Spiritual Journey of self-discovery in the Magical universe: When I arrived, realised I never left:only my the views transformed the Universe

Ghost story.

This building where I live has been built into a hillside because of  this the hallways only have doors on one side and it is a very long building, over 200 foot long, My place is at the very end of and when I come in from the  underground parking I have front of me about 150 fool long hallway. As I turned in from the parking I looked toward the end because there is  in where I live: in the last condo.

So I look toward the end and there is a ghost right front of my place and when I seen this Ghost I was thinking: Waiting for me and I need to give a session than I instead giving auditing commands I asked: What can I do for you? I seen the ghost move forward -toward where the body was=me and in a second I was enveloped in white mist and the Ghost conveyed: I just wanted to give you a hug and  vanished.

How I feel about this you ask? Nice-very nice. But by now I am used to this: being constantly surrounded at all times by Ghosts- Beings.. we co-exist. When I have sessions, the sessions is not just about ”me- I” but we have session and each of us confronts the subject on their own reality-awareness level and have the cognition the same way: on that level.

We by now we are not having the sessions to free-self [ which we do of course] but to learn- understand how we created and how our own creation trapped us: we are here to learn.

Those who  remain here after becoming free, they do  because they want to…. And because these Beings are here [ where ever that maybe– since I do not know what and  where ” here” means to any one.] I often emphasise: my reality -beliefs are mine alone and everyone has to find their own truth. For this reason I don’t ”debate” either: I have no intention to convince anyone that what I know- believe in is the truth for someone other than me.

BECAUSE WHEN WE WANT TO CONVINCE OTHER THAT WE ARE RIGHT: THIS SIMPLY MEANS: WE ARE IMPLANTING- ENFORCING SOMETHING. And by now we carry big enough burden  of our own making, and not OK to add more to someone else’s load.

I love the Universe I am in.. it is on incredible creation… and not having on identity, not being somebody is truly  a happy state to be in.

Comments of course welcome and if someone care to write privately here is my e-mail

endlesstringofpearls@gmail.com, my email address is from a recall when I lived in China and the string of pearls belonged to the princess… who was not me, but whom I loved ”secretly”.




I am having a roaring session and one of the cognition was:

Having limits Power!  this is true 🙂 [ i had this realization in many other sessions, so to me this is not new.]

Than the cog. continues: WE WANT TO BE ONE WITH “”GOD”” WE HAVE TO GIVE UP EVERYTHING BECAUSE GOD IS INTENGIBLE-INFINITE  and we too can become intangible-infinite and POWERFUL!


SO!! the cognition is: give up everything than you can become powerful—- true-true– but this is only half true because when eliminating the forced on- the negative beliefs like the above than as the saying goes: can have your cake and eat it too!

Any concept-beliefs which contains ”god” is implanted reality.. the implanters wanted to eliminated those who were powerful and their power interfered with their game so they created on implant-belief system in which there was a invisible-identity=”god” who was most powerful and the implanter made everyone believe who was trapped by their implant: that each person-beings goal should be to become this ”god” like thing than they too had the power! HELL NO!!!! The implanter simply annihilated  those beings who wanted to be powerful.. who wanted to play their own game.

And this was easily achieved: look at Monks all over the world, look at those who have given up- given away everything to serve ”god”- be with god- be godlike !!!! They have assigned power to’ ‘god” to the implant.. they have become the servants who uphold- hold the implant intact.

Same goes for those who believe in meditation in order to become  buddha LOL… oh!!! Please! that too is identity-havingness part of the implant.

Of course there is more to the above.. much more… but the ”more” part each individual has to find out for self,  my ”truth” is mine only and my truth for other is just an altered reality- and totally useless.

Oh… Traps… 🙂  all of them lead back to Mama !! what would we do without them?  I think I will rephrase : What could we do without them =Mama?




We have assigned our power! this thought just hit me and for a second I was covered with the blanket of stupidity because I realised I haven’t looked at this major item: I am such on occluded person…not always hehehe

I went for my usual daily walk and as I walked I realized I haven’t asked this question and I haven’t looked at the agreement’s and how  agreements  that MIGHTY GOD IS THE MOST POWERFUL,  HAS ALL THE POWER AND WHY HE THIS invisible -intangible thing which who only lives because we believe, has-holds all the power!!!!!

How the assigned power works: we believe that thing has power, that thing tastes sweet, that thing is heavy, etc… therefore it is what we decide it is.

SO when we believe that ”god” has power and when we pray for his help and in fact that has happened than we believe that ”god” has helped and because he is powerful! HOGWASH!!!! Large load of manure- ripe manure!

WE simply helped our self regardless under what name– whom we believed was the one who helped us ..  it was you, your own power – your own ability did that. JUST BECAUSE WE ASSIGNED POWER TO OTHERS WE STILL HAVE IT! The assigning really don’t work: ohhh this is so difficult to explain so I am not getting into the explanation.

