Spiritual Journey of self-discovery in the Magical universe: When I arrived, realised I never left:only my the views transformed the Universe

So far I haven’t written much about Entities.

My reason for leaving the church in 82 was because at Flag  the senior C/S ordered me to stop continuing — having solo sessions and did their best to scare me with the IDEA that Entities – Beings are my enemies and they will affect me, cause case problems. [I never agreed to that.]

But that is what they have known in the church that time because till than LRH haven’t  found incidents where spiritual entities were good therefore he had great fear of Entities and  he communicated the same beliefs : we all need to fear Entities.

I just realized something now: that it can be on assumption on my part that the Entity I am communicating with doesn’t have the body:  Just because I can’t see a body with my own bodies eyes that do not mean that Entity don’t have a body ten galaxies away from where my so called body is! In fact I can’t see the Entity either! LOL..I like that!

Relying on that truly incorrect information the church acted as what they have known but acted as they were the  AUTHORITY= know it all- about Entities. [ I don’t blame the church for handling me  that way.]

I did not have- shared than that reality-belief with the church about Bt’s –Clusters =Entities because from the very early on in as 73 I realized I was a spiritual being- on Entity myself, I felt at home with that belief and to me to be surrounded by spiritual beings-Entities brought total delight knowing we were all here, we were never alone..  we shared everything…no one was ever lost, no one has ever died  and to me this knowledge brought great happiness-contentment: I realized finally arrived , was finally at home,  belonged, part of this great Realm and no longer segregated.  [ only my own beliefs made me feel separated.]

I have given countless sessions to Entities since 76 but so far I found less than a dozen who were in fact out to get me, these few were put into my space to destroy and harm-eliminate at all cost  and that was their sole purpose. LOL.. but they too responded to auditing, confronted their own reality and finally become free with that their mission ended.

Poor Entities they were, because they only been given-implanted with one determination to destroy one Entity and that is without a doubt a very poor reason to exist. LOL.. but no one can destroy on Entity! J

What I have found in sessions that all Entities were simply stuck in incidents… that we all are in the same situation, being in the same boat regardless we are connected to the bodies or not. [ as for paddles we have the auditing technology.]

Some years back I realized that not much point giving sessions separately to any one because IF I KNOW OF SOMETHING, IF I FEEL SOMETHING even if it was NOT NECESSARILLY MINE BUT I KNEW ABOUT IT THEREFORE TO THAT EXTANT THAT INCIDENT –feeling understanding –EXPERIENCE WAS exclusively MINE and session was needed to confront the incident.[ I believe here is my responsibility for self-kicked in.]

Matter have location, we Entities-Infinites we don’t have location therefore We as Entities we share sessions, we share cognitions and by knowing that we share, we equally take responsibility- confront our own and same time we all take responsibility for our own case, and  knowing this I can’t hardly blame others for how I feel what I think-believe in.

We as Entities we don’t have same realities, look around you and you know that is the fact…therefore any Entity who are in these sessions have their own reality=version of that incident accordingly how they see-believe and also have their own version of cognition at the end of the session.

This means I don’t have reality on other Entities Universe.. I only know mine and I never known any other.. LOL. that is my having –ness, my Realm- Universe.

Why I write this? Because in well-known blog  written whatever  happens to us is caused by the Entities this includes good things also.

As I see it not only bad happenings can be blamed on others, in this case the Entities… But blame can be put on others causing good things to: blame is blame no matter how we perceive this concept.

When blaming that is assigning power, ability, assigning responsibility: They have it and I don’t, in other words blaming others for existing conditions we are in: regardless what that is.

And in that blog again the writer is saying that Entities helping us, empowering us..

OK… but again the auditor should have sessions why the help is needed: what are the reasons personal power and abilities are missing, how I made self so helpless and weak, and how come other are better than I, more powerful and reasons should be looked for why in the first place I am affected  etc… etc..  there are thousands and thousands of reason there are on our track why we are as we are. And NOT ONE ENTITY CAUSED THE CONDITION WE ARE IN.

Blame is present when the person is still sitting in the Human Cluster= human beliefs,  BUT that is not how it works in the Spiritual Realm: We are responsible: totally responsible for the conditions we are in.

There is no other way.

Example: no one can feel your toothache … same goes for everything else.

Can others influence us with their intention?

LOL… that one only could be judged –assessed come to conclusion of if we would have two experiences and compare these two experiences what would have happen IF we believe that our experience was NOT INTENDED-influenced or yes I did that because I was under influence from others!

Blaming others gotten us into where we are at.

No matter what we experience, that experience is our and it can’t be shared.






I spend lot of time with my older sister who has severe Dementia and I been confronting this very interesting intriguing phenomenon and so far have had many major realizations.. but tonight’s session brought- ended with  fantastic cognition which has tied all previous understanding into a nice neat package. I believe I reached the BASIC on this topic. F/T!

The main reason aged-old people forgets things- no longer remember things BECAUSE WE POSE TO EMPTY OUR MIND before we depart – move off—set out for a new adventure!!!

Just think… even meditation teaches the same…. ‘’in order to attain spiritual enlightenment one must empty self of all earlier beliefs-realities’’

But for the so called forgetfulness the good Doctors have given a names:  Dementia or Alzheimer’s because they believe that not remembering—losing all connections to surroundings is on ‘’illness-sickness’’ because for many Entities who’s body gotten old  have the same or similar symptoms.. But of course the Entities know that the body soon will stop working and they are just getting ready, doing house cleaning=== getting rid of the left over: the bits and pieces of the past life cycle. LOL.. DOING THE CLEAN GET AWAY !!!!!

The good doctors haven’t the clue what spirituality means, that we are Infinite and they don’t know we leave the body after it stops functioning therefore to them any departure while we are with the body from the ‘’normal’ ’human behavior whatever that is: is sickness – illness of the body or the mind.



Why people fear the darkness!

Only light -brightness as in daylight or artificially illuminated space can contain pictures- images – WHICH THE EYES ARE ABLE TO SEE..TAKE A PHOTOGRAPH OF and therefore the Entity=person feels the connections to these images and feel the stimulation from these images which of course gives the impression being alive.

The Entity at all times have the need for light, to be in the light and when darkness comes the Entity in fact becomes inactive: all stimulation stops because the darkness don’t contain pictures not the kind which could be seen with the eyes!!!

No pictures, no experiencing.

Of course the artificially created light-brightness now changes the experiences… can prolong the experiences and with that the lengthen stimulation.

THE ENTITY IS ANCHORED BY THE LIGHT-BRIGHNESS [ which is nothing more than vibrating mass of energy] and HELD IN SPACE and is STUCK TO THE IMAGES BUT IN THE DARK-space THE ENTITY  NO LONGER MOORED, HAVE FIXED POSITION, no pictures and therefore ‘’fear’’ sets in, fear of no longer being-having those images and without them there is no life: of course that is a fat lie.


EXAMPLE: on inmate when in the prison can be given the most severe punishments which is Solitary Confinement in a absolutely dark cell being alone: while in the cell the Entity ‘’can’t see pictures’’ can’t communicate, consequently loses all connections to the BANK=life which would be the stimulations- vibrations of those pictures, he than loses the concept of time-space- being fixed-moored into location which of course only exist because we are seeing-looking with the ‘’eyes’’.

So the prison-person misses ‘’life’’ LOL.. LOL… no longer has ‘’life’’ which never happened it in the first place.

That is the major punishment for a human is to be eliminated, no longer belonging to the group, not acknowledged that: yes you are alive and being here!

The only reason that prisoner lost his life-pictures because he believed he had it.

When the prisoner come out of the darkness- he has to re-orient himself= re anchor self into location-society=group same ways as we do after each waking: we are going over what has to be done that period of time =daylight till the dark period the night takes away the pictures again.

