes the outcome of communication only the verbal parts one can see that because the different reality of each being, has understanding those words and because of those miss-undertandings so many ARC B-ks   happen.

Killing, beating, courts of law, wars, etc… let’s not forget depression, the billions of pills people popped daily because of outcome of communications: the upsets, lets mention alcohol to relaaaaaaaaax the nerves to be able to cope with the incoming communication.

So back than the beings had to go back to the old way to communicate: to the natural way,  back to the so called ”telepathy”, I show you my picture my mock-up you can show me yours in return. hehehe… no cheating or miss-understanding can happen that way! what you see is what you get!

I wonder if the rain coat flasher in the alley has originated from here, “Here is mine” or the monks who hold avow for silence and communicate-experience only the incoming energy mass.  Or the ones who born without the ability to speak.  I wonder how one was affected to this day with that agreement. I know I have been.

The lazy beings or the ones who no longer could mock-up pictures invented new way of communication body language and the hand signs.

Art was born out of this. Those who could produce mock-up pictures, statues could transfer their thoughts-communication into form and shape.

To me this cog opens a new reality understanding and confirmation, knowing nothing here on this Planet is original.

creation of the universe, I am the light, so are you.

 I am the light. That is a good one but don’t roll your eyes, just continue to read on.

 In one of my session suddenly I have found myself in a place where was nothing. I real mean nothing.  Before I continue I must make it understood I did not have the body either or thoughts or being aware of any.

When there is nothing that is nothing, a nothing is difficult concept to comprehend since here, where we are surrounded jammed into solidity from every direction such concepts and only to know the words is not good enough to experience nothing, words do not give one the experience. [Like “rich” that do not make one rich]  

 When one finds self in such a recall one need a little orientation to understand what is going on. Then pull that data into present time perspective and have that data interpreted into words in other word one need to find words to understand what the hell is happening.

 But cognitions are just that, understanding what is happening.  What I am in, what I am looking at etc… so here was I in space void, zilch, nothing.

 Now what I wondered, what I am post to understand here? Suddenly there was light Nothing more than light very bright l almost white there was a tint of gold to it.

And it stayed and it stayed. It has remained in that nothingness. Again I wondered what is I am to understand about this light? But the light stayed than the cognition has come.  The understanding was staggering but I had no legs I must remind you of that. What I have beheld it was the first creation in  the Universe as we know it now. The MEST.

The very first LIGHT. [From then on it is downhill all the way in my reality, but again we have embarked onto the road of creativity, gathering of the richness of experiences and knowledge, so there is no downside.]

 In the cognition which has continued I have understood its meaning its importance. It’s value. That was the first creation I have no clue how it come about,[ I do but some other time the story will be told’ ]  Now this light set was there, was permanent, it was stable, it has not dissolved therefore it had value. [The problem was before all mock-ups dissolved almost instantly]

 What had given Value that it was permanent, [ the joy I felt experiencing this wondrous phenomenon was incredible ] the very first anchor in the void, also here the admiration was born, and the desire to create more of the same since it was permanent, beautiful, on experience, on anchor point a total havingness. What the dazzling sight. No wonder we are drawn to light like moths and we put the body into safe nest at the coming of the darkness and we close our self not-is the dark and when the light comes we are start living once more. By the looks of it ignorance, stupidity, and confusion were born too.

  But back to the First creation.

 I had no idea of it size, since there was nothing existed to compare too,[ yet I have known it was small like the candle light in comparison to the body as one looks on. If I would have had one than]

 I had no idea how long time has passed before something else another light was created after the first creation, since there was no movements about.

   I am the light I have become the light!  I am the light in the universe, the first creation!  As me the soul sang, isn’t that great, but let me burst that bubble before anyone would have the opportunity, desire to pin the holy stuff on me or being a nut case. [Both would be correct depends on one’s view points, but the “holy“ that concept is implant oriented. So do not apply and nut’s have not existed yet either so that is out too] ]

 As I thought that I am the Light I also had other thought, [the cog. continued] I wondered just how many other beings there in the Universe who observed the same occurrence as I have the same moment as the first permanency a creation the first step toward the creation of the Universe and later become known the MEST Universe. I have no idea but for sure I was not the only one there.  Since We, we were all there every one of us.