Here is  question: who created the human race? wow!  god has! incredible- wow !!!and into what part of this wonderful creation the Devil belongs to??

to the same bloody implant which  include ”heaven and hell— good and bad” etc… etc… etc.. This same implant taken away your power and assigned it to itself which is nothing more than enforced -implanted beliefs which also contains the thoughts- the beliefs that you have to believe and you believe with all your heart: that you are human, have a body and born -lives- than dies!

Oh well… this is my session and  my finding… I do hope you all discover for your self  what ever you want to know. 🙂

KEEP IT IN MIND- POWER knowing what power is and the ability to have it-use it is not included in the human beliefs… not even when someone studies eastern philosophy.


what is power, how power works, why we are powerless, what has happened to our power, =my power, all I can say I have had hundreds of sessions which would be many thousands of hours. I  have run ARCB,  Problems,  O/W’s , 4flows,  name it and I had done it.

Also which is very important to confront is the ”agreements”  on power, what we all believe means power or  not having any. Agreement are solidifiers… so it is important to eliminate agreements …here I have to confess I haven’t eliminated them all because agreements on agreements we do have immense amount of considerations: huge subject.

But back to power: truth is power… there are no such a thing as: different variety of truth.

Truth is simply on unaltered belief which is born when altered realities are confronted and finally the real reason becomes know why that ”thing” existed in the first place.

Every time a person has a ”realization-cognition” this changes that cognizes mock-up=space. With that that person becomes a bit different and more realizations brings more changes, but we all know how this works.

simply boils down to: with each realization-cognition the cognize becomes- regains more power.

So don’t bother with Power List… OK get those cogs… that is good, put those Lists will not addresses and eliminates that immense amount of beliefs-agreements which we all have collected over the eons… Power is when one is no longer controlled-being stuck- held in place by beliefs of any kind.

Where am I at now about my power? hehehe… I still have sessions and I still have realizations which leaves me stunned .. or feeling stupid- or elated- or happy=floating totally out or feel like banging my head against some hard object for being so occluded: [this of course I blame on mother 🙂 ] after all I need to blame some one yes? LOL.

But I know since my first realizations which were in 73 i have had millions of them and this number is not just  a load of crap… by now I don’t have reasons to miss-lead any one and definitely not about what sessions can do.  So just how much power I have? words cant describe. And what this power can do and how it is used. I could tell but this I wont because would cause  out-reality= ARCB’s.

One thing i can say how power works: when into space which is clean of altered realities, those who connect into this ”so called clean space or semi clean” people change and this is automatically happen. Power-purity dissolves implanted=altered realities.

I would like to add: One do not need money and to  be well know– being somebody famous in order to be powerful, in fact what I know by now point to my understanding that money or being somebody even if that person is a billionaire therefore famous and top of it has commands – has influence over many still don’t have power… not in the same sense what real power means in the universe. Money -beingness- titles-occupations has nothing to do with the real thing, and in fact neither having a body.

understanding how this intangible-invisible power works will come to those who continue with confrontation of the MEST, but not just understanding but becoming.

Best to you all.!!!!!


”Interdimensional refugee”, and I followed his track because the word in the title ”refugee ” got my attention since  once upon a time in 1956 I to become refugee escaping from Hungary across the Austrian border.  But the interdimensional word too I find interesting because I never once thought of this universe as having borders, being divided some ways. I just cant see it at the present.

What he writes i find interesting too because  I am wondering what this simple blog — what I write could be interest to persons who writes which I quote below.

This blog is a simple  blog, no complications here, no big things happening beside Elizabeth have a sessions regularly-daily but once in awhile she writes her realizations in this blog and  she has been doing this for over 8 years. That is all.

Now: here is another word ”linguist” good sounding word has a nice flow to it but to a person who is linguist my English… lol on that, grammar could be very very irritating..  But please don’t think for a moment that I think of self what ever this self is in negative manner…. totally opposite. I just don’t know what i could  offer ”intellectually”’ since i do not consider self or what i write is intellectual.

For example, yesterday’s session brought  understanding why people lose their hair- in other words balding or becoming bald, this was a most interesting realization because in January this year having flue-high fever i lost most of my hair, first i thought because the thyroid not functioned fully   but after yesterdays realization I know losing all that hair had nothing to do with thyroid glands. [ hair has grown back- all of it].

In todays session I found the reason in form of cognition why people sunbathe… is this intellectual… no… not for a second but beside  understanding why people are frying  roasting under hot rays of sun and getting nice browned skin basted with tanning oils I clearly see what we are doing here on the planet earth is not happening here, because ”here” in fact don’t exist in the first place and what each person is doing is their own thing in their own time in totally different place–reality which has nothing but nothing to do with planet Earth. This realization is not new to me…. but I  still don’t see this  as intellectual… by the way few days earlier i seen the cause of poverty.. I believe I have mentioned this in earlier post and I have also written that I have had many-many sessions on being poor-poverty — looking for the cause why we need it, why we want the experience and i have spent thousands of hours in session plus of course the opposite reasons -considerations too ”wealth-riches-abundance- plenty” etc.. etc..too were examined and I finally found the basic -basic , so now the books is closed on this subject.. I still cant see me being on intellectual.  by the way I ended up knowing that I am rich beyond  imagination. I like that.