The fact is darkness don’t contain the same pictures kind of pictures as light can have away they never have. When darkness is confronted explored in sessions than the Entity find totally different realities about what ‘’darkness’’ is.

Darkness is not empty and it is not dark not one bit… this space is our true element where we are really home, where we are definitely free.

So fearing the darkness simply means dreading the loss of matter, really fearing being without MEST, without having identity- valances.

PS: OF COURSE THE ENTITY STILL HAVE ALL THEIR BELIEFS-CONSIDERATIONS, the darkness cant take that away.. but minus pictures…

PS: there is a post in this blog in which the explanation for the ”darkness”.



I have just seen a most interesting incident which occurred just before  the Dinosaurs and other living critters were fried.

From tooth ache I moved into this incident where the Dinosaur had toothache but turned out to be something totally different: the Dinosaurs pain was caused by  being hit with a lightning bolt and the searing pain went through his jaws.

What I have seen is that suddenly the terrain become  dark, this darkness was deep inky blue and  this darkness was on electric storm:  abruptly immense lightning bolts filled the air but these huge bolts were flying horizontally close the  surface of the Earth and the electric bolts  were like  humongous living whips sizzling- lashing out hitting and burning up what they touched,  the air glowed iridescent blue when the storm moved off there wasn’t  living thing left on the surface of the Planet… some charred –scorched smoldering  patches of dirt here and there and the higher points of the terrain continued to discharge some of the  collected voltage and this power bolt went wild in the air till they found a target a higher surface of the  planet –hill top or boulder and they hit these targets whit such a force that boulders gotten pulverized , and hills tops sheared off and mountain side were reshaped.

I still see this as it was just now… you see I have just experienced the extinction of the Dinosaurs.

HELLO….or good by?

I just would like you let you know I won’t be writing much in the future.

If you are new to this blog and would like to read my adventures there are over 300 cognition related entries which touches ‘’almost’’ every topic. Well, not really because if I would have written about everything I have seen—have become aware than that would fill many-many volumes and that would have taken me years to write and same amount of time to read.[ time don’t exist]

LRH has talked –written about ‘’altered reality’’:

When the altered believes-realities are as-ised which includes understanding what is ‘’spirituality’’, and life-living it in every stage + death: death is part of life, death can’t happen –occur without the beliefs of having ‘’life’’= being born and of course in this package include the assumptions [ the human beliefs] what is the so called ‘’afterlife’’ or even what space is.

All these beliefs which were learned-read about-being told and the ”thoughts” them self any one has exist because they are altered…

What I have found through the gained realizations =cognitions is so very different from what I have assumed will be when reaching the so called ”other-side-different level-Native State- Spiritual Realm from where I started out in 73 … LOL.. Not disappointing, not at all but astounded in a very good way.

If there are questions you believe I can give on answer to please free to email or send your communication in  the form of comment.

Please keep it in mind what I know now do not make me better or important personage, not at all,  but JUST very-very DIFFERENT in HOW I SEE-PERCEIVE THE UNIVERSE FROM WHAT I HAVE KNOWN BEFORE and this gained knowledge  is not altered but it is the truth=consist of compounded cognitions.

The considerations what is Importance, better etc.. these are beliefs they exist because they are altered and agreed upon beliefs , therefore these concepts no longer apply-exist where I am at.

My so called work, or exploration of the Universe is not over, far from it.

To those of you who are into ‘’exteriorization’’, would like to go out of the body, have news for you… you never been inside the body!🙂

Believing in something is the trap is self.


Best to you all. Elizabeth.


Being inside, being outside or being some other place.

Because we are not a body therefore we are not energy-  bulk, we are not a form – object that means we don’t have a location, as a result we can’t go anywhere –we can’t exteriorize –we can’t be inside of something or outside of some body-or on object: being  here over or being over there.

When we talk about moving the object in this case ‘’meet body’’ and we say I am going to Vancouver that in fact is only the body which is placed into a car and then relocated by this different form of body which is the car and the meet body is moved to Vancouver and the Entity say’’’ I am here, I have arrived’’.

For the meet body being inside the car do not means that the Entity, the Infinite is inside the car: only has the belief.

We don’t have location only physique- structures have location.. but the body-machine has ‘’eyes’’-instruments which can see [ I already written more than one post what ‘’eyes’’ are and do.] and as the car moves with the meet body inside as it- changes location, the eyes take continual pictures which we as Infinites add the believes –considerations ‘’ I am looking I am seeing the terrain’’, yes: the eyes see, but if you as on Entity has attention not on the terrain in fact you hardly see it, let say your attention is already on  the person you are going to meet, than as on entity you are already experiencing that persons space and hardly notice what the eyes see.

Since you were already with that person you have hardly noticed the terrain and experienced the trip itself when you arrived you would think or say “ the time flew by so fast I hardly noticed anything’’ RIGHT, because you were experiencing different location.

I am losing the point what I have seen in the realization.

WE WANT TO GO EXTERIOR… but because we can’t change location than the person who wants to go exterior and let’s say want to look inside the Oval Office or somebodies mind than the belief is- have to transport self, we have to travel even as Spiritual beings in order to be in different location.

And also the beliefs is that we will ‘’see’’ when we get there the same kind of pictures as the ‘’eyes’’ are taking.

This can’t happen, never will happen because it is impossible to happen.

When the Entity-person can see into distant, observe different location from where the body is, this means that Entity is still able to switch off the instrument-eyes and observe location without their use. That ability we all have.

The Entity haven’t changed location but only changes views and this happen all the time, every time we want to see-be in different places-locations but our trouble is that we wrong believe that  when being on that location without  the body than we should be able to see the same way,  have  same colorful picture of this local as if the body would be there and see the ‘same ways ‘’as eyes do’’ in order to be real…LOL… than we would believe yes, I am really in Buckingham  Palace and I really see what the Queen is having for tea.

It is all about belief, if it is believed that ‘’I am inside the body’’ than that viewpoint-belief is what you as on Infinite experience and believe in, whatever you think -feel what’’ inside’’ means to you: and that meaning-reality is totally personal and therefore different from any other entities and that is your truth.

When the person wants to ’’see’’ into distant location but can’t no matter how desperately wants that experience will not be able because that person has been stuck with understanding-belief that only the ‘’eyes can see’’ perceive and there is no other ways  any one can observe –see anything without this instrument-eyes: Won’t be able to observe anything besides what these eyes see: because that belief will not allow  to have any  other truth.

We have really –really heavy-duty belief in place that ‘’eyes –instrument’’ is that eyes sees and we as Entities can’t perceive without and even when we do something we are made to believe that picture we experience is just a trick of the mind, on illusion hallucination: not real, and it can’t be real.

So the illusion is in fact is what the ‘’eyes’’ see and what we observe; that flash of  flimsy image is the real thing.

As Entities- Infinites when we no longer hindered by our own believes when no longer being stuck in them than the Entity can perceive -observe total images of objects-places regardless of distance- locations and see them not as flat pictures but what they are : holographic images –structures –mock ups of vibrating flowing colorful energy.

But that is not so exciting observe in fact after a while the Entity loses interest looking at this dimensional images of flowing energy [ when seen one , than we seen them all]  but what is fantastic- greatly-interesting  and will remain so, is that when the Entity-Infinite observes this images in the same instant gets the reason why they were created: and that than is the true understanding… unaltered understanding will hit him as cognitions.

I will not say that cognition only counts if the Entity sees holographic images, No… cognitions how they come is different for each of us.

