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friends having picnic in the theta universe and the game ………….

Picnic with friends in the theta universe and we play… [the players are bloggers at Geir Isene’s Bolg.
 Here we are, my friend Indigo [sabre tooted pussy cat] and I sitting nowhere in no space on a huge boulder dangling our invisible feet into the void overlooking the Universe.
 We are playing a game, I mock-up a flower he blows it a way and he mock-up a terrain where gazelles bouncing running wild and after them this huge sabre tooth cat in full pursuit I am looking at this wild savannah and listening to Indigos chuckles beside me.
 I ask: how come you here than who is chasing the gazelles?
I: My own muck up I been wondering if I seat here could I be there too chasing the gazelles, so I am doing this experiment.
E: But why are you blowing away my flowers?
I: Because I want you to share my experiment.
E: Well OK.
 We look on as the wild chase continues and finally the dust settles and the gazelles vanish in the shrubbery than the picture of the savannah slowly melts away only a panting cat with huge grin on his face remains in a distance, tongue lolling.
 E: Now what, how did the experiment go within your reality??
I:  Well, I rather do nothing. It is fun to mock-up put out the fear, hunger,  the need, but after all,  it has been done too many times I need to invent something different, totally different, I got it! I am brilliant, from now on the gazelles going to chase me.
 With that though settled, Indigo moved into contentment, purred in silence and with invisible paws washed his invisible face only his tongue could be seen.
Whatever, after all, have body or don’t have one don’t make much difference we can play with or without the same way.  
We continued observe in silence as the universe evolved front of us. Suddenly a hissing chuckle and tickling sensations’ was where I should have had my ears. Tanaja has oozed in, covered with stardust, a glutton of a Boa.
E: Tanaja, you been into food again, look at yourself you are huge you are bigger than that Milky Way.
T: I know,[ he sighed] I just can’t resist stardust, by the way that  remark about my size was it invalidation, evaluation by any chance?  Indigo stopped licking his fur and there were a twinkle in his eyes,.
E: Oh, read the content as you like wear the shoe if fits.”
T:  A shoe, shoes, I don’t have feet how can I wear shoes?
El: Well mock some up.
In one instance, Tanaja had thousands of feet and on each foot a different shoe. There were runners, sandals from roman times, spiked shoes, blunt toed, moccasins, loafers, booths of every kind I even seen lumber jack unlaced booths,  hundreds and hundreds of them made for different occasion to be worn in different lifetimes.. There were baby knitted booties, and bronzed baby shoes, booth for space walking, fur lined etc.. I even noticed he had duck feet and flippers for underwater among the many. And the ruby sleepers, I wondered how he got those!
 What a sight, we role with laughter we were covered by stardust from head to toe.
Suddenly Peter appeared. His presence turned us into a question mark.
I T E: What’s new, we asked in union.
P: Not much, but I had to escape from Fairy Land, after all the fairies don’t have much variation in their games and that music and party in the garden every night, well I need a little variety in my life.
 We look at him and ask again as one, you have a life?
 We burst out in laughter and madly scrambled to dodge from his beautifully expressed “anger”, he was zapping us with huge blue sizzling thunder bolts. What a fun to catch those and throw them back till he cried out asked for forgiveness.
We, three of us settled back on our boulder and Peter in front of us in the empty space mocked up a beautiful camp fire including the snapping sounds of sparks and the breeze stirring the smoke about us. Oh memories! And we all stared into the firelight.
 P: I have been wandering about and I went back to the old dig.
 E I T: In echo: you went again back to Earth?
P: Yes,[he yawned invisibly of course] I was just curious how things were there, but everything is still the same same. I was looking over somebodies shoulder reading a blog and I seen that Marty and DM is still at it.
We nodded our invisible head. Yap, nothing has changed on Earth everything is still the same.
P: Where is Chris and rest of the gang?
El:  Oh, Chris is gone to the Black Hole and doing on experiment how many times he could go through and if it is possible to burn off the “I”  if is  possible to erase that energy too. I believe he will set a record going through that Hole.
And Marildi and Valkov found a huge mock-up of on ancient library and they are rooting through, shifting the information to see if anything new can be found. We believe that they have because we have seen from that direction two pairs of boxing gloves bouncing about and some sparkles flying. Also sounds like thunder rumbled, they must be having wonderful time figthing over who is right or who is wrong.
 Vanier is back at Earth giving another go, hitting every being on the head with his invisible bat to knock the old beliefs out, that useless eastern philosophy  and  he is bent on spreading new reality, he has a new motto, “meditation get you nowhere so don’t bother with the om”.
And Geir went with friends on a holiday cruise.
You have to go see his new sail boat, first of course he needed the ocean, mocked up from dust of sapphire I helped with that part.
The white caps on the water formed by crystalline diamonds, it  looks real real, for the deep water part he used space with all sort of critters swimming in the depth even has flocks of flamingos under water. Do birds swim?
 Listen to this,  while visiting, Indigo and I  went for a dip and we seen down there a Road Runner being chased by a shark, a parrot standing on the whales head and giving direction which way to swim.
 A school of fish reciting the abc and dolphins taking singing lessons from the canary, as you can see Geir real got his ocean scene sorted out.
But his sail boat is a beauty.  He used a huge mock up of on giant old tree. Now imagine half of the roots are sheared off and the rest is under water you know, becomes those roots keeps the boat stable.  For sail the half of the branches he left on with leafs that is the front part of the boat. I think the branches are the masts, the leafs, act as the canvas for catching the wind to propel the boat forward.