I always feel honored when some one  signs up. As You all know I don’t advertise this blog. I believe those who need to find it will find it…and for this reason I believe all who reads here: we have a special connection -special reason for reconnecting while having ”bodies”. We All live in different dimensions yet we are connected through computer… and to this compute+ words- concepts  we have ”assigned” the power that this are the  tools through which we communicate.. now that is not true, we, once we become aware of  each others presence we have reconnected.  Not really reconnected, since the connection simply IS, but what is happening we are just becoming aware of the connection.

Interdimensional Refugee

Let’s get the cliches out of the way: writing engages my intellect, all the while sharing my views with the world. Ok. I’m a teacher, a linguist. Entrepreneurial spirit. I wrote a short novel, which centers on escaping the ultimate evil plaguing our world: the psychopath – by finding your way to an alternate reality. Faced with the daunting prospect of losing the essence that defines us, my alter ego has suceeded in taking a leap of faith – and landing in an alternate reality with nooney, no connections, no family. A refugee in another world.

PS: I cant find the meaning of the word ”nooney”, now if some one could enlighten me I would be happy to receive this information!  and about ‘family’  we are family… just because not recalling when and how… well that do not mean a thing… only bodies die… and again what family really means? You need to recall that yourself…

This has been great day…

we never lost our abilities….  we still have them, we still have power,  to get them back is to find-locate the reasons why we have become inactive, what are the reasons we have become bystanders and while doing nothing more than  experiencing-being affected: we are believing that we are the ”cause”. Having this belief alone stops any person to look- to search for different.

poverty is simply being total affect.. assigned power to all to everything around self, totally succumbed- overwhelmed.

This I know from my own experiences and therefor the realizations why these things happen.

I have become rich beyond imagination… and riches is not in the so called solid form but much-much different: riches is in knowledge and by understanding this  all considerations what poverty is and its affects vanish.

But please don’t believe to attain this understanding has come out of one session- one realization… to reach basic-basic  on any concept taken  lot of digging, confronting- discarding ancient useless beliefs- agreements.


Year and a half back I was having session on ”atmospheric” conditions and this is what I seen in session A large rip through which  extreme heat from the Sun or in winter very-very cold comes in.

I seen this rip and I written about it to Maurice Green but of course unless one sees this image  with their own eyes and in ”session” cant be really explained how it looks like.

Today I  was looking at you-tube’s news on weather and I found this picture which was taken in Australia.

I read year back that above the Artic circle there was the rip in the atmosphere [ which I have seen in session, and it is the proof we can see without the ”eyes”.] but the weather news said this rip separated and one part of it moved toward Europa and the second half moved over north America, and by the looks of it this was photographed.

Because of  what I learned in this session is not available in the ”News” and all I will say the ”extreme-ness” of temperatures ; hot will soar and the cold-ness will drop drastically  and this is what can be experienced picked up through the body BUT the dangerous part which cant be seen are  the RAYS here called UV,  But can be felt for example I feel dizzied-spin in and close to passing out-blacking out when I go outside. To me this experience is new and nothing to do with heath  since I walk when it is cool in the morning or late in the evening,  I am just experiencing a very different condition which was not here before. I wear a cap while I am out but that is not good enough, keep out of the sun.

This Ray burns off the greenery,  but what it do to the body   I only can tell my experience -being affected by it.


Far as I am concerned matter can be taken care of-looked after, handled, but not the Intangible-Infinite.
Taking responsibility for others is just a implanted belief-consideration to make self look important, better equipped, more knowledgeable  therefore more important -superior than others are whom we are ”helping out”.

So if you cant wipe your nose I can wipe it for you, ohh please! I am nor a responsible person?? This I cant say because I believed I knew the answer but that too was erased-vanished with some other flimsy altered realities and definitely I don’t feel superior-important. One thing remain true and is a stable datum: knowledge sets one free but knowledge has to be from realizations.

Have a grand day!

PS: I should mention that ”responsibility” what is, has more to it than what I have written above: each Entity has their own beliefs on the subject which become altered over the eons, because in each life-cycle had different had different meaning. The bottom line- the basic is: as Infinite who are intangible don’t have responsibility – don’t need one either because there is nothing there needs to be helped- looked after.

But here where having life means : having bodies, well!! we have to cut nails occasionally or take a bath etc… etc… look after what we believe is ours.

but being human  playing the role as human, than has to fallow rules-regulations of the game, that is the must.

here is the reason this is not a teaching blog and I do not teach in fact I would object greatly to be called teacher or guru.

I have learned from my own mistakes I made when I was teaching and I have as Gautama and because I believed I was on the right path and I found the truth there was nothing more to be known!!! I believed I have attained enlightenment because I gotten keyed out and  keyed into on image which did not contain the same images as I have been in before therefore I believed I attained the highest level, the ultimatum!   WOW!!! that is the most idiotic or uneducated belief and really was and  because I spread my beliefs as the truth nothing but the truth I caused -mislead many into the same trap as I have fallen.