Here you read about my adventures how my universe was created and you have your very own private Universe.. Which was created the same as mine since there is only one form of energy, but you have different understanding how it was formed and why it is as is. 🙂





 I start this as usual: I have had immense amount of sessions on memory-forgetfulness why we have, it why we don’t and why we lose it with age and confronted every other related concepts I could dig up over the years.
I have put up posts on Dementia, Alzheimer’s  and I had great gains-understanding on this subject.
I must mention that ”losing” ones ”memory” as one ages do cause immense stress, upsets, and not remembering is a very inconvenient  thing to experience. By considerations is a bad thing, and people with bad recall=memory are looked down on, like they have some problems, and those who have good recall are believed that they are smarter, or brilliant, better off, because they are superior to others who’s recall is less then theirs! full of shit!
SO…. every person on this planet is doing their very best TO KEEP THE INFORMATION INTACT= NOT TO FORGET A THING BECAUSE IF THEY WOULD DO, LOL…LOL… THAT WOULD MEAN THEY ARE BECOMING “”SENILE”” LOL…LOL… and every person would think of them ””OH poor so and so she/he is losing it! “”and before they know it a room is reserved for them at the old age home!
Seldom anyone has photographic memory on this planet and there are thousands of reason for that… we all remember -can recall things but  there are holes in our recalls and for that there are immerses amount of reasons existing again.
So how we individually recall  is normal to each of us: happens accordingly what kind of stuff we are sitting in.
 If you would go back in this blog and dig up the posts on Dementia and Alzheimer’s   than you will understand why we get into that state at certain age group.
 The implant station don’t want to lose a costumer and in the first place it was forced on believer, on the user=costumer=you, that if you do not remember, or have forgotten something than you should be worrying and do everything in your power to get back to THAT IMPLANT  and we all do just that by making it sure that we keep the memories intact -alive.
Explanation: Your beliefs-thoughts-considerations-agreements what ever you know are implanted-forced on beliefs and it is a control mechanism.
While you are ”aware” of it and by believing it is a fact, the truth, than you cant become aware of different realities of the Universe.
SO YOU MUST REMEMBER AT ALL COST! .. and back you are in that good old BANK. !
comments, questions are welcome, in the blog or privately.. endlesstringofpearls@gmail.com

Magic… where is our ability?

I always say the same “” over the years I had countless sessions’’’’ and I mention a subject.

Today the subject is Magic… I truly had great gains over the years confronting more likely ‘’researching’’ what ‘’magic’’ is how we have done and most of all why we no longer applying this wonderful ability?

While going ‘’up’’ on the Bridge I have fantasised what will be like when I hit that magic level of OT7, shit… that is what I hit and with full force. LOL. But then I want laughing!

By the time I got back to Vancouver from ST Hill I was totally overwhelmed by ARCB’s … no money… no job… no place to live!

Plus I felt soooooo disappointed that I could not ‘’intend’’ to pull in a job-money etc..

My sister has taken me in and soon I found 2 waitressing jobs so money-tips rolled in.

But my disappointments did not vanish and that is when I taken out my wood e-meter and stated solo sessions and slowly I climbed out of the masses of ARCB’s-problems=disappointments galore.

What this has to do with Magic? LOL… A LOT! Because I truly believed that by the time I finish and reach OT7 I will be able to use ‘’magic’’ and my life will be easier!

So than I started to have sessions on this subject but of course other things too had to be handled and I only could as-is a thin-top layer because the understanding what magic is was deeply buried under myriad layer of altered realities which I believed ‘’’wrongly of course were the truth nothing but the truth’’— and let’s leave god out of this!

I never given up on this because I truly believed it can be done and I still do… so every time the occasions were right back to sessions I went with this subject and 25 years back while I lived in Edmonds Washington, I hit the jackpot … and I really knew seen what we could do when having this incredible ability!

But could I do it… of course not!

So more layers were confronted over the years and brilliant cogs-realities poured in but NIL..!!!!!

But of course there were disappointments and feeling loss- being a total failure had to be handled as they surfaced.

So far I never ever given up on any subject and of late I again had sessions and I realised-had cog. that gravity here on this planet is brutal and has a great deal to do with holding down our abilities, these brutal force which we need in order to live in steady –steady environment sort of sucks away our energy.

We constantly battle this gravity force… but of course we are not aware.

But still I knew there had to be more to magic-ability what I haven’t discovered.

And by now I had hundreds of realization which included: we were punished severely if we used magic: some places we were segregated, put into different groups, cut off from regular normal society members, because use of magic was evil, we were effected diseased by evil.. in this universe there were many places the punishment was total annihilation to our person for the smallest fraction use of or even thinking of magic… and please believe me there were devices which could detect different energy levels in each person and anything-anybody who did not have ‘’normal’’ vibration level was zipped to oblivion!

Again few days back I was sort of looking around this plant and wondered why here we don’t have this ability… we have thousands of entertainers ‘’’who do magic tricks’’’ people do believe that magic existing but why we can’t do magic, why our abilities are totally gone?

Bingo!!! Had the realization which is so simple LOL.. all cognitions are simple because they are the truth and truth is not altered reality.

HERE ON THIS PLANET WE ARE IN “”””TOTAL AGREEMANT”””” that we can’t do… we are not able no matter how hard we try… and the TOTAL AGREEMANT is the very item which won’t let magic –wishing –intending allowing that instants appearance= become visible for all to see-have.

The reason is that personal wishing-intending is not allowed for safety reasons and many other planets have the same laws enforced. Personal power is a no no in most established societies because that would disturb – change- alter the foundation the basic energy level of the planets! That is true…


Well, implants contain many safety devices and they are all there to keep the control.

By the way as I said we are operating in two different universe at the same time but of course that is on illusion and in one we are able to do anything, magic is the way of life and in the other universe we believe we cant and that is a total lie!

There aren’t any mysteries in this Universe which sooner or later becomes solved –explained—answered—deciphered in sessions…LOL… and to most cases the explanations-understanding are so simple that leaves one breathless –rolling from laughter.

Slap on the forehead and just blown away I am of the simplicity how these incredible so called mysteries to which science could not find explanations even if they believe they have one that explanation is totally wrong.

I am here talking about Machu Picchu, Stonehenge and the Great Pyramids.

What the ‘’eyes’’ see’’ and what is there in reality is two different thing and scientist who are ‘’looking’’ with ‘’eyes’’ will never find out how those immense boulders were piled up. LOL. LOL…

By the way the greatest creation, the most mind boggling invention was in this Universe: the eyes, how they work… without use of the ‘’eyes’’ how they work-project etc… we would never know and believed we live in solid universe.

The ”eye” seeing with them gives us the illusion of solidity and to these flat pictures we add the beliefs that what we see is real, solid, have weight, color, size, debt and  can be touched or tasted.. eaten  etc… in fact we project on that flat image our own beliefs and that makes it real.

We are simply brilliant because we can make something out of nothing!


The joke is on us.

as a comment,  as my reality on fear… his latest post but David occasionally don’ let my comments through… which is of course right, because after all it is his blog.

I have in this blog cognitions on fear written up as posts.

Hi David…. great post..

my personal experience about FEAR… well, I had many sessions while I was advancing on all levels while in the Church and I had great many wins on elimination of incidents which contained Fear but I could never totally erase that incredible sensation which I now call ”glue” because its holds the beliefs-realities; whatever they may be bunched -glued together for the Human Cluster.

As you know I had continued with the solo sessions after I left the church which was in 76 and till this day I still confront realities of which I have become aware being in this Universe.

About 18 years back I decided to take up on item to confronted what is VALU- IMPORTANT-VITAL and had hundreds of sessions over the next 6-7 months on items what I had considered held ‘’value’’ was for me in my life.

Of course the same time my lists also contained items which I believed had no value, were worthless totally ‘’useless’’ things.