 The trunk of course is hallowed out, but some places the bark left intact and those parts are the cabin walls with port holes even. There is a mammoth swimming behind this boat and he blows the air from his trunk.  The problem Geir has when the mammoth dissolves time to time the boat no longer moves than Geir has to blow the air at the sails himself. We all understood that since we knew that Geir has enough hot air in him to move any boat.
We cut our visit sort since he does not serve peach nectar.

P:  Fire looks great, let’s roast some marshmallows,
Ta:  Well, I don’t eat marshmallows.
P: Ok, you can lick some sparkles from the fire, by the way: in one of my past life’s I was a fire eater in the circus.
Ta: What a fire eater do and how the earthly fire tastes?
P: Tanaja you have been eating stars for eons and you ask me about fire eaters?
El: PETER, demonstration please? You are fooling, Tanaja don’t believe him, and fire-eaters did not have fire coming out of their ears, he just joshing!
In:  Well I don’t like sparkles; I rather sniff roasted whatever, with some tangy barbeque souse on it.
El: Ok, you sniff to your heart delight while you doing that I have glass of peach nectar, look out Tanaja, Tanaja you are slurping away too much sparkles from the fire , I smell fur,  Indigo your coat is singed.
El:  Peter, that is your second bag of marshmallows, and I am saturated through, overdosed on sugar too much peach nectar, I think I will solo more on peach nectar since I am addicted! And here comes Chris, Chris we are having a picnic are you going to have something?
Ch:  No, I have had too much “nothing” already, I am up to my gills with nothing but I will have bourbon and branch water without bourbon and water and hold the ice too,  here comes Marildi and Valkov just look at them they are soaked and dripping from ancient knowledge!  Good thing we have fire going they can dry off.  Tanaja don’t lick the flames and I smell singed fur.
I:  What are they going to dry off I don’t see anything, they are invisible and what are they smelling? I don’t smell anything.
 T: Oh, don’t mind them Indigo they are into human talk they all used to belong some blogging group waaaaaay back, except Peter he used to walk about way under on some patch of land called Australia and the rumours has it that once in one of his life he was very famous pirate Drake but I just don’t get it, how could he be a duck and a pirate at the same time.
I: ask Valkov I am sure he could do a research on ducks.
Ma: we have found a book about GODS. Is anyone wanted to know more about Gods? I smell burned fur, Indigo how come cats love heat?  Why all these shoes are scattered here I never seen so many, are we planning universal garage sale and how odd they are not in pairs all singular and why one duck feet, where is the rest of the duck?
 In: Marildi you ask too many questions  I don’t know why cats love heat and I am not wearing my fur today, and we have not invited duck today that is the very logical answer to your question so that is the reason you don’t see duck here!
 Va:  Oh, I see a bat; Vanier is here, Vinnie I have few question for you, can invisible bats burn? If so, how long it will burn and what is the magnitude of the heat they give out?  While you thinking about it, here have some popcorn. And I have my boxing gloves on, so look out.
Vin: I am ready when you are, on my way here I have heard a very philosophical question which could bring in great amount of new knowledge but we must have our filters to handle this. Do fish fly? Why is Tanaja slurping sparkles I thought he only eats stardust, I never understood boas, is something roasting with fur on?
 Ch:  Valkov take a good look at Vinnie’s bat, do you know that bat can hit one thousand head a day? Nothing but common sense pours forward from that thing, now that is one magic bat. Whose turn is   mocking food up, and where is Geir I am starving!
 M: I will call Geir, Geeeeeeiiiiiiiirrrrrrrrrr !
Everybody: good think we don’t have ear drums!
I:  What drums have to do with Marildi’s voice?
Va: give me your head Indigo but keep your eyes, thanks, now do you see all this different bone pieces here, let me explain how they work………………….
G: Hi you guys good to be here, have I missed something? We sailed by Earth on the way here let me tell you, nothing have changed there and Marty and DM still at it.
  What are we having for the main course; I smell burned fur, Tanaja you dripping stardust on everything you are the messiest eater I have ever seen and why are we waist deep in shoes?
  I see popcorn and boxing gloves are we going to have a debate?  But first I must have a theta shower; ah, that Earth is such a dusty place……