In that life I haven’t had  clue about responsibility and I did not realized the information I  given out was totally wrong and that path doing meditation only takes a person to keyed out state into the so called emptiness-void  but nerveless still part of the big picture, very much so  and it is a deadly trap. So I miss lead many and  there are many who still fallow that teaching walking into the same trap as I did than.

I had many recalls on that life-cycle and taken lots of confrontation to get me out of that crap I put self into by doing meditation etc.

I Do not teach, I cant take responsibility for others when even after so many years in session I consider self a learner, stumbling on and still continue learning from my own mistakes- altered realities which I have a accumulated over the eons.

How could I tell others what is right, what is true when I am still finding it out for my self?

And as for ””’knowing it all””’ Hell!!! those words-concept are not in my dictionary simply because if I would than I could not go into session daily  with a newly found altered concept and confront it-find out why it was said and for what purpose and just how much confusion  has caused and how it has affected my very existence.

First of all : Knowing it all is impossible because we, or I should say I haven’t the clue just how much and what is there to know.

And soon as someone believes they know it all that shows their limitation and that they have stopped -stranded some place frozen in some belief which wont allow them to know more. The very concept: knowing it all is a trap which hold the person in place: in the very beliefs-thoughts they have now=  and that ”now” was eons back, on implant.

LOL… after finishing HQS Course I believed I knew it all, WOW !!! I sure did and those poor suckers out there I just knew they did not know a thing, Than I continued and I found out I was really a superior person who knew more than any one than more sessions thousands of hour in fact cure me of my superior attitude and I realized just how little I know. And if any one things after all these years in session I don’t fall on my face, get bloody nose, or feel totally stupid when I recall and I don’t get the understanding how utterly wrong I have been, well than you are mistaken.

Bloody nose, falling and picking self up, dusting self off by confrontation is the game when living the life of solo auditing.

I know and  very aware: That stupid wrong altered reality which now I take into sessions was once the truth I lived by in other time-other place! AND BECAUSE I BELIEVED IT WAS THE TRUTH I AM  WHERE I AM NOW: looking for the truth! 🙂

Have a grand day!





this blog is a journal a diary — and I do not say here in any of my posts-cognitions that this is IT!!!  this is the truth and no other exist.  The realizations are mine, therefore my truth and no one else’s!

I am emphasising the opposite: that the truth exist for each person: is what they believe in and if by chance they don’t like what they got than only they can change that belief; Example:  this apple is sweet no, not really it is on the sour side!.

Any man who claims they know it all is a fool because they still walk this planet, they still use the body-solidly anchored into it therefore they are still in the prison of their own belief.

beware of teachers -gurus who claim they have all the answers… idiots they are! they haven’t the clue what are your questions! but they already know the answers!

this blog is ””not a teaching blog”” now this said, I am doing really well and I hope you all  have the same!

when you find something interesting-give it a try see if it works and go from there.

PS: there are over 400 cogs in this blog.



of those persons who claim to  have the answers for you, claim : if you fallow their teachings than you will attain freedom.

No one can find your answers : since no one knows your questions therefore: no one have the answers, no one knows but you what freedom means to you.

The answers you get from others is their reality- their beliefs-how they view their  own creation-their own universe. and these answers has nothing to do with yours.

No one  knows what freedom means being out of this Universe: how could anyone possibly  know?
















Hello my friends.

I haven’t been writing much of late, not because I am not having sessions, that is not the reasons. I have reached the state now  I thought way back when I was doing the OT levels I would reach-attain. But of course that did not happen than and I know now -and for the past few decades that would have been impossible with few hundred hours in sessions.

We have infinite experiences and that cant be confronted with few hundred-or even few thousand hours in sessions.

The gains in knowledge-understanding is phenomenal and of course nothing to do with  what I have know before as a Mortal , realities -awareness now are on very different level.

This is a fabulous universe  and of course it is my creation and  I do not wish to write about it because I believe each person should discover for them selves the same and reading about something is not the same as walking the Path.

I look at each sessions as a learning experience because the ”cognitions”, the truth it brings and these cognitions are the knowledge which sets one free.

These daily sessions bring realizations so new so fabulous that  I am in awe, in wonder.

I wish you all the same as I am having: a fabulous adventure.

PS: if  some one care to ask questions regarding anything at all, please don’t hesitate to do so… even if the question is written in Hungarian that too is just fine. I know you are there in Budapest and I believe I met few of you when I visited about 5 years back. You were there at a small closed stadium where Hungarians met who have come from different countries  at the Vilag Latogatas. One of you wanted me to become interested in scientology 🙂

Nepal –recall.