I always had sessions on all items which contained both side: the full spectrum of the incidents, [and everything related] the reason for that because in my reality -belief the reason one exists because the opposite belief too is there: holding it in place.

Example: we can only know what happiness is if we know what being unhappiness feels like to us, means to us, therefore happiness too has to be confronted in session because happiness is held valuable therefore holds that person in that condition: and that is not what true spiritual=Infinite State means.

The sessions [18 years back] taken many months and each days sessions ended with fantastic… life changing cognitions.

Than one day I had a huge blowdown and F/T + realization of course on values and after that for 3 weeks I was just floating about feeling incredible but I occasionally had a nagging sensation which surfaced now and then that “” SOMETHING WAS MISSING FROM MY LIFE!””

I was stumped by this realization since I knew I never felt so fantastic before and what I felt, where I was, remained totally ‘’stable’’ permanent state.

So I pocked around because I really wanted to know -understand what was missing?

It did not take too long and the realization was so enormous that after I could hardly walk for days!

I had lost all sensation feelings, I could not feel the body, I could hear the sound of footsteps but I could not feel the sensations in the legs.



Fear only exist when we have ‘’values’’… we fear to lose, not to have because we believe it is important to our survival.

LOL… that concept, that belief strictly belong to human realities and of course … value-importance exist, can only exist when we believe associate self with matter: when we believe we are something, somebody.

Those sessions 18 back eliminated all the reasons I belied things were valuable and of course   among the many items I had confronted the ‘’body’’ itself the very reasons for believing was valuable for survival, why I have valued it so much PLUS major ‘’items’’ like ”life’’ with all its realities I believed in too was completely confronted.

By elimination of values –importance’s I have As-ised fear itself and that has placed me on different level… outside of the Human realities, I am no longer in the Cluster which is held together by fear of loss.

Without values-importance the so called ‘’life’’ here is nothing more than momentary experience.

After the elimination fear I totally understood what it means is Infinite: without identity and being-ness.



Earth is a prison planet.

The main – primary reason intending ‘’intention’’ making a wish-postulating not coming through, don’t appear, happen out of blue don’t work on this Planet here because this planet is a prison- penitentiary, penal colony Planet.

LRH has mentioned this in his writings and I have come across about dozen incidents in sessions in which I knew the same purpose for this planet to be here.

Earth is a perfect prison where the prisoners own beliefs are their chains shackles=restrains which keep them within the boundaries.

Our power to intend does not work here because if they would than not likely any of the prisoners—inmates would stay for long.

Here to achieve personal or collectively postulated dreams has to be done manually  this means the ‘’intention’’ can only become real if it is shaped- formed – fashioned out of so called solid forms.

I JUST HAD This COGNITION REGARDING THE INEFFECTIVENESS of my desiring-wanting- postulating- my wishes… dreams… to become realities.

I have done much work, tremendous amount of sessions on these topics yet I could not make anything happen here on this Planet by postulating-intention, but in sessions what I have seen, experienced in other places-planets on the track wishing –intentions worked… in fact in many cases that has become a problem that our intentions become reality right off… to much-to soon.

NOW I NEED TO FIND THE REASONS THE CAUSES WHY OUR INTENTIONS_POSTULATES DONT WORK…. of course I have found by now thousands  of them related to other incidents but now I will need to dig  for failed intentions-postulates related to prisons, being captured, held against will.

I know till it happens, till they; intentions-wishes, dreams become real than something is blocking them, which are of course my very own beliefs-desires.

Nothing wrong with the auditing technology: it works… but the problem is that infinite is a unmeasurable amount of time and we lived, had equal amount of lives-experiences.


As I have advanced over the years, from where I viewed the incidents have changed: the location of ”self”  has changed: the beginning years in session I always felt have seen that I was inside the body.

In later years sessions the incidents which I recalled some were inside the body and in other incidents I have seen the body from outside: from the back, from above and of course I seen-been in many different locations and these locations were all over this planet and many other places in the Universe.

Later years, as in the past few years I rarely found incidents in which I was ‘’ inside the body’’ but something new I started to see which I could not understand what it was.

I would see in the incident a mass of energy moving about but usually I felt I was being stuck in some mass-incident and I could not get out, but I knew I did not have the body any more… I knew I was a ‘’spirit’’ a ghost.

SO what was happening than?

In these incidents I felt I was struggling to get out but that did not make sense to me since I knew I no longer had the body, than why I felt I was being stuck and struggling?

I was in session just now and I was running so called ‘’death’’ incident when I already left the body and after that I have seen the funeral of the event, the flowers etc..than I as a Spirit revisited places where I lived before, and even set on the chair I have many occasions and wanted to communicate with people but no one could pick up my presence.

Then I went earlier incident where I was just a ghostly figure but what I have seen is the ball of energy being stuck-struggling and could not get out of that place and this is where I got major blowdown-cognition because I realised I was associating self with that ball of energy-mass:


this small energy mass is the spirit without the body …what I believe, but not in reality!

WOW… I have seen this mass of energy in many incidents but I could never understand what or where this ball of energy come from and what has represented!

In these incidents I no longer observe-see the body but I still see =observe from distance this energy which belongs to me — I identify with and use it as on anchor!!

So this is that mass of energy scientists talk about that its weight about 2 ounces, they have come to this conclusion when weighted the person’s body before and immediately after ‘’death’’= when the body stopped working.



and on everything else imaginable!

On ‘’postulating— visualization” and on every belief I could dig up related to winning-losing-having or not having.

I have clocked 3000 session hours in 20 months on the subject and of course over the years having sessions on other subjects have cleared away many obstacles already so, I can’t say exactly just how many session hours it has taken me to finally ‘’understand’’ the reason when someone wins that huge jackpot, or never can win, or being lucky at everything no matter what adventure is undertaken.

And I totally understand why… what is the reason when some gambles away a fortune in order to win that MAGICAL Pot but never will.

Or a person wins at everything and nothing can stop his luck.. it never runs out.

I have known for a long time that ‘’postulating’’ do not work.. LRH was totally wrong on this topic… LOL… he was not alone on that; being wrong LOL..

No, postulating doesn’t work and it never will on this Planet because there is no FREEWILL here!

Knowing I never will win that pot of gold and that is totally fine with me because I have as-ised all the charge I had on the subjects and on any related items and winning-losing has the same value: none.

So with this I don’t say that it would not be fun winning that pot but what my gains are in value =understanding from realizations which is beyond of human comprehension.[please that is not a putdown because you are not a human but only have realities but those realities-beliefs still don’t make any Infinite a human!]

BUT on the long run in my future those ‘’realizations’’ will make the difference. Because $$$$ that I could not take with me after moving out of this unit-body but the cognitions are mine for infinite!

I don’t know if I will write up the reason why we can’t postulate things into solid form, I might…

PS:: those of you who haven’t read the earlier posts on this subject, the reason I started the sessions on winning because I have seen the video-movie titled ”SECRET” and I thought than… ”sure why not, lets do the postulating and putting up the pictures what I want on the walls and do visualize+ live that believe what I want is already here-live it.

PS; IN MY BELIEF _REALITY IS ON “FREEWILL” : when we have a choice and that choice is not made because stimulation… and that unfortunately don’t happen this part of the Universe where we live to be stimulated.

and we choose accordingly what stimulates us the most.. heaviest.. livens us up..

If you have questions: ask away!






There were times on the Track when we could have anything we could think of in the same instant as we thought of and that was not exciting at all. hehehe… that was not stimulating, was not fun, no challenge in that, no one contested us, no one had to move a muscle to get whatever.

But new games were invented which brought challenges= stimulations=excitement=interest… hehehe.