 So here it is gang my cognition of the moment. WE ARE EQUAL.

  I have experienced great joy, totality, and fullness while experiencing that first moment of creation, also understood I was not the only one who was having the same experience and with that we have stepped on a new PATH the beginning of the PATH was the creation for the MEST.

 So I am the light? Sure, so is everybody else.

 The worship the adoration of the Sun the Light exists from that moment of creation. Since has the origin from waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay back, Just look around how much that first light was admired and still exists.

That adoration the worship is recorded all through in history it is our heritage and we can’t live without, so we are made to believe our self and it is still here with us everywhere.

Look at Louise the Sun King as a good example and every tribe along the Nile in the near past where the light was worshipped openly.

  Our adoration of the light never lessened for one second in contrary, just evolved into different creation. Look about you after the twilight fades away, the Earth is flooded by created light to do away with the dark and above the cities we no longer can see distant Suns and the stars above.  We have destroyed view which we loved so much.

 OH, the stars above, the joy of our creation, the self.  Just ponder on that fact.

 Some of you out there know great deal about the history the doing-ness like Shaun Hart, Valkov; they could list all the examples of worship of the light pull it up from the Internet. [My knowledge is concerning the spiritual side of the being.]

 We have created trillions of similar lights they all hang out there in the universe like lantern for our enjoyment. We have created planets to have stability, and for the fun of it we even harnessed elements to create elements for the so called artificial light which is turned on with the small movement of a finger.

 Oh, Valla, let there be light we can clap our hands together and the light floods the room. It’s nice yes?

So what is the real value knowing this, I am the light?  To understand how the universe has evolved nothing more. The knowledge is the value but there is no importance..  That is the value. And to have a realization how we spiritual beings have learned to create to evolve and to experience and from that we have learned.

 The birth of the Universe in the sense as is the beginning of solidity the beginning of what is known as the MEST. The birth of all considerations, that we are, to associate self with light   that “I am the Light” is the BASE of our problems that we associate out self with things, with doing-ness with energy which has become havingness, value, solidity, anchor points, admiration, our birth since that is birth by consideration, same as a body coming forth from another body, a birth a creation.    

I write this and you read my posting and I have no idea of what is your thought on my writing.   Most of You do not comment but you do to others and you invalidate evaluate for self while you read, normal procedure that is just fine.

 But I know that in the recess of your existence in the secret place where you keep your valuables you will retain the meaning what you read here, my cognitions, they are my gift to you and you know the value.

Since every cognition is giving you a new, different reality as you too NOW also walk the PATH OF LIGHT the Path of Enlightenment and by having different reality beside your own is a help a guide line what directions one should fallow, but you cognitions will be your own in reality.    The knowledge; what to look for of what you have read here will come to you when it will be needed.

Trust me, by knowing of something already is easier than finding that knowledge existence. [If one knows of what riches means, one knows when one experiences such a concept.]

 The cognition from here will give you a guiding line: reality on your PATH.

 Trust me since you read here you are on the PATH OF LIGHT.

 There are no coincidences in the Universe, everything is in order, and all is well.

Am I the light? Well I don’t know, I have associated myself with too many things over the eons.

Crazy about the beauty of Nature, the experience of the bubbling creek give me joy, a sight of a humming bird trill me to no end.

 The talking of the crow delights, dew drops on grass I find enchanting, the fragrance of the flowers the lilies the roses the violas transport me. To look at the tiny seed I see magic within. Call of the wild geese reminds me of home, the steppes, the starry light above one forgets self and one’s existence and the sense of eternity returns.

The crackling open fire: were friendships were forged; love itself was a profound experience.  Oh, so many things, the rich tapestry our creation of the universe become our inheritance which we can take back with us into the different universe from where we have stepped out of way back at the emerging creation of the first object, the Light.

 Am I the light?  That moment of creation has been only one of the myriad unforgettable experiences.

communication, the real way.