Ever since I can remember I wanted to know the Future.

Ever since I can remember I wanted to know the Future I was greatly interested having such knowledge long before I got into Scientology.   Back than I had no idea how looking at the tea leafs or reading; understanding the meaning lines on the person palms one would know what the future will be.

 Now I do understand how that is done, but the topic here is not palm or tea leaf reading.

Of course when I could solo, I was like a kid in the Candy Store, having fun sampling different sweets, soloing on all kind of items which held great interest to me, and I wanted to know the origin of all manner things and how they have become as they are.

I wanted to know everything [still do]   so, over the years the subject “Future” has come up over and over.   .

There are many layers to peel off before one gets to the very basic understanding, same as to any other subjects no matter what that is.

One can solo, have a good cog. on a concept which is on the level on ones reality in that moment.

Later, because other items have been removed by as-ising the one can get into deeper layer, or ones confront comes up than there is another layer, more cognitions.   

 One can solo on the same subject dozens of time.

Just how many sessions one need that is greatly depends how well the item gotten deeply buried over the eons by consideration?        

  Depends on how many societies one belonged to, how many Planets one lived an, how many Universes one explored, how many parents, teacher taught one on that subject and just how many books one read with different reality on the same subject and all that we have we carry, hold close to heart!    

 Good grief the list can go on!  So you can see, one could accumulate immense amount of considerations, agreements on the same subject, like Future!

Of course, some considerations on the item, “future” are automatically as-ised as one soloes out other items if “they had been connected”.

I am thinking how to explain, it is not easy to explain how one starts to see the Future. And to know the thought one has are on the coming event, what is going to happen and one becomes certain what one sees is in fact will be the future event.

I think I need to give on example. Here is my best explanation how that knowledge evolves because one audits, soloes.

In one big barrel there are hundreds of apples, mangos, small melons papayas, tomatoes and other different fruits, lots of variety, let say, there are about 10 of each.

   [You are blindfolded and you never seen any of these items before]

Each apple, papaya melons, tomatoes and other fruits have different energy flows.

As one takes out one apple or other fruit one by one, one learns after handling= experiencing which variety one holds even if one can’t see the fruit, since “one can sense” the difference between every energy flows of each fruit= item.

As one handles the items=considerations in sessions, sooner or later one becomes experienced and can recognise the different energy flows.

When becomes experienced than one starts to recognise if they are different, vary some ways or have become altered from the original.

 For example: know when the person alters the story, since the energy is the original=story the words in communications are secondary, when the energy of the story= base, basic energy is altered and new addition a different one is put in which is the lie.[ altered story, which conceals the original]

In fact one can pick up the end of the original story, when the person’s stops and that continuum [ the real ending of the story] now become hidden and the lie starts.

 That moment when the person do not wish to reveal the ending of the story stops than one can observe as the search [the person looks in the store room, the bank, the mind] for new addition=lie and then the connecting that lie to the original story. Where the connection is sort of becomes a bump in energy flow, very noticeable.      

 Same happens in soloing, after while one just recognises each flow as they come in.

Let’s go back to the barrel the conditions in the barrel is very crowded, Lots of fruit

So the different energy flows, all varieties overlap each other.   

 As one removes one fruit at the time, one can experience the full energy flow, the whole energy of that individual item.

One learns how to recognise different energy flows after thousands of hours auditing.

The full barrel again has different energy. When one empties that barrel, than again the empty barrel would have different energy.

But, the barrel would have back his original energy self “plus”!!!

There would some remains; traces which were left behind of the fruit energy which has permeated the wood.

Done with the barrels, almost, now barrels which are full of dirt and planted flowers again have different energy……

There is no trick to know the Future we all have the ability to know, but the pictures as they come in every day in so many different level become too crowded in ones universe to recognise each and label differently.