But those games to become boring after a while and more complicated problems, new complex challenges were invented into the old game to make things more difficult-fun but most of all stimulating!

Example: the video games so many people play today, these games become more and more challenging over the years, more realistic-life like—difficult to win.


But we have ‘’overdone it’’ and now on average person has to work very hard to scrape together what is needed to make ends meet.

Some can’t even do that much… they are on welfare, handout, beg on street corners, they become criminal and they cheat-lie-kill in order to have what once could be theirs by making a simple wish- intend.

It is impossible to estimate how well each individual have blocked off their ability to make something to happen, to make their desire a reality by simple wishing-intending.


Just think: when wished for something instead that wish a nasty incident happened, some catastrophic disaster hit you  out of the blue… HELL and when that has happened over and over.. you would have noticed it and given up the ‘’wishing’’ and stayed with what you were given-allowed to have. IN OTHER WORDS: you were cured permanently!

So…. you were controlled!


Levitating objects- bodies-items.


The principal important grounding- anchor point for the Spirit- Soul-Infinite is the body… that body becomes the permanent  item-home-location-spot –platform and from this location we operate and because we believe-have faith in and we total conviction we are a body therefore we know from experience and agreed upon beliefs that only the body: use of body parts=hands can move things.

I have had hundreds of sessions on the above topic and no I still cant levitate things but I believe we can but only after all beliefs-agreements which we made over the ions are eliminated.

If we know something, like we know what levitation is that means we have seen it… we have done it otherwise we would not know about that subject.


To those I would love to say a few choice words: you only cheated yourself.


unless the person decides to drop out earlier.

This cognition is about ”loss” which is huge part of believing that something is no longer.

As the body ages: The ‘’dreams’’ to accomplish to achieve they all vanish.

Old age, being in that State gives the person incredible feeling of LOSS.

Aging that time span is one continual loss…. the person is forced to give up things.. give away.. not being able to continue.. not allowed to have..things don’t work: the body breaks down.

The person reaching for something but it is no longer there..

The person’s life empties slowly and everything as once it was vanishes and the person now fills replace that void with memories of the past and illnesses.. because illnesses are ‘’having’’ something ”strong sensations” to hang onto to experience  and that something regardless how bad is still better than not having anything, plus in that State there is a growing fear- dread of the yet to come: death-oblivion.

I have a sister in the nursing home and I been watching her ”ageing” -having dementia, she is only 2 years older than me but we live in a totally different Universe.. she is on old Human and I am on Infinite.



I have written few post in the past 19 months about sessions where I was confronting the subjects : winning the lotto.

Well just to give on idea just how much time was spent is session on this item in all these months and EVERY DAY is about 3000 hours possibly more since some sessions were 8-10 hour long.

By now for me confronting any question and locating the item takes seconds or I get instantaneous answers. This means I have covered incredible amount of territory: beliefs-agreements, hidden –supressed items, ARCB’s O/W’s not only mine but others beings too which LRH calls BT’s and Clusters but I call them Ghosts –Infinites.

When I started out with the ‘’’belief’’’ that yes I can win by pure postulating and I was very positive… had total confidence that I will win that Jackpot.

Of course I bought lotto ticket every weeks and I looked forward the day when the draw was. Nothing… nothing…so I have taken my ‘’ disappointments’’ into sessions and there I was daily confronting: my losses, needs wants, must haves etc..

The COGNITIONS POURED IN and by getting them I realised that by having ‘’these’’ reason in place why I haven’t won, kept me not winning and I could not have possibly win that Jackpot because these ‘’counter –postulates’’ totally over-ridden my feeble –weak present time want-desire to win.

For the fact : old mock-ups – postulates on the Track are far superior in power what a person here can mock- up-postulate= believe that it can happen: we are powerless here in comparison what we had before.

Weeks, months rolled by and still haven’t won that POT at the end of the Rainbow… LOL.. back to sessions daily I went.

But in fact I was winning daily and I knew it because those daily realizations brought immense understanding that winning and losing is in fact not only part of our daily life we lead but it is in fact our way life!

As the sessions continued some days much as 10 hours well I was flying and each week because the draw did not have the numbers of my ticket I crashed and was hehehe wounded! More fuel for having sessions.

I never give up, I won’t because I know from experience that by eliminating what need to be eliminated we can have different outcome: EXAMPLE: I have posted the outcome, what I have done after the sever car collision I had and brain-damage, how I pulled out of that one.

So I continued buying those tickets and I still haven’t won that pot but by now I had sessions in which every facet of life’s activity was examined, take apart and over these months and years having sessions the same ‘’realizations’’ were confirmed become totally driven home that what we believe is what we have and no more.

‘’’’ And our surroundings, our way of life represent is in fact the mirror image of our belief.’’’’

BUT HERE IS THE CATCH: what we believe is not a solid – rock-hard— or touchable by hands or can be bitten into, or put on the scale and weighted.

Our believes are intangible but some of them can be translated into a more solid form: EXAMPLE: on artist has a vision and he paints that image onto the canvas or sculpts into a form or some kind of clothing .. cake.. flower bed etc..

But winning the jackpot well, how can anyone sculpt that into any shape or form?

Cant… we just can visualize what we would do with the money but those images remain just images even if we know the house existing is on the market for sale and the car has been made etc.. etc.. no matter what we want is in a solid shape and we have the ticket HEHEHE… well… let me tell you, by now I have run out of considerations how to make that winning a solid reality.

So far I can’t… but I have won that jackpot in the theta universe, I have everything what I wanted but not in solid form.

This I have difficulty to explain here…. when someone is been solo auditing longs as I have and had many-many millions of realizations on every side of life-living-death-having – not having –positive and negative sides to all beliefs the awareness do expands –increases with every realizations and yet, I so far haven’t found the answer how I could pull in the winning pot.

But that do not mean I have failed… NO… on the contrary because by having immense amount of sessions on winning and losing, being ‘’defeated’’ or the desires—the needs—the wants to have, the must and must not— the reasons for wanting the ‘’dreams’’ to come through, or want changes, and believing that something would be better than what I have now, well, all those too had been confronted.

THE FACT… THE REALITY IS… IF I WOULD HAVE PULLED IN THAT JACKPOT ONLY THE LOCATION WOULD CHANGE… ONLY THE SOLID ITEMS WOULD BEDIFFERENT AROUND ME, THE VIEW WOULD BE DIFFERENT from the windows [ at the present location I do have view of the magnificent forest and the tree branches touch the window] BUT ‘’SELF’’ HERE WOULD STILL FEEL THE SAME WAY no matter where the body would reside: HAPPY, CONTENTED and I still would be continuing eating the same heathy foods… do the daily walking etc..

So far confronting these items= ‘’winning—losing’’ and on its expanded form of beliefs-realities I have had on incredible adventure into understanding the competitions- rivalries-duals – matches, games between persons me, machines and me and me challenging self and others PLUSS the Universe it self!  Fact.. it is the fact.:)

These challenges the reasons for the ‘’why’’ we do or ‘’why’’ we don’t and frankly I know if I would not have done this monumental amount of confrontation on these subjects alone I know I would never be free of MEST: winning and losing are the negative and positive elements=beliefs which are holding the MEST INTAC: in place, in permanent position for each individual.

I also found BLOCKS OF IMMENSE VARIATY why we don’t want to win.

You see if our personal “wants -desires- wishes’’’’ would come though, would happen easily that would cause immense chaos –disorder in any system we are in and not only that but ‘’time- continuum’’ would no longer exist.. so years: meaning of years would too be gone too and human race would not be human race any more… LOL…

The instant winning-having does exist and that ability we haven’t lost, we have it as on spiritual being and we can have anything anytime in our own universe.