I just seen on interesting image: I was  to think put my attention on something and soon as I have done it or just wanted to do it I heard a huge noise and seen bright-bright light plus trembling of energy.. which of course pulled my attention away what I wanted to do-think and gotten the full blast from that GONG!
 I still can hear it clearly – boing-boing -boing! I get a vogue image of on temple gong. Nepal.
 everything trembles in my head, it  feels like my head is being hit with that mallet,
 and my head feels it will explode.
 I would hear this sound for days on end… even when working on the field. There is on older monk who is watching me, but I act if I would not noticed his attention.
Back at the temple the same routine is repeated, and I cant sleep afterward because all I hear is the sounds in my head-boing-boing-boing!
 I am totally overwhelmed,
   But the sounds from the gong has eliminated the thoughts I had.. but I did not dared to put my attention or even think because I felt pain and would hear the sounds from the gong sooo I put my attention on my feet!
Slowly as the days passed I trained self to feel the feet, the ground  than after who know how many days passed finally little by little I could put  my attention on the ground away from the body from the head.
 I become the terrain! I felt everything what went on under my feet!
 Through the years of practice my attention fallen away from the body and went  where I stepped and on what I picked up-sensed through the soles; how the Earth felt when this was  achieved in totality: thoughts have stopped and there was harmony: being one with Nature.  



desiring, wishing  …

i seen on incident where a young man incredibly handsome-beautiful being delight to be hold: perfect in every ways contacted a disease in which his body swelled become covered with inflamed pus filled sores, his agony was sheer hell as he lived-experienced  this decaying-rutting mass. The old self-beauty which he identified with was gone so was the light he believed he was and  now unrecognisable and as he way laying on his death bed he realized all was in vain… the life he had was worthless because it was not real and this what he experienced was his punishment for wanting desiring to have!

After leaving his body he returned to be on angel– to his earlier mock-up and he just knew: wanting to be a human, want to be a body brought him nothing more than suffering, agony, fears, because ”wanting” leads to have and while being a human that is having: loses and sorrow.

As listened to his realization I too seen for me what many of my ”wanting’s” has brought and from this we both learned and seen all the dangers what  lurks  under the surface of the so innocent concept of ”wanting”.


realization: the thing is  we have learned, we been told:  WE  WILL FIND OURSELF IF WE  LOOK ””’examine””” what is inside us and when we do: we find who we really are! “””” This is the biggest lie ever created and believed in, because what we find inside is not who we are, what we are but we find implanted thoughts-considerations which tells us who we are! ”’  and tells us what are our limitations! and that is that!

the thing is: inside- outside …. having it describes matter.. 🙂

this is the beginning the staring point in discovering the true self: the Infinite.

On the battle field

When going into battle persons -soldiers are hyped up  knowing they must win or die this gives them heavier-stronger simmer- and this means they are now ”energised”!
They feel more solid and can withstand incoming heavy energies and  can face it.. confront it easier..
HEAVY sounds, cannon fire, bomb exploding machines guns rattling screaming from low flying planes from overhead also helps to erase any personal feeling-sensations the persons own energy: which contain smallness-being little, alone=singular:  in fact the personal energy field is eliminated by that much heavier-denser field : the battle field and the soldiers become one : and now the soldiers having this NEW BODY and this power the soldiers can accomplish incredible things.. which humanly not possible in ordinary circumstance! 
This means experiencing different fields of energies we act differently.
 Same happens for players in any other game, they are given pep talks, big incentives , cheering of the crowd, girls strutting their stuff.. has to be pretty.. sex to is in incentive for the players. All is been done to change the persons energy field to make it more vibrating-stronger so they can win that way. The stronger -heavier energy who has it is always becomes the winner! But of course this only happens when being a human and when some one wants to be a real magician, be the usual self this heavy field will not let that happen.
I must mention even in marriages the heavy duty person.. the heavy fisted one, the domineering party is the leader. MY WAY OR THE HIGHWAY! [my younger sisters favorite belief and we no longer talk because  am on the road! hehehe]

The ultimate invention

The ultimate object was created which has destroyed the Sole-Entity-Spirit rendered it helpless  made the Spirit believe that it is helpless, without Willpower and  his intention not working, not affective: just cant make things happen by ”intending” and that object is the Machine.

And had to become a machine -Robot in order to control, have the belief of control.

Machines have total control over the Entity.

Don’t believe me??? OK… than : intend the spoon move by it self, the car start, the chair move for you, the door close or open for you when you want it!. The light to turn on and the potato to be sliced by the knife but not using hand of the robot in which you are in.

Have the lawn cut -trimmed by intention, and don’t use phone or computer for communication!! Intend a sunny day.. or intend rain to fall… go for it! Have what you need to appear front of your eyes.. need I say more?  PS::::: IF ANY ONE OF YOU BELIEVE IT IS NORMAL NOT TO HAVE THOSE THINGS HAPPEN – that is JUST NORMAL BECAUSE NOBODY CAN DO IT: than you really have a problem: The machine has achieved what it was designed for! Made you believe that you are what you were made to believe.


all the years I been in session I never seen angels, not once, I seen many-many different mock-up as bodies, but not angels and as I am confronting suddenly a huge image flows out of this body! Big angel with towering wings! This surprised me of course and images started to come and seen how this huge bright being become slowly a human and just melted into the group.