At the very first glance toward the material front of me even before I start to read I experience the basic of that energy flow even before I know what is written.[ you do too do the same] As you can see there are different communication levels, forms we receive at the same time.
 First I experience that so called invisible energy which is in fact the first the major part of the communication which is put out by the being the postulate itself. Example: her thoughts, “I will tell her it was not OK that she acted a certain way etc.. etc..”

 Now we have here at first the energy flow how those persons feel about that behaviour the major part in the communication. Because that person could feel really antagonistic but could only write a nice little note about it.[ fear holds the person back from open communication] so the nice note say: “  please don’t do that next time because it is not a nice reflection on you”.

 Nice note, putting the responsibility into your space for you to handle it and don’t do anything next time which would re-stimulate her.  In other words it is you who need to change because something wrong with you because ……

 That is a lie being put into your place.   She not real tells you what the problem is.  “Like I felt so bad and had this rotten reaction etc…”   
 The second part of the communication which is the material, the paper the printed words existing, that is the MEST Universe. The solid part, the MEST universe has more than one layer to it too, intangible and tangible.  
The person who writes expresses her reality with the words that energy flow is his universe. What we do is we continually translate our energy flows our creation and we put it into solid forms in this case writing.

 Next example: I want to drive to Seattle.   With that postulate I am already there because I have put it there, knowing what I am going to do.  Go see friends have lunch, buy few things go down to Puget Sound waterfront etc…  Next I get into my car, drive and while being there I do all the things I have planned=postulated to do.  Which I have already done once!!!!! You can see how my universe my postulate was translated into the MEST universe acted out in solidity.

 It is a strange way to do things for a spiritual being but we do that with everything and twice.  Interesting yes?
 Let’s go back to the beginnings. Experiencing that energy giving me the choice should I continue to read that material?
I have drank from the Spring already, I have experienced her universe; I can continue and see how her universes energy translated by words
If I continue with the reading I will be moving into a different universe [hers]leave mine behind in order to be someplace else.

 I have no problem leaving mine since we experience different view point at all times which was not created by self but become ours with that experience]
I am on a learning path.

 I am looking for different reality levels unknown to mine in order to expend the knowledge, I consider I have. Each new experience is a lesson to learn from, to see the Universe in different dimension.
I have no desire to change other universes and to have that universe look like mine, to become like mine.
Than what would I learn from? By now I also know that if others want, need the change that will happen and not before. I am not cause over that.
If I consider I would like what I experience to be different since I don’t feel comfortable having that experience, I know it is my reality need to be changed.
The need to change others or self, [auditing handles that part, soloing too] the Q and A belongs to the MEST Universe. The magical part of the Universe is that we can explore, wander about and look for treasures hidden in the different dimensions make that out own and learn from.

By having so many sessions confronting the MEST and by as-ising that MEST U. One viewpoints change totally. Before while in the MEST one have all the proper thought, items considerations of on average human one would use those thought to examine think of things etc.. Than when those entire considerations erased one can see the different levels of communication the real underlying energy flows and the reasons for that.  When one no longer operates in the MEST U. then of course the reality becomes very-very different too. The mystery is gone; Auditing is the magic key which opens the doors to the wonders of the universe one can now experience in different forms levels.

 Since the weight the heaviness, the re-stimulation is gone. One can see clearly the complexities. It is wondrous to see our own creation,  the simple magic  of it all.

 NOW if you decide you will tell her or him what actually wrong the reaction to that could be many. Get ready!!!!

If it is a none scientologist well, we could be winning  from both side since the person could say You right it was my feelings etc.. But if it is a scientologists look out. Full force the attack will be aimed back at you, full blast that is you who have the ARC b-k because it is you who has mentioned. Therefore it is you who should be in session Handle the your re-stimulation etc..  What actually happened from covert communication the being just moves to the open [higher tone scale] communication. And open antagonism results from that. , interesting the communication is.

 Because is your open mentioning [comm.] the problem allowing the person also to openly attack.  Moving up a little higher, but long way for that person to understand and take responsibility for the original energy flows the underlying ones and to admit yes they do exists. Fun is in the session to locate all the reasons why One do not see those energy. The SELF.