And one does not know where one heard something, or is it the imagination or something one was wishing for or just simply scared of. Not only that can be a problem but we the beings we use the same energy as the platform to build new stuff an [an or on I never figure it out which to use and when, get used to it]

As one solo over the years more and more considerations are as-is ad than one can see, duplicate easier as the confusion is slowly giving away to knowledge= certainty.

As the confusing concepts are as-ised in ones universe than the item which one faces: experiences in that moment can be seen clearly.

 In actuality everybody has that ability to see the future one never have lost that perception.

  Now one can separate the items, can see each item as they are,

 But even if one can do that, could not trust that knowledge yet.  One needs to learn that ability in session. Actually that knowledge just comes back, on OT ability.

The barrel; bank=ones space has become very crowded over the eons; the items energy overwhelms each other.

Also to see the future of something one must have a communication line to that object, subject, item, and person than one can see, it’s mock- up, the postulate.

Since the postulate is mocked up therefore it is on energy so it have shape color: picture, that is a starting point   [we also perceive and know where is the beginning of that mock- up  and when it will end in other word, will be un- mocked by different energy-mock up: over ridden, Destroyed.

Every energy piece is a picture in form, with words added they become the consideration, but the words are only addition to the original energy mock up, very simple.

Today I have driven down to Seattle as I usually do that once a week while visiting  I was told about a woman I have known 4 years back and when she got pregnant than while I was employed by her and I knew she was pregnant soon after she conceived.    

 Her energy flow has changed overnight; I also have seen that the baby will not be normal in the”Mind”.

I left her employ, have not seen her again, but today somebody said” you know so and so. I said yes, and I was told, the child is now, her second son little over 3 years old can’t speak, have mental problems.

The example shows one can see the outcome of everything. 

 What we learn in sessions is how the underlying energy=pictures=imiges of the words is there and that energy is the track.

What I have seen is: her becoming pregnant she pulled in a being to her track and what I have seen: the being has a problem in MEST with communication skills which we use here.

That being does not have the human skills, but that do not means he can’t communicate.

On the contrarily more likely much better but not on human level, with words.

After this conversation when the friend left the house I got into session on” Future” again.

This time I have reached the basic- basic, the cognition on knowing the Future. Actually, what is the reason we do not know the future.

The Cognition has blown me away, taken me by great surprise since the cognition was so simple, yet profound?

There is no “Future” that concept   ” Future”   same as any other consideration is part of the bank, belong to implants; and there are many variations on the item, “Future” from different implants.

When the structure of the implants was set up the implants were given those concepts to have in the structure as the “past, present and, future” in order to have continuum: created time.

All considerations are part of the BANK there is no exceptions,  MEST, is simply MEST, just agreed upon considerations.

Now, in this implant [there are many different ones over lapping] the “future” to see or to know, was blocked off in order to keep the being going on the track. To continue reaching for “tomorrow”, waiting for “tomorrow”, makes plans for “tomorrow” etc…etc….

Also promises were given; if one did whatever, one will receive a gift in the future the dangling carrot thing. 

 Oh, that diamond ring he will give me ……!

Of course one as a spiritual being knows the future, one always have, and will.   

But just wanting To Know, is not enough one will not really see the future if they don’t, won’t believe it: comes from confusion not believing. That part “not believing” comes from different implant one say this other say opposite.]

 To reach the basic understanding one need to solo on the subject and there are equal amount of considerations existing in order “NOT TO KNOW” the Future!!!!

“Not to know “also has great importance, it equals with the “Want to Know.”  One consideration can’t exist without the other. There is a balancing factor the PLUS and the MINUS holds that one item in time=continuum.

Also there is a great “fear factor”, usually one is so afraid of the future since bad things could come at the being, most person thinks: Never mind the future, who wants to know,  we are already up to our chin, we swim in problems galore!

But it is good to know the Future whatever that is.   

 I knew when my new lap top arrived before I opened the box, just touched the box un-opened that it has to go back since it was not working.

The computer was exchanged later.   But first I was with the tech persons 3-4 times a week to fix the thing, it never worked properly.

After it has arrived, I could not just mail the boxed computer back, unopened saying, it dose do not work, who would have believed me?     There is great amount charge on the item “knowing the Future.” 

 But same as anything else it can be soloed out.

Now, I have no idea how it affects whatever, since I have lost all my considerations on “past and the future” with the same cognition. Only the “now” has remained. What is now?

There is a contradiction about to know the future or not because if one as is ones MEST universe one becomes cause over, have or not, make the future or not that is the choice one has about the MEST Game