Also I realised and seen me being on angel having tall towering bright wings and I knew I always had them. Interestingly the heavy sensation on my upper back where wings usually are has been hurt, had burning sensation  all my life and this sensation just vanished soon as the recall was confronted. In this recall I experienced how I dragged self in the mud… wings become heavy and soaked.. Well, I have been many things over the eons.. I can now say I have been an angel  have stood at the left side of the golden throne and sported towering wings of light.. Hallelujah!

I have in one of my recall battled Satan [earlier post] and of course sessions-confronting bad-evil is battling against the Darkness.

Here is something I copied out of Wiki.

Saint Michael” redirects here. For other uses, see Saint Michael (disambiguation).


A 13th-century Byzantine icon from Saint Catherine’s Monastery
Venerated in Christianity, Islam, Judaism
Canonized Pre-congregational saint
  • November 8 (New Calendar Eastern Orthodox Churches)
  • November 21 (Old Calendar Eastern Orthodox Churches)
  • September 29 (“Michaelmas“)
  • May 8 (Tridentine Calendar)
  • 12th of each month in Coptic calendar (Coptic Churches)
  • many other local and historical feasts
Attributes Archangel; Treading on a dragon; carrying a banner, scales, and sword
Patronage Protector of the Jewish people,[1] Guardian of the Catholic Church,[2] Vatican City,[3] Germany, France, Ukraine, Brussels, Kiev, Arkhangelsk, Dumfries, Argao, Cebu, Philippines, police officers,[4][5] military, grocers, mariners, paratroopers, firefighters, paramedics, sickness[6]

Michael (Hebrew pronunciation: [mixaˈʔel]; Hebrew: מִיכָאֵל‎, translit. Mîkhā’ēl, lit. Who is like God?‘; Greek: Μιχαήλ, translit. Mikhaḗl; Latin: Michahel;Coptic: ⲙⲓⲭⲁⲏⲗ, Arabic: ميخائيل‎, translit. Mīkhā’īl) is an archangel in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. In Roman Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, Anglican, and Lutheran traditions, he is called “Saint Michael the Archangel” and “Saint Michael”. In the Oriental Orthodox and Eastern Orthodox traditions, he is called “Taxiarch Archangel Michael” or simply “Archangel Michael”.

Michael is mentioned three times in the Book of Daniel. The idea that Michael was the advocate of the Jews became so prevalent that, in spite of the rabbinical prohibition against appealing to angels as intermediaries between God and his people, Michael came to occupy a certain place in the Jewish liturgy.

In the New Testament Michael leads God’s armies against Satan‘s forces in the Book of Revelation, where during the war in heaven he defeats Satan. In the Epistle of Jude Michael is specifically referred to as “the archangel Michael”. Christian sanctuaries to Michael appeared in the 4th century, when he was first seen as a healing angel, and then over time as a protector and the leader of the army of God against the forces of evil. By the 6th century, devotions to Archangel Michael were widespread both in the Eastern and Western Churches. Over time, teachings on Michael began to vary among Christian denominations.


Some years back before scientology someone told me she seen wings on me.. Sure I thought than and if I have wings than you have rocks in your head !

Angel, being one is implant of course a valance and I haven’t the clue what their purpose has been or is now.  And by now I have recalled immense Overts and I know I am definitely haven’t been on angel but if this valance means purity well that is achieved through eraser of heavy stuff so I heave reached ”purity” .   We only can recall some incidents when we have erased other levels which are the cover- hold the person in occlusion.  I also recalled me being ”healer” on the track more than one occasion.

But I still don’t know what angels do! PS: AS I AM SITTING HERE HAVING MY SECOND CUP OF COFFEE AS ALL ANGELS SHOULD HAVE 🙂 I REALIZED I FELT VERY DIFFERENTLY! COG: ANGELS ARE NOT AFFECTED BY GRAVITY! I feel light as a feather as I should be because by now I had erased affects of Gravity. OK the body walks, but the sensations of heaviness are gone, feeling of weight etc..



I been exploring ”intention” how it works or why it do not work and by now I can say I chalked up over 6000 session hours on this subject… I explored so many experiences, which i can say were by the thousands and every one of these experiences-recall brought some form of understanding why intentions worked or not… no matter how  I was intending: nothing happened outside of me slowly realizing that INTENTIONS DO NOT WORK IF I DONT DO SOMETHING ABOUT IS MY SELF, make it happen.

Of course that is how the intention works, there is no other ways we can have something by just intending and waiting for it to happen! OH… the Universe provides! Put it out into the Universe and it will happen! The Universe will give all we have to do is to intend, put out the postulate! Really? I to bought this concept my self but lately it become unreal… because how could the universe provide: is there some place a Factory in this universe to which you send your ”intentions” postulates”: requests and they manufacture the requested item and when it is ready they pronto mail it back deliver it to you with UPS?

Intention-postulate: these words have a meaning which we all know. So is “putting it out into the universe” OK…  since to me  that sounds likes as ”putting out the cat for the night” but at least when you doing that you get results:  the cat is real, [sort of] etc.. but where the hell the intention goes:to me remains not a mystery but understanding that it goes nowhere but remains where it was created. And If you wont be doing something to make it happen for self, than trust me: it will never happen!