But we wanted here when having body too that same instant mock-up what we have in our own ‘’ mind’ ’in solid form to appear front of the body but that is blocked off by our own intentions which were formed way back.

BY THE WAY… This Universe is Infinite and exploring-confronting few thousands of beliefs-considerations is not the END of one topic… far from it… only means I only found – become aware that understanding.

Winning at anything gives personal satisfaction that we can accomplish what we set out to do… for me winning means gaining back abilities and with that proving for self that auditing works and by now I really-really know that it works!🙂

It has been a HELL OF A RIDE so far… I wish you the same.

QUESTIONS? endlesstringofpearls@gmail.com





Is being inside the body.[ having that belief].

Please some of you will say-think that you have been happy many times in your life.

OK, that is a fact .. but every happy moment we have is not because being- feeling the body but experiencing some other things: which is happening outside of the body.

Examples: finally getting something you always wanted, seeing something funny or beautiful which when experienced lifted you out of the body, smelling baking cookies= the fragrance which has given the happy feeling is not the body but the spices.

Why do you think that every person all through their life is at all times continually –relentlessly, ceaselessly pursuing searching for something which will give ‘’pleasure” ?

Why do you think every person is dreaming going exterior to the body, why millions are taking drugs to feel better, why millions get drunk daily to feel better or have coffee or tea: just to feel better?

Why millions meditate or pray or have massage or partake in thousands of other activities LOL: go and gamble.. bet on hundred different things, shop till drop. Billions have sex daily just to feel better, or beat someone till near death, just to feel better!

Simply because having a body is sheer HELL a most wretched-despicable condition the Infinite happen to get stuck in.



Those Infinites who are sitting in the  flow of energy field  called LUCKY, their life style is not on ordinary life because of the constantly shifting creative flows can bring changes at any time and these changes-experiences usually considered ”good” positive in every way: not destructive, not counter survival.

THE LUCKY INFINITE has high energy level, cheerful – positive disposition and creative… LOL… these persons sees the world through rose colored glasses.

It seem for these individual the ‘’’counter intentions’’ don’t exist at this life… for some odd reason they are keyed out of those negative heavy-powerful counter intentions, and keyed into something which I haven’t cognized on.

OT ability, yes having what we want… but that don’t happen by accident…I am with this subject walking on unknown path.🙂 will see what comes up in session.🙂

PS: being in this, stuck in this state is not any better than any other state the infinite is in, we just here believe that it is a better place because we ”believe” what we are in is a bad-unwanted state… experiencing unwanted conditions: on the long run all experiences are equal in value.

PS..PS… I see this Energy Field as a long band of golden vibrating very large field floating in space… Yes, those who have been,  had the experience of this magnificent field are truly touched because they still carry -have in their space this energy which can only bring-pull in good things.🙂

REALIZATION-Cognition: HOW THIS ENERGY FIELD WORK: the very light field of energy is much more powerful than the heavy dark mass and the light powerful vibration simply destroys the incoming dark energy mass.

This also what happens when the as-ising is instantaneous: means: when having a life changing cognitions.

PS..PS …PS :  There were times in our history when LUCKY PEOPLE were believed that they were ‘’in with the Devil’’… that they were truly evil and being ‘’lucky” was in fact a really bad thing.

Those ‘’rumors’’ were spread by those who were doing the controlling…. LOL… can’t control someone whose actions-behavior is unpredictable!

And the punishment for being different was being thrown out—-locked out of the group…segregated.

Do keep it in mind that being different always bought problems for those who were different and did not fitted into the group.




The recall- understanding I have about ”aging” of the body is very simple, since bodies are not solid and what the ”eyes” cannot see that the bodies are simply mocked up energy.. So is Gravity, but gravity is on incredible strong powerful field and this field do sucks-corrodes, pulls down-wears down any other mocked up pictures-structures existing within its power-limit-boundary: sooner or later all things ‘’die’’ on this planet=being pulled back into the mother force.

The so called energy field of the INFINITE: the Awareness who is moored to the body is held in place  by gravity it self and the same time is slowly sucked back into the gravity field.

This means we are powerless, and other meaning is we are not able to resist this field and we don’t have the choice: give in.


Yes, ignorance-stupidity kills, when we believe we are something than we can die too, but the joke is on us: we never do, but sure can have lots of fun put on the drama, playing the game.

The body is like a bag when new -young it is filled with energy therefore the outside-skin looks smooth, but as the energy is sucked out of it the bag-skin get wrinkled.. of course the gravity also effects every other part of the body: bones muscles etc.. but not just the body is effected but the Infinite it self.

By the old age the Infinites power too diminishes: being cause over the movements of the body: have less energy, can hardly walk, or stand up, but in many cases the thinking -communicating too is affected.

It is incredibly strong force this gravity is deadly- brutal in fact and we combat this continually, but we are powerless and we are totally overwhelmed: has to be confronted in session to be free of its affects  than the Infinite can move on… leave this Planet.

Gravity hold us here, it is our invisible prisons.

Sleep to is caused by gravity.. so is depressions, tiredness, feeling the weight + few hundred other beliefs of course have the hand in that too and many have believed that scientology failed because it did not delivered what it has promised!

LOL. and ashtrays cant be levitated… LOL…or we cant walk through walls.. of course we can LOL… you are just not aware that you have!

The tools are there but the work to free self has to be done by the Self because no one knows, can possibly know what you have created on your journey to where you are at.

Just to throw in to this pot here, ‘’age’’ that concept to has many side, why it happens and why it is used LOL.. I found many over the years in different session and one realization was so much fun: on one planet aging- altering the look of the body was in fashion thing to do…to be different, to look different from that other body! Wrinkles had character, they could express inner feelings!




Deserve= merit, justify, be worthy of, earn, rate,

Since we all are powerful, we all can do and have anything we want but of course not by now, not in this state – this level we have reached-we are in.

Long-time back on the Track when we were still fee to do and have: that means our dreams- illusion imagines fancies become reality and to be so there were no restriction.

But as time went by and as we continued creating new games =new life cycles we created different rules-laws-regulations and agreements and we accepted these new rules in order to have a more exciting game… to have more difficulties because to overcome these difficulties given us the illusion that we can do, that we are able and we are good and we can overcome obstacle!

We could become heroes, superior beings by showing our ability to overcome monumental problems!

To make a long story short over the span of time-eons we have created immense amount of obstacles which have blocked our abilities and we did this in order to make the game more difficult to play and we have: by now the word is ‘’overwhelm’’.

Of course we have forgotten in other words we conveniently buried this knowledge away, and by acting out why we have ‘’forgotten’’ why we have made everything so difficult… our game, our life has become truly difficult.

In today’s session I found on item ‘’’not deserving’’’ well this item was inserted into our track by our agreement of course that we do not deserve our wishes – dreams come through simply because we don’t deserve them because we are sinners, and as ‘’punishment’’ we should go without: not have our dreams come through: suffer you dog, 50 lashes you deserve, rot in hell, in the dich you go where you belong, you low life you!.

Now that takes some doing to get out of that state and make it go right and to become a hero, on upright citizen… LOL.. that would show ability, willpower.

You see, we are sinners… LOL… and sinners don’t deserve good things to happen to them and when something good is happening there is disaster –punishment sure to fallow: which will sour that sweet taste of having that dream to become reality.

By accepting that title’’’ sinner’’=being total effect: we given away power, we admitted that there are others who are better than we… what a crock of shit that is!

Sinners are who have Overts and every person on this planet is here because having Overts… LOL… the whole set up of being a human is about being on effect. The immense-ness, the amount of blocks I have found so far and these are the walls=beliefs=rules-regulations- laws- agreements we all made in order to bloke our creative abilities is simply mind boggling.