You can ask: Can we make it happen if we erase- eliminate all the counter intention?

Good question, very good but not one person =ex-scn. have realised that those counter intentions were not created to a stop or make it happen what ever is intended now but those recalled ”intentions” were part of other  incidents as sort of creating ingredient which made those things happen or not to happen than and that than will not work now!

BUT HERE IS THE TRUTH: the implant which I call HUMAN IMPLANT was made eons back and it is by now solid sitting petrified as a long forgotten lump of sugar  but time = what has happened around it has altered it a bit… but still remains the same implant.


How could any one put on intention- postulate into a illusion which was made who knows when and change it- alter it now?

The Teck works… no doubt about it, but the solo auditor has to find out for self how the universe was put together and remained as is for ”self” and just because some one said : put the intention out into the universe well.. how one person would know and had the insight to know all about the universe when this person too has hit the bottom of the TS.. same as us… and from here there is nothing more can be seen but altered reality.

By the way today I finally had a realization on a belief-consideration which made me do something which I really did not wanted to do but was compelled to do. THIS HAS TAKEN 18 TO FIND! and I have had a hell of a lot of session on this item!

So those of you who believe a magic wand or the new tech… will give you that fast exit from the BANK : I have news for you: IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN! Key outs  covers the muck but what we need is  erasers-lots of lots of cognitions, millions of them

Am I just putting you on??? Go look up on the internet and read the information on Milky Ways: and the scientists are assuming there are Planets which has life among those zillions of stars. Now The Milky way is tinny in comparison to other Galaxies and there are unknown amount and Galaxies out there so We lived for eons and had many experiences as stars.. so why any one believes that there is a easy way out when that promise was not made by a person who haven’t  gone out?

What this has to do with intention: do they work or not? So is it worth to have sessions if there is so much to do? For me yes,  this is the only worthwhile adventure I care to experience because I know outside this : I been there I done it all: many times over

Well, at least I know I have lots to do.

PS: I written more than once : what I write about is what I see, realize at end of the sessions and definitely not the truth for others, just mine. We all have to find our own truth and I am the lost person who would say  this is it kids, this is The Path to fallow… Hell, how could I say such a thing since I haven’t the clue where I will end up as on Entity!






a major realization. There are cognitions and cognitions: each is vital link in the chain and one cant be – cant happen without the other. But one of the realization I have had today brought more than feeling good but the understanding just how I was being Stuck in one experience which was so far back on the track where those ”days” ,most experiences I have had were without the body: yet living having a full life.

And by being stuck in this experience and seeing this for the first time and  how this worked  made me realize how this has affected -controlled the rest of my experiences  and why I have become  a loser.. and I did not even knew I was a loser., LOL.. in fact i thought I was doing really well, but  just accepted the loses as  part of life: like life happens and  can lose, and that is normal. !!

My other realization brought understanding nearly broke ”my heart” it felt it was braking, [ no piece of soft meat can brake LOL.. but the heart can be stopped by a sudden jolt by heavy energy,]  but of course finding out the truth is not what brakes the heart but  the thought which hit me hard:  ”HOW DIFFERENT MY LIFE WOULD HAVE BEEN IF NOT FOR THAT STUPID BELIEF I LIVED WITH, CONROLED BY! ” knowing this  hurts for a moment  that loss about the past , than that momentary regret vanishes.. because the truth knowing it , only brings happiness.

These days I am having sessions what I would have called  long time back when still in the Mission or at ST Hill.. Doing -being OT sessions, gaining understanding how I ”lived” long ways back when Track did not exist yet.. when bodies where not in use or when.  lived life in-between times when not having bodies.

Daily I have much as 4-6 hours  and of course not just one topic or two but what ever interests me I confront immediately. I get up in the morning doing the usual must: Wash etc.. feed the birds have a cup of coffee and the session starts.. Today I had 7 hours it is 9: 22 and I just finished again with a huge heart braking wonderful win.

What I experience -see in the recalls: living without bodies are what I can say I dreamed about  in the early days  what will be like when I become on OT.

Located a heavy mass of energy which held Entities and these Beings were stuck could not continue because they could not see out of this thick field of nothingness.

I asked the who they were and  when I asked this question I could see forms -shapes colors and I could  see they were ”Caravan” containing few dozen persons who lost their bearing and could not continue. In this moment the heavy milky nothingness vanished I seen the Cosmos in its glory and a very bright guiding star  which was used by the Caravan to navigate -orient self: the Caravan moving across the field of deep sapphire blue studded with stars and the Caravan was actually fallowing a bright orange energy ribbon  the highway  where the camels were walking on.

As I set here mouth open marveling on the beauty and perfection of this happening in the NOW, this moment I knew I was not looking at some illusion  a mocked up thing but I was witnessing what was happening in the Spiritual Realm.