I have seen in sessions things which if I would write about would not be believed by anyone here therefore I don’t bother but sometime when I am hit with ‘’viewpoint’’ something new-never seen before I just seat here and I wonder at the extant of the universe, the beliefs which has created this Universe.

But I am off the orange crate… no big deal, nothing important I write of, just I have taken one more step and this cognition was the result.

If you ever felt small, powerless, forgetful, don’t know, don’t remember, not able to achieve something, felt lower than the frogs ass, depressed, had loss, cried out in despair, yearned, unhappy, felt that reached the end of the rope, gotten drunk to forget, ETC….ETC….ETC… few thousand other way, well..

This is not much.. but there you have it.


Felt low this morning, pity party for not getting again or I believed I did not got again what I wanted, but I did got it I really did!

so I looked at the auditing List and DEFEATED was the Item, into session I went.

Realization has come very fast.

COGNITION: It might seem that we want to win at all cost, NO… that is the lie, big tall tale we tell to self and to others but in reality  we want to be defeated, we want to lose for the reason because if we win we are out of that game, we will move out of that problem zone, we no longer have those lovely ARCBs, we no longer can be victims, complain, suffer, get sympathy, feel guilty: we are simply out, sitting in the zone: nowhere.

We need to lose, we need to be defeated than we are still in, we still continue with our struggles, we still can do everything what our miserable little power allows and  we can continue to overcome all those self-created powerful wonderful obstacles we set up for self therefore we still can continue to take drugs, drink: get drunk , be sick,  eat comfort foods, complain how hard life is, get even and destroy those who made us lose, even commit suicide to show how life gotten to us, how difficult all these experiences has been!

Drama, pure undiluted delicious drama-act -play, because we know we cant really kill self, but it sure looks and feels great and creates lots of attention when we pretend that we have killed self therefore we are no more: Load of very stimulating enjoyable  garbage!!!

We just love the game and when we have dropped  that  body and played  dead and in on instant we turn around and we are back in the game on the same stage -continue with the drama start all over again by the means of ”reborn” into a new body!

Being defeated is a motivator, huge wonderful powerful motivator: solid to the core, and it works because we love to lose, to be defeated, to be victims, to be totally helpless, stand on the corner and beg and get wagon loads of sympathy or lose a limb or two, seat in a wheelchair, being looked after in nursing homes and being told: poor you, what has happened to you should not happen to a dog![ no, that should not happen to any dogs, but humans do make it happen for them! we are so good at it!]

But we are still in the game!

GO read the Guinness’s Book of Records than you know after the winner only can do is try the best to brake earlier records: that is next.

Look around you many of those who have win  goes back to the old ways of life, their house might be bigger, or now fly on their private jet, have ”everything” money can buy and some go into helping others, those poor helpless souls who suffer so, starve, who live in camps, don’t have hope, or simply been butchered  etc.. joke is on the winners! Because you are out!

The wines simply go back to the level where they feel comfortable= with the heavy stuff, the  heavier stimulations= the life experience that gives that solidity= knowing we are truly being alive!

There is no stable sensation for that high… the moment of winning is experienced as the lightest vibration and this vibration is overpowered by the stable solid heavy mass of energy= called life cycle.

This is the reason we have so few winners because winning is no good…it brings a momentary high, but that high is  for a moment and holds no drama,  no ARCB’s, don’t supplies problems, no suffering, struggling LOL… it is not life as we know it, or want it.

The condition Being Defeated holds us, that is a strong anchor..look around you, struggling to survive, struggling to make that daily needs, being dirt poor… LOL… what a victory, what on accomplishment, those accomplishments are our wins are our delicious dramatic experiences and we are proud of them..

Being defeated, ”to remain to continue” to be in the state being defeated takes lot of know-how , trickery, self- deceptions, lies galore, alteration of facts, which are those immense amount of self-created obstacles keeps us from winning, and they exist in the form of counter intentions by tens of thousands and these all are in place because we needed all those counter intentions not to win, to make it go right and why?

Simply because we are powerful Infinite beings who can do anything and call that anything: game -fun.

So wake up and smell the roses because what ever you have, what ever you feel-believe in is yours, your creation, you got it because you wanted it!

So ‘’can’’ the belief that what has happened to you is unfair, not right, ‘’shelf – discard’’ the all the blame you have, which feels so right:  those lovely righteous accusations do feel so right because those too are motivators and those motivators by fallowing them to act upon move you to lower level on the ToneScale: to have revenge, to get even at any cost. LOL..and  the game continues!

by the way, you can blame BTs, Clusters, GPMs, the governments, the gods, the CofScn, your parents or the boss… regardless who we believe caused, put us in this miserable condition..LOL.. when you have finally audited enough will find there is only one culprit, only one nasty powerful person who could  and have the power to caused all this and that is  the little old SELF!

Responsibility is the word which describe the action when we admit we are the only person who have the power over us.. and no other.


I have written on many occasion about the ‘’eye’’ how we get deceived because we rely on this tool and we believe, totally agree on that the photo taken by this machine is all what is there and there is no more.


Let’s start with a bang: imagine that for one day every person on this planet seats on their hands all day long and not use it, not once for 24 hours !!!!!!

LIFE as we know it would stop-end right there: not one meal would be cooked and eaten, not one car driven, not one elevator would move, toilet be flushed and toilet paper used, make-up applied, hair combed, body dressed, shoes put on, nose whipped, or dipper changed, light turned on, not one cigarette would be smoked all cell phones would lay there unmolested.

In prison cell block would remain locked, train would not be running, not one drop of water or any other liquid would to be drank, or with great difficulty: slurped like animals do, sex..well, sex what could be done without hands?what ever…

IF all activity would stop by not using these Instruments NATURE WOULD SIGH WITH RELIEF! No pollution, no noise, just blessed peace would wrap its self around the planet.


From the moment of birth, the eyes see the hands and these hands are always front of the eyes to see.

These pair of hand do everything: they have the power to accomplish to make things happen, to have dreams materialise, and without hands doing all, we are totally, completely helpless!! The word comes to mind: CRIPLED!

Even the richest man on this planet regardless how many billions he has would be totally helpless if hands would not –working-moving-manipulating matter: the projects which are his intentions and making them solid, visible!

WE have put all our trust -beliefs that having the use of these instruments we can only accomplish and without hand we are totally completely helpless!!!!


And what happens to the Infinite after separation from the body??? The Infinite still holds onto this belief of total helplessness and therefore is helpless in the Ghostly State and when gets again into new body this Powerful Infinite will continue act helpless and the set of new parents will continue with their teaching and reassurance that you the Incredible Powerful Infinite that YES you are TOTALLY HELPLESS WITHOUT THAT PAIR OF HANDS!!!!!!!

We as Infinite, we traded our mental power-our ability to accomplish by pure intention what we want for a lousy pair of hands and we so trust and totally agree that only hands can move-shape-lift- transfer-hold and if these hands don’t move those objects….LOL.. nothing happens on this planet!

Of course we all have the inner-silent belief that things can be moved mentally, by intention and you can bet your sweet manicured hand that yes, that can be done!

But first the beliefs why we have put all our trust into these hands =instruments in the first place which only has the ability to move things, but first these trusted, time proven beliefs-agreements has to be confronted-as-ised, erased, discarded, nulled and truly believed that no longer have the power over us, than we can re- gain, have our intention, the mental power back to move, levitate that ashtray among other things too!

AND WE HAVE HERE GRAVITY and THAT ALONE HOLDS THING IN PLACE BY THE CONTINUAL DOWNWARD PULL! …….so Gravity has to be confronted too and find as-ised all the reasons why we need-want-must have this force in place.!!!