Of late my sessions -recalls are all about activities how we operate: live as Entities -bodiless in the Universe. I have written in earlier post that we do spend very little time within the implants-being bodies but we live most of our experiences bodiless and let me tell you these experiences I recall surpasses all experiences which the Implants have  offered for us to ”live”.

After all Implants are the imitations and were made from the real life we live as Entities.

The Problem was and is that the implants were made of thick glue like heavy energy and this heavy mass captured us -held within the implant.

PS: I would like to add that I have explored great many beliefs considerations why we cant see more than what the ”eyes” see: which is nothing more than a part of the machine. What the ”eyes”  show is a cover.. acts like a cover same as a cover on the pot, long as the Entity is looking at this cover cant see what actually is in the pot.

As we Entities  looking at implant pictures we cant see what is really going around us in the Spiritual Realm.

Ohhh .. I know many humans believe that they don’t want to see more than what is front of them because seeing beyond that would be horrid, frightening !!  WELL!!!! that is what the Implants wants you to believe meanwhile being in the implant most of its content is horrid-tormenting- painful agonizing crap.

Example? just one! being born.. LOL. now that it self is a bloody horrific painful experience starting  the ”good life” with a bang! BUT OF COURSE BY NOW ALL THE HORRORS ARE JUST NORMAL THINGS- HAPPENINGS BECAUSE AFTER ALL THOSE AROUND US HAVING THE SAME EXPERIENCES THEREFOR that has to be the TRUTH!


Erhu is the only instrument which  cry.. Magnificent.



I have known for years because of the realizations I have head about how the Implant is set up and  how many incredible Traps it contain.

These well hidden Traps serve -have different purposes and one of this  Trap was made   ”to eliminate to annihilate the opposing power”’, to take the powerful out of the game and with that achieved their game remains in place and they have become the long standing Winners! : the Only game of value!

The other Trap is of course to keep the Entities-Spirits from escaping.
This game – this Implant Is the Human game: the human realities. Its value is that those who are in it they believe that they are alive, that they live and outside of this there is nothing.
The Implant is set up that the Player-person-being can play different roles, embark on different adventures and to have fun and by being occupied at all time but always to remain writhing the boundaries of the implant!
One of the adventures this Implant offers what I call: Looking for Enlightenment..
This game adventure is a long one, takes a whole life time and even than the participant is not sure will attain that goal: spiritual freedom= total separation from the implant=bank, but if he/she has attained Enlightenment =has hit the jackpot that so called Nirvana.
And by attaining this Nirvana thing: the believer has this lie in place that now has attained the top level the OT State, that is no more after this and now they know it all, and they are definitely out of the game because where they are at there is ”nothing” they are no longer part of being human, to them death don’t exist because they know they are above all that.
Full of shit!  That is the Trap it self: the ”belief” that all is attained, that there is no more and that they are now part of the Universe that they are now its fiber.
But in reality, those who were and are looking for the WAY OUT in fact are
trapped into a game and these persons swallowed this crap hook line and sinker.
Because the attainment of so called Enlightenment is nothing more than elimination self, take self out of the game, give up power and no longer be a frat to the Implant.
Meditation, getting keyed out from the Implant is not the answer, in fact takes the person into a ”dead-end”  and from where will return .. will be pulled back into the Implant and will have that so called life again rom where will be looking for the way out again.
By the way the meanings of those significances ”attained” gained.. seen while meditating are the same as the road signs on the highway : ”’ you are doing good, keep on going, don’t give up your close, you are almost out” because if you don’t continue you know you will remain on the same level as those poor saps who don’t know a thing: but you are different, you are the winner you will attain the Enlightenment, that Nirvana that promised heaven! [ that alone this promise what is yet to come should be a warning the  person is walking into a trap. But thinking-reasoning is not on the menu for those who meditate, but has to fallow blindly the sett rules! ]

Of course by wanting to be different and looking for the answer to get out is the very Indicator that you are the frat to the implant and your persistence — your willingness to give up all in order to be free is the very indicator that you are powerful therefore you are dangerous and could cause problems , interrupt the working order of the implant: [so you are eliminated by given a wonderful game]
The game of Meditation offers a great benefit! HARMONY WITH SELF, WITH OTHERS AND WITH THE UNIVERSE! WOW! What a valuable package!
Well, this is the purpose the person has attain from this ”meditation game” : by attaining Harmony with that achieved you no longer hold danger to the Implant. Perfect trap. No power, no game, given it all up=you are out!
BUT YOU SAY: I feel so good meditation makes me feel I am top of the world!
That is the point: you feel good than  you don’t interfere, will stay where you are at meanwhile  you believe that you are the cause of your destiny.

as the saying goes something like this: when arrived realized that haven’t left!

Perfect Trap is when something offered which has a great value: freedom from the trap yet that very belief its-self is the Trap.


I found one more reason

in fact a very good reason why we have given up -stopped practising ”magic” or made ”miracles” to happen: we done this simply because THE IMPLAT we lived: its CONTENT supplied everything what we believed we needed in order to have a ”life” .

But of course by believing  we had everything  we have forgotten what it really meant to be free and live the life of instant creation… in abundance and beauty.