Gravity is on incredible powerful controlling energy vibration, which effects everything on this planet and just because it is not seen with eyes and no one thinks about it since it has become ‘’normal’’ to be in it, feel it, that do not means that bodies-items- objects and thoughts are not controlled by this strong controlling ever present agent. BY THE WAY THE CONDITION OF “”SLEEP”” THIS STATE TOO IS CAUSED BT GRAVITATION.

BUT….there is always a BUT…. While confronting the negative side we must not leave out the positive side the time on the Track when we could and were very able and could move anything under all Suns by our desire .. because at first always the positive sides-believes existed: that was unquestionable belief : yes I can!

So far I had sessions on this subject, on both side of reality and no, I can’t move a blade of grass, or a feather by intention.. nothing, zilch, nada, semmit, [Hungarian] and some of you who haven’t gone up on the Bridge to OT7 and still believe that by doing –reaching that level will bring back abilities like this… I have news for you..NO… it will not happen because we all lived infinite life’s in this infinite universe and collected infinite amount of different realities and these beliefs by now have become truly imbedded and trusted facts.

No… we don’t have to confront each of these beliefs because they exist in chain forms only these long chains do need and can be to be as-ised individually.

But our immense amount of beliefs do take a bit longer than 100000 -200000 hours’ worth of sessions to as-is all those counter intentions.

PS: don’t feel bad… you see, when we could move things by intention-desire-want, than we still were powerful… that means ‘’we did not have counter intentions’’ but these counter intentions in place give the illusions that we have lost our power! we havent… J

Go watch Matrix again!


BEING HERE and to be some other place: go exterior? How? Astral walking?

BEING HERE IS THE MOST VALUABLE – IMPORTANT-ESSENTIAL- VITAL- belief the person has, can have: and that is the only truth which can’t be as-ised in session !

This belief establishes creates on unwavering – solid- firm viewpoint, a viewing platform and from here, from this point all is viewed seen noticed: experienced. And being ‘’here’’ means inside, center of.

Being ”here” is eternal timeless and this viewpoint alone gives the being the reality of existing and the most important factor that being solid!=that is a lie of course!

But what is being ‘’here’’, ask that question not just once but stand there and ask this same question till you run out of answers!

LOL….. only objects –things are viewed-seen-observed.

In my reality what I have seen so far in 42 years’ worth of daily sessions I never ever were, never been without that viewpoint, regardless I considered I was  inside the body or had a Ghostly form.

I always have seen what I experienced from the core –place-spot and now I have total understanding WHY IT IS SO DIFFICULT TO SEE INTO DISTANCE and BEING THERE AT THE SAME TIME….. WHILE STILL IN THE “”HERE”” HAVING my ESTABLISHED LOCATION!

When we lose the body…. at that moment we still don’t lose the location but being without the body we gain different reality on what is ‘’’being here’’’.

Since we use the ‘’eyes’’ as a tool when having the body and when dropping—–parting from the body we do lose that belief that we see with the eyes because we no longer have that tool and now we do ‘’see’’= ‘’observe’’ our surrounding in very different way… no longer a flat picture, but now we do ‘’experience’’ the complete dimensions, we experience everything as they truly are without alteration.. in this ‘’here’’ there aren’t any deceptions –assumptions—evaluation– judgments–guessing there aren’t any  beliefs which existed while the Infinite had the connection to the body: all that have fallen away in the moment of disconnection-separation.

“Death’’ in reality is nothing more than ‘’Separation’’ from established beliefs which went with the body and that location where the body was.


And that reality is establishing the very fact that we are INFINITE!!!!!

In Ghostly Form: not having the body :WE STILL CANT BE IN OTHER PLACE AT THE SAME TIME WHILE WE ARE “”””HERE”””: since ‘’here’’ is always remain here, and ‘’there’’ represent a different location.. which of course no longer exist for the INFINITE as belief-reality after dropping the body because: That reality ‘’there’’ is part of the human belief-package.

While we are experiencing ‘’’here’’’ now’’’, because we really can do that and all  we can do and when some claims astral walking  if that would be really true, the fact  than that same person could be experiencing every so called ‘’location’’, not just ASTRAL WALKING!!!


 the person in reality walked among what ever and has described the space to a minute detail what has he seen than that same person could describe the Oval Office, what Obama is doing, or Putin, what these persons could be doing at any moment.

Or describe any happening at any moment on this Planet… including the start of the tornado-its location and experience that reality-power-movements’ what that tornado doing in minute detail!!!!

SO THOSE WHO CLAIM ASTRAL Walking AND CANT DO: be other places beside that, well, and describe those experiences in detail than they are full of shit.. and people buy that load because they simply don’t have the understanding what is happening.

When we are outside of the body and we experience being ‘’here’’ regardless where is that ‘’here’’, there is no guessing-estimating in our part for the reason that we know we have experienced that reality, we perceived every little detail to the smallest atom.

This is my reality and till I find different will remain as is..

I don’t claim that this is IT…. and cant be any other ways…because tomorrows’ session could bring totally different cognition which would change everything and by the way I never speak for others.

On Willpower.

In my recent wandering around the universe, I bumped into a minor god who was sort of standing’- levitating  beside a large heap of nice vibrating mass of energy but the god looked terribly bored stiff.

Looking at him I was wondering why was he so bored and why was he standing there beside that heap of something?

So I figured might as well find out his reason for looking so sour, down on the mouth and since  at a moment  I had nothing better to do, place to rush off in the hurry and I was really curious what is that lovely heap of vibrating could be representing and why was he standing beside it.

So I greeted him: Hi there good god…

He looked through me and said: greetings human..

Now, I realized I pegged him right  that this god was really minor-uneducated  because he did not know if I  was a human, I could not see him, talk to him and know what he was saying, and I would not be floating about….but I let that ride, not much point making him wrong, no gain in that.

I inquired : what is that heap you are standing beside?

Oh, he said: Willpower.

Willpower, wow I though, now that is fantastic I would not mind having some.

I asked: are you selling the stuff?

Oh… no…said he, I want to give it away but no one wants it, few have  come by and one taken some but  brought it back, he said it is not working has to be defected…LOL… I laughed, silently of course … LOL.. now that is funny!

He continued: than small group come by they talked it over but decided against but before they left explaining it to me, if someone has willpower, than has to take responsibility for their action and they were not about to do something like that, it was not in their bag start some stupid fad that way, no, they did not want anything to do with willpower.

 The poor god poured out rest of his unhappy story, he said; two others come and they had sniff and taste but they did not say a thing just left, they did not even bother to say good bye!

Here I was thinking… this good god was lucky that they were humans or some other breed because if this taster were dogs more likely they would have peed on pile before they left.

He continued: I really would like to get rid of this heap here because six galaxies away there is someone giving lessons in square dancing and I want go and learn… you see, she gives discount on the lessons now because it is a slow season.

I laughed I could not help myself since this made total sense to me after all  I thought: every god should know how to square dance, but I just said: since you are giving it away I would not mind having some of this Willpower, will you give me some?

He noticeably perked up and asked: how much you want? Well,  I said ‘’ I take it all’’, thinking: I had nothing to lose by having it.

As he looked at me measured me up and he wrinkled his godly eyebrows: That is a lot of willpower here, he said, are you sure you want it all? can you handle it? I just have to tell you I don’t have a manual, it got rotted away by the passing of time. Sure you want it?

Sure I am sure : I answered,   I figured what I don’t want I will sell  on E-bay.

 Well, to make this story sort, here I am stuck with a large load of willpower…love the stuff.

And now because humans don’t have any of this commodity therefore many of you can go on selling ideas and make a good living offering courses that teaches: yes: you can